Hello Goshen County


Hello Goshen County! 

I am so incredibly excited to share this issue of the Torrington Telegram with you! There has been blood, sweat, and tears poured into today’s pages by our entire office to provide you with the very best of what the Telegram has to offer. 

Some of you have been loyal readers and subscribers for years now and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your support throughout all the years and many faces who have passed through our doors. Some of you are new to our pages and we wanted to welcome you! 

We have been around since the early 1920s, which honestly is fascinating in the economy today. We are a bi-weekly publication, with Wednesday and Friday publications. This issue has been delivered to you with the hopes you may consider a subscription with us. Perhaps the commitment of a paper print isn’t a fit for you, please know, we do offer subscriptions for online products alone. 

With all of that being said, I wanted to share with you a little about our issue today. Goshen County is, by far, one of the best communities to reside in. We have an extremely low crime rate, wonderful jobs, happening restaurants, and admirable educational institutes. 

Goshen County School District provides an exceptional education for our area youth. Each of our schools is blessed with smaller class sizes for individualized instruction and enrichment. We have raised some star athletes and some phenomenal citizens. We have exceptional young business leaders and agriculture enthusiasts who graduate each year.  

Eastern Wyoming Community College (EWC) recently celebrated 75 years in our community. Since opening its doors many years ago, EWC continues to provide quality, down-home education for all age groups. The campus has beautiful landscaping and a faculty who truly cares about your success. Many of the programs available have encouraged enrollment from all areas of the world, like the two programs featured in today’s issue.   

Goshen County has so much to offer the community. 

Whether it be a trip on the Torrington Rotary Club Walking Path or a walk down by the North Platte River access point near Jirdon Park, Goshen County has beautiful vegetation, wildlife, and aquatic life. Maybe you would rather play a game of disk golf on the Jirdon Park course or go for a walk down our historic Main Street; Goshen County has something to offer everyone. 

One of the best features of our area here in Goshen County is our beloved history. I encourage you to plan a trip to see all of the historical markers the Zeiman family and friends have worked so hard to erect near the old rest stop location by Lingle. Barbara Schaffner, the talented artist who illustrated the beautiful signs truly captured the wild west and now, thanks to this expectational crew, everyone passing through our community can stop and admire the beautiful history which encompasses Goshen County. 

Goshen County is growing. We are continuing to progress which can be seen with our Goshen Solar Project. The project alone will bring much needed tax dollars to Goshen County and the surrounding community. It can also be seen in the additions, improvements, and new adventures of businesses throughout the county. 

We have seen struggles here in Goshen County, but we have always joined together, as a community, to push through whatever mountains stand in our way. A prime example of our perseverance as a community is the 2018 collapse of the irrigation tunnels. The tunnels, constructed over 100 years ago, were dug by hand to provide irrigation water to the community and when they collapsed, it was the same community who rushed to aid their neighbor in a time of need. 

We have watched our children grow up in a community who watched us grow up just the same. We have celebrated the success of our neighbors’ children and watched many grandchildren grow up here in Goshen County. 

Here in Goshen County, we are the definition of community, and we couldn’t be such a wonderful place to be if it wasn’t for you. 

On behalf of the Telegram, thank you for inviting us to your activities. We thoroughly enjoy attending your fundraisers, breakfasts, meetings, and banquets, Goshen County. Thank you for allowing us to celebrate your victories and mourn your losses. Thank you for your continued support and appreciation of our paper and more importantly, thank you for your continued support and appreciation to our community.