You’re never too old to get active

Rhett Breedlove
Posted 2/7/24

Let’s face it, the older we get the harder it is to do certain things we loved to do when we were younger.

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You’re never too old to get active


Let’s face it, the older we get the harder it is to do certain things we loved to do when we were younger. Hard to accept, but a humbling fact of life.

Depending on exactly what it is we are talking about, part of getting older is naturally learning to accept our physical limitations as they come.

Now of course this doesn’t mean we can’t have fun or be physically active anymore, it just means boxing, football, bull-riding and gymnastics probably are no longer wise things to be doing any longer.

We come to realize that as the older we get, injuries are no longer our idea of having fun or being healthy.

Moving forward now that we’ve agreed that dangerous, full-contact, or violent sports are just no longer things that we need to be putting our bodies through, let’s talk about the concept of staying active. 

And you know something awesome? We aren’t even talking about working out in the gym. That is certainly something we could talk about, but this digs so much deeper than the old lecture of getting in the gym, running non-stop on a treadmill and all you can eat is rabbit food.

Now we could all agree that gyms are certainly a good thing when it comes to our health. For the most part they can be fun, safe, clean and are a fantastic place to build meaningful relationships. 

After all everyone who sets foot in there all share a common goal, and that is merely to better themselves and keep their health going strong.

Don’t believe it? Give it a fair chance and see what you think. GitFit Fitness Club, The Compound and Eastern Wyoming College are all safe and incredibly welcoming places that will go out of their way to help you with whatever you might be looking for.

But here’s the thing. We aren’t really talking about working out, what we are talking about is simply staying active.

Staying active can definitely mean hitting the weights and machines at the gym, but of course everyone is different and what works for one individual may not be for another.

The point here is to have some fun while reminding your body that it’s still alive.

There are so many examples of what we could consider staying healthy, and being active while we continue to age and grow. 

It should be noted that Torrington does have one particular resident, a local small-business owner that does stay incredibly active without ever having to force himself to do it.

Coincidentally, it seems to be something he is very passionate about and can be seen doing it much of the time.

For this particular man, his version of staying physically and mentally active is working with his hands and constantly fixing things. Constantly.

For so many of us, having to fix or tinker with something can be a chore (much like the gym for others). For this one Torrington man, climbing up ladders, rolling paint and fixing engines is anything but a chore.

Admirably for him, one could tell that this is what he loves to do to help keep his body and mind in shape. He has found exactly what works for him in terms of staying active, while also building strong relationships with others.

It should be noted this one distinct resident never says no when someone is in need of his help. It’s just in his nature to help others.

This is a prime example of what we are talking about. At first glance the man is physically fit and thriving; not just for his age but for anybody.

Another example would be the game of golf. A lot of you may or may not be nodding your heads at this one for many reasons, but we should still probably acknowledge it.

When most of us think of the game, we may think of one of a few things. We may think of a dominant world-class athlete like Tiger Woods, or we might think of a comedic place where slobs and snobs like to face off wearing colorful pants.

The truth is, once again it can be a fantastic place to activate your mind and frame in a healthy way.

Another particular Torrington resident has been playing the game now avidly for nearly 37 years. While old age has required him to now ride in the cart, the first two decades of playing the game he would’ve said this was sinful golf behavior. He found that his playing ability, along with his physical health improved tremendously when he chose to walk and carry his clubs the entire 18-hole round.

Typically, an 18-hole course measures about roughly four miles. If carrying a weighted bag on your back, while enjoying a beautiful bird chirping day on a long walk isn’t being healthy and active, maybe we don’t know what is.

Again, just another example.

Finally, where would this discussion be if we did not mention hunting and fishing? Of course, it would simply seem wrong for a born and raised Wyomingite to be talking about staying active without mentioning both the physical and mental health that stems from enjoying the great outdoors.

Much like golf, nothing compares to venturing out for a day and getting closer to nature’s natural beauty and energy. When it comes to hunting and fishing, there perhaps is no better traditional Wyoming way to get active. 

These two cherished traditions do require physical challenges, mental focus and responsibility. Needless to say, being able to feed your family with lean healthy nourishment provided by Wyoming’s wildlife is the ultimate icing on the cake.

When it comes to staying healthy and keeping active, whatever you choose to do should be fun and enjoyable, not torturous. It doesn’t matter if it’s hitting the weights, going for a nice long walk, carrying your clubs on the golf course, or headed out to bag your elk for the year.

If you are moving, you are being active. If you are thinking you are being active. And if you are having fun and enjoying yourself, you are being active.

It’s simple. Find something physical that you feel is fun, and just keep doing it.