Flood surveying in Torrington


TORRINGTON – On Monday, March 25, the City of Torrington issued a press release notifying the community of Torrington of flood surveying which will be taking place because of the 2022 Federal Emergency Management Agency’s new and revised floodplain data for the City of Torrington.

The release mentioned when the community faces flooding it directly and immediately affects residents who have homes located in newly defined areas which forces many residents to now buy flood insurance.

The City of Torrington applied for and received a grant through the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and according to the press release the grant is to allow USACE surveyors to do in-person on-site surveys in newly defined areas in and around Torrington to obtain a better understanding of flooding issues. All data will help the city apply for future grant assistance possibilities for stormwater collection projects the release explains.

“The City of Torrington is asking for voluntary cooperation from residents for this data collection. During the month of April, the surveyors will need to access private property to collect foundation heights of many homes in the affected areas. You may see someone standing on a porch or steps to take measurements of the height of the front door. The measurement will take between five and ten seconds,” the release states. “If any fences or porch gates have been locked or closed, surveyors will do their best to collect the data without accessing or moving anything on the property. Workers will not ever need access to the inside of any home,” the release continued. 

The project is scheduled to begin on April 1. Workers will be wearing high-visibility yellow or orange vests and they will drive large white trucks with government license plates, according to the release. 

Locations of interest, according to the release are hydraulic structures including but not limited to culverts and/or first-floor elevations of residences and commercial buildings. For more information, please contact buildings and grounds superintendent, Dennis Estes at 307-532-0298 or USACE project engineer, Bradley Hoefer at 970-756-0777.