The birds are chirpin'

Rhett Breedlove
Posted 3/27/24

Ladies and gentlemen, as of March 19 the time has finally come! After what always seemed like an eternity, spring has officially arrived.

Knock on wood obviously. Any lifelong Wyoming resident …

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The birds are chirpin'


Ladies and gentlemen, as of March 19 the time has finally come! After what always seemed like an eternity, spring has officially arrived.

Knock on wood obviously. Any lifelong Wyoming resident knows well enough just because it says so on the calendar doesn’t mean snow is going to care one or another. So, enjoy the warm weather as it comes but don’t put the snow shovel and gloves away just yet.

Now, on to more important things.

There truly is nothing like the feeling of being finally able to wake up bright and early in the morning and hear birds chirping. As cheesy as it may sound to some, there may be no better way to start the day.

For some reason, this was always a sure-fire way of knowing when winter may in fact be on its way out the door.

No, not a groundhog. As honorable and noble as the furry little guy may be, whether he did or didn’t see his shadow never really felt like it had anything to do with winter or spring.

Actually, a very different animal always seemed to be the one to let us know when spring was here.

Quite the contrary, when we finally start to hear the birds chirp bright and early in the morning, this is when it always felt like we were well on our way.

Cold and darkness is headed out for next year, while warmth and sunlight are coming in. Yes indeed, we haven’t seen the last of winter and it will return eventually. For right now though, spring in and of itself has the power to make us all start to look on the bright side of things.

Just like we talked about months and months ago, the mysterious ways in which the universe chooses to work has once again brought us to the season of light and rebirth. Such as life.

Once again, that may sound corny to some but it’s the truth.

As a wise middle school principal once said, “This too shall pass.” The time has now hopefully come where we can begin to let things pass.

Winter no doubt has the power to wear everyone down, even if we are a fan of it. After a while once all the holiday lights and fun have come down, the days at that point seem to be just cold, dark and miserable. After weeks and weeks of this, who wouldn’t begin to feel like everything now seems cold and dark?

Be that as it may, no dark time truly lasts forever. Just as winter has finally surrendered to spring, bad times will eventually surrender to the good.

How do we truly know this is happening when it begins? Just listen to the birds chirp. 

Absolutely now that spring is here, we are going to have the joy of listening to a lot of wonderful sounds. More cars and trucks are going to be passing through, the loud smack of a bat will ring throughout the baseball fields, and the rhythmic motions of sprinklers are always comforting to hear.

That all being said, it all starts when the birds start to sing. Dogs barking, cats meowing, horses neighing, and even sheep baaing are always comforting noises to be heard in the springtime. For some reason though, the peaceful soft sound of the birds on a beautiful spring morning can resonate throughout your whole mind, body and soul. 

They are almost letting you know that your time has come. Dark times are nearly over. The cold times are almost over. It has finally passed, and everything is going to be okay. You have made it through both the winter of seasons and of life. Now you have earned your spring.

This is when that wonderful sound will start to follow us everywhere. Out of all the pleasing sounds the world can bring when winter finally takes it leave, no other sound brings as much peace to a person’s mind as the beautiful singing of our birds.

You can hear that noise when you wake up. You will hear it when you water the flowers. You will hear it when you turn the lawnmower off. You will hear it as the sun sets soft.

They will sing for you on the golf course. They will sing for you when you go fishing. They will sing for you when you take a walk. They will sing for you when you have a talk.

Remember now to take full advantage of the warm weather. We weren’t meant to stay cooped up from the cold for too long. Now is definitely the time to get outside and feel the warmth of the world, and mother nature’s fresh air.

But going even further, remember now it seems spring truly is here to remind us life is going to be filled with darkness and loss, but is also filled with light and rebirth.

For every blade of grass turned brown in the fall, they are once again about to turn green. Every leaf that fell from a tree months ago is about to be replaced with a fresh brand new one. For every elderly loved one who has passed, a newborn infant is about to make their worldly arrival.

Absolutely spring may be the most relieving time of year. We never know quite when it’s going to get here or when it plans on working it’s magic.

One thing is for sure, however. When we start to hear the birds sing, we know everything is going to be just fine. 

At last. Spring is finally here.