Summertime is back

Rhett Breedlove
Posted 5/29/24

Well ladies and gentlemen, perhaps the most wonderful time of year has once again made its way into our hearts, minds, and homes.

Do we even need to say that summertime has finally arrived? …

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Summertime is back


Well ladies and gentlemen, perhaps the most wonderful time of year has once again made its way into our hearts, minds, and homes.

Do we even need to say that summertime has finally arrived? Probably not.

At last, by this point the snow shovels, plows, gloves and heavy winter coats can be put away for good this time. From the look and feel of it over the past several weeks, it seems as if it’s only going to get warmer from here on out.

Now it’s time to enjoy it! Remember freezing temperatures, several feet of snow and spirit crushing wind will eventually return; but for now it’s time to bust out the sunscreen and enjoy the long warm days.

Of course, pretty soon all of us are no doubt going to be complaining of how hot and dry it is; on top of breathing in thick smoke from wildfires both near and far. 

You never know though. Ultimately mother nature is in charge and in the end will do whatever wants to do. All we have to do is keep in mind to be prepared for the worst, and keep hoping for the best with whatever comes our way.

That being said, months ago we talked about the unofficial “seasons of life” we every so often come across.

Throughout the course of our lives and while some obviously are far more experienced than others, things are constantly changing. Just when we feel we have a grasp on something, once again the season changes and we get to adjust all over again.

Perhaps a lot of us are feeling it right now. Not necessarily in a bad way, but for some reason the beginning of summer always has a strange way of taking a lot of weight off our shoulders and then leave us going, “Now what?”

A chapter was presumably just finished, so where do we go now? Is this the calm before the storm? Is it the darkness before the light? Will things get better? Will things take a turn for the worst?

From August until May during the school year, we often times find we barely have room to breath let alone think. Finally when the kid’s summer officially begins, it may not be unusual for us to hear or even think to ourselves, “I’m getting a little bored now.”

Perfect. Once that infamous word comes into our minds, right then and there is when it’s time to try and move again. The good news is, it’s summer vacation. Some of us may have a little more time now to actually do something we have been wanting to do for a while.

Now is the time to do it. 

Remember way back when we talked about our moods and thoughts sometimes resonating with what season we are actually in?

Hey folks guess what? Your summer is now here, and it is the perfect time to enjoy it.

Days will be longer which of course brightens things up a bit. Local pools will be a safe hangout for kids and families to cool off, and the eternal echoing of baseball bats connecting with a ball is always a fun thing to hear.

Once again, summer can be the perfect timeframe to try as much as we can to take our feet off the gas for a bit and just enjoy life more. This can be hard for some as there are those who become much busier this time of year; but once again it further proves another positive advantage summertime can bring. 

For certain businesses or contractors who need longer days and warm weather to thrive, their crunch time has finally arrived. So, please be supporting them in any way you can.

The truth is it’s going to go by fast. When things get a bit more pleasant and the atmosphere turns brighter for all of us, that’s really when we start to lose track of time. With this there is now no time to waste.

Cold times don’t last, but neither do warm ones. So now it’s time to come out of hibernation and try to enjoy a warm season of life.

Summer really is the perfect three months to get plenty of exercise, get a little bit of sunshine (not too much), and enjoy what the beautiful countryside of southeast Wyoming has to offer.

And please let us not forget there is plenty of beauty in this part of the world. So, for God’s sake kids don’t be afraid to put down the electronics and get out once in a while.

That being said summertime of course is fun time. But obviously we cannot forget the rules over the next few months when we decide to go out and have a little fun.

Remember when you finish up a long day of outdoor summer work or fun, the best feeling in the world is to sink your teeth into an ice-cold beer to help cool down and relax.

Let us reiterate that one more time. It’s the best feeling in the world.

There is not a faster way to take that feeling away from yourself or someone else when we get behind the wheel of a car. There is not a faster way to take that feeling away when we decide to grow our beer muscles and start fighting. There is not a faster way to take that feeling away when we get out onto the lake and forget deep water can be dangerous.

If someone gets hurt, fun goes right out the door.

So, there it is on this one folks. We have so much to be excited about, and there will be so many things to enjoy as the next several months unveil themselves.

The darkness of winter is over both literally and hopefully figuratively around here for a while. Summer is here, so now is absolutely the time to kick back and have fun.

Just remember, whether we are having fun or not is all based on our own decisions.

Have all the fun you want, but never hamper someone else’s because of one decision.

Now get out, be safe and have some summer fun!