The best things in life are free

Rhett Breedlove
Posted 2/28/24

There is nothing to be more proud of than enjoying the fruits of our labor. As we now know quite well, if there’s anything to be certain of in this world it’s that anything worth having …

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The best things in life are free


There is nothing to be more proud of than enjoying the fruits of our labor. As we now know quite well, if there’s anything to be certain of in this world it’s that anything worth having is worth working for.

It truly does not matter what the status quo is or what the assumption may be. If we see a person living in a beautiful home, drives a cool car, or takes an awesome trip somewhere; you can bet dollars to donuts they’ve earned it.

And hey if we really want to get into it, if it’s from the result of a large inheritance that really is none of our business. Everyone’s situation is different and if a hardworking, fortunate family member left a hefty gift behind in honor of departing this world, that’s still a wonderful thing.

Envy and jealousy won’t get us anywhere. It’s the old phrase, “If you want something, go get it.”

We mean that honorably and legally obviously. It does not by any means imply stealing or strong-arming anyone. This needs to be perfectly clear.

All in all, if we have earned something through hard work in any way, by all means don’t be afraid to show it. Nobody should be ashamed to show off the results of their hard work. Just remember a little humility at the same time.

Having said that, it might be a good time to also think about the things that truly matter.

What do we mean by this? The best things in life truly are free. And no, you shouldn’t give them to the birds and bees in contrary to what the song says.

The old saying that money cannot buy happiness is 100% true. Of course, everyone is going to have to earn some to make ends meet, but it’s merely common sense. Material possessions can be nice and enjoyable, but the truth is none of it can make a person happy if we are thinking long term.

If we go back to when we were kids, we all had our favorite toys to play with at some point. This is a natural thing and is totally fine. If we think long and hard while trying to remember, eventually most toys we possessed as children either broke or found their way to Goodwill.

That’s the common story of material possessions. They don’t last. They come and go.

However, we probably still possess at least one toy from childhood lying somewhere in the house. The reason we may still have that teddy bear or blanket grandma made for us has one thing that matters most: sentimental value.

This is what we are talking about, and this is why the most important things in life do not cost money.

Health, experiences, memories and relationships really are the things that bring about true happiness. We are all different and those can certainly be differentiated between us, but the point is they don’t cost anything. In fact, these things can’t even be sold or purchased.

Okay now, time for a brief film reference so this can hopefully make perfect sense.

Of course, we all have probably seen the film, Titanic, by now. Please do not be fearful as I am not even going to get into the whole Jack and Rose trip. Most of us at this point have probably realized what a ridiculous concept the whole puppy love story really was.

Anyway, moving on.

There is one moment when a wealthy character offers a very large sum of cash to a commanding ship officer in exchange for a seat in a lifeboat.

The officer, realizing the grave situation he and hundreds of others are in scoffs at the selfish offer and throws the money back in his face.

“Your money can’t save you anymore than it can save me,” he says.

The lasting message of this one sentence is something extremely powerful. The truth is life is short and we don’t know when our time is up. When one realizes in an instant that their life is about to end, nothing else matters. This is when we come to a final realization that money, wealth, status and material belongings can’t always come to our rescue.

A college study years ago gently gathered input from elderly members of society as they slowly accepted their own mortality. The purpose of the study was to find out sincerely what a dying person was feeling, what they wanted or what they wished for.

The study revealed that most patients shared a common thought as they approached their passing from this earth. Almost all of them expressed a humble remorse they spent far too much valuable time focused on working harder and earning more. They expressed regret they did not focus on loving relationships with friends and family, or not trying to see more of the world around them.

The spoke a humble truth that was much too late to undo. They knew too well that time moves forward, it does not go backward.

A brand-new sports car, or even a platinum Ford F150 are awesome rides, no question about it. But they can’t cure cancer.

A first-class experience in a $21,000 seat on Emirates has to be the most luxurious experience a person can have in their lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to have that? A pampering expensive airplane seat can’t make a quadriplegic walk again though.

A beautiful furnished lakeside home is something so many of us can only dream of having. If someone has earned this amazing piece of real-estate this definitely is something to be incredibly proud of. Like we said earlier do not by any means be ashamed to show off your hard work. It can’t bring back a close family member that is no longer with us, however.

We must always be working as hard as we can to reach our full potential. This is a good thing where no shame should be felt. The point here, is do not forget about important things money simply can’t buy.

Remember this once again. The best things in life are free.