TPD investigates hit and run


TORRINGTON – During the early morning hours of November 30, a hit and run occurred on P Street, at Lincoln Elementary School, in Torrington. It was reported chain link fence was struck by a red Dodge pick-up on the west side of the school. Shortly after the accident was reported, a Facebook post was started by the Torrington Police Department stated they were seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the driver of the 2006 to 2009 mega-cab truck with aftermarket rims and tires. 

The post went on to say there was believed to be damage to the driver’s side front bumper of the vehicle and the right side of the vehicle. Officers worked with local businesses to obtain video footage of the accident. 

“We got the report yesterday (Thursday) morning and our folks did some great work on it,” Torrington Police Chief Matt Johnson told the Telegram. “They were able to track down some pieces of the vehicle and some video nearby that pointed us in the right direction.”

After the information was collected, the department shared it on social media, Johnson explained.

“A short time later, we received a community tip that led us to the correct vehicle and ultimately the driver of the vehicle,” Johnson explained. “The driver of the vehicle was cited into municipal court for the accident, and we will look forward to the court finalizing that issue.”

Approximately, 70 feet of fence was damaged during the accident. 

“We definitely had solid probable cause to issue a citation on this but ultimately the courts make that final decision,” Johnson added.