Back in my day

Posted 6/26/24

It would be understandable, or even relatable to sometimes feel we may or may not be able to relate to a younger generation.

As the years go by and as we get older and older, we start to see how …

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Back in my day


It would be understandable, or even relatable to sometimes feel we may or may not be able to relate to a younger generation.

As the years go by and as we get older and older, we start to see how vast the world around us begins to change. This can be both a blessing and a curse. After all we are talking about change. Nothing ever truly stays the same and nothing ever lasts forever.

Sometimes the sooner we choose to acknowledge these facts, the far better off we are going to be in the long run.

That being said and although this may be a positive mindset, it can indeed be quite the personal frustration.

So many times throughout the course of our lives we hear an older generation say something along the lines of, “When I was a kid we didn’t have this,” or “Our generation didn’t do it this way.”

In so many ways, it would be important to really try and understand where an older generation is coming from. Nine times out of ten, yes indeed, things were immensely different from when they grew up. With this fact, sometimes it can be hard for both older and younger generations to relate to one another.

This is really where things can get fun and interesting when we stop and actually talk about this concept. Truth be told, both the older and younger groups of people are going to think they are right about everything.

It’s human nature and we are stubborn in that regard.

Of course both are going to think they are correct on everything, but the truth is they are not entirely wrong on anything either.

An important thing to always remember is time moves forward. It never goes back. Of course sometimes deep down we wish it could, but this simply is just not realistic. It is always going to be up to us to keep this painful fact in mind as we continue on with this crazy journey on planet earth.

So many topics this day and age are being discussed in heated ways when it comes to both the old and new ways of doing things. Often times these arguments don’t usually make sense, and they quite often seem to feel bitter and resentful.

Not a good thing people. 

Often times we tend to view our own personal struggles of yesterday as something the younger generation should have to go through as well.

We were always told from those who came before us that personal struggle and pain builds character, or will make us so much stronger. Absolutely 100% true. Without pain and struggle we will never be able to grow as individuals. As so many of us already know whole heartedly sometimes no matter how hard we try or how successful we try to be, sometimes the agony of life’s obstacles are going to find us regardless.

This is why maybe a moral, ethical, even spiritual obligation comes into play.

We like to often complain about how much easier the younger generations have it. Perhaps it may be time to finally admit this is how it actually should be. If we can honestly say those coming up behind us have things a bit easier than we did at that age, then for crying out loud maybe we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

If we are to be the old and wise adults the generation of tomorrow can look up to, it should never even be in the cards to wish the same struggles we had upon someone else. Especially if they are younger, and trying to figure everything out as best they can as we were once forced to do.

Sometimes the reason we had to learn something the hard way is so someone else didn’t have to. Like we already said, the agonizing obstacles of life are going to find us one way or another. It really is a moral and ethical obligation for us to make sure the younger ones have things just a bit easier than we did.

Candidly speaking, if the kids of tomorrow have things much harder than we did we have failed miserably.

This is the way history has worked. This is the way America has worked. And this is the way the world has worked. 

Obviously now, this is why the younger generation must do their part as well. Yes the older generation must come to terms with the inevitable fact of change and progress, but the younger ones have a responsibility in this whole equation also.

It is up to them to have a firm, educated and honest grip on those who came before them. How things used to be, how things were done, and significant events which came to determine how and why things are as they are now.

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance and standing for the National Anthem is great. However in no way is it purely enough to truly show the respect, understanding and appreciation of those who saw and overcame the harsh realities of a different time. It has to be understood it was all so a new generation could have their own individual freedoms, peace and beliefs.

It really is time for the younger generations to genuinely utilize the advances of modern technology for a purpose going beyond the superficial platforms of social media.

Factual history needs to be studied, and it needs to be acknowledged from the younger ones. This may indeed be the only way an individual of Generation Z will ever truly understand someone of the Baby Boomer or Traditionalist generations.

As usual, things like this are always going to be a two-way street and it’s going to take two sides working together in order to gain a more peaceful and positive understanding of how the world really works.

This is not about giving up personal morals, values or beliefs once again. This is merely about trying to see things from someone else’s perspective for once.

Simply put, the older generations sometimes need to learn to accept the fact the world has changed dramatically in some ways. This is something entirely out of one’s control, but it does absolutely no good in trying to turn back the clock and take everyone else with them.

We can’t go back. We have to move forward with what we already have.

On the other hand, it would benefit the younger generation tremendously to learn of yesterday’s traditional values of respect, integrity and of course the benefit of hard work and self-sacrifice.

In order to make this whole thing work the older ones simply cannot be afraid to look ahead, while the youngsters simply must look to yesterday.

It’s the only way any of us are ever truly going to be at peace in this crazy world we live in.

So, don’t be afraid to learn from another generation.