Death-related DUI case moves to district court

‘Your conduct was the cause’


TORRINGTON – The Goshen County Circuit Court met in session Tuesday afternoon promptly at 2:30 p.m. for the preliminary hearing of Torrington woman, Brianna Green (19).

Green was being charged with one count of aggravated vehicle homicide resulting in the death of Torrington man, Dallas Fierro (19) on November 19, 2024. 

It was alleged that Green was under the influence of alcohol, THC, and opiates at the time of the accident.

Presiding over the proceeding was Judge Nathaniel Hibben, with Deputy Goshen County and Prosecuting Attorney, Colby Sturgeon, representing the State of Wyoming.

Public defender, Eric Palen, was present representing the defense of Green.

The hearing began with Sturgeon requiring testimony by Goshen County Sheriff Deputy, Jason Lamb. Lamb under oath described first-hand accounts of his initial investigation in response to a call from dispatch on the night of November 19, on road 74 in Torrington near the junction of Highway 159.

“I had received a call from dispatch and went to the area,” Lamb began. “When I arrived there were multiple units, EMTs, and two Torrington police officers who had also gone to the scene. When I got out of my vehicle, I observed a Dodge Charger which received significant front-end damage pressed up against a metal fence. When I arrived there was nobody in the vehicle.”

Lamb would conclude later the driver of the Dodge Charger in question was Green, while Fierro had been a passenger.

“She was on the ground, had friends around her, and was crying heavily,” Lamb continued. “She appeared to have a wound on her head that was bleeding. Dallas Fierro had been removed through the driver’s side, was already receiving care, and was headed to the hospital. I was told by witnesses on the scene and also after speaking with Ms. Green, she confirmed she had been driving. She also admitted to using alcohol when we spoke at the hospital. They drew blood, and according to medical records, her alcohol level was .102. Two of the individuals I spoke to said they had seen her with Mike’s Hard, which is a malt beverage. They said they had seen her either drinking, or it had been in her hand. One of the witnesses said they had also seen her taking shots of Jose Cuervo tequila.”

When questioned about what would eventually become of Fierro once taken by EMTs, Lamb responded he is currently deceased due to severe head injuries caused by the accident.

“The fence that was impacted was rather strong,” Lamb continued. “His head impacted the fence, and that is what led to his death.”

Lamb added during testimony the results of medically administered toxicology reports would find both THC and opiates were found in Green’s system. 

After brief questioning by the defense, prosecuting attorney Sturgeon addressed the court, advocating enough probable cause had been found to bound the case further and onto district court.

“A 2008 Dodge Charger was traveling at 80 mph, and 55 mph one second before the crash according to computer data,” Sturgeon said. “There was a sturdy solid metal fence. The car struck this heavy fence going 55 mph, causing severe damage. There is testimony about the wheel pushing back into the frame of the car, and this all happens with Ms. Brianna Green driving. She tells Deputy Lamb she had been driving, and Dallas Fierro being in the passenger seat died as a result of said crash caused by severe head injuries. Your Honor the hospital as part of their treatment of Ms. Green ran a blood test, and it was determined her blood alcohol content was .102 and in excess of the .08 limit. Your Honor that day she was driving that car here in Goshen County under the influence of alcohol, with bad tires, and at a very high speed. All of this caused the death of Mr. Dallas Fierro. With this and the testimony of Mr. Lamb, we believe there is sufficient probable cause to give this matter to District Court.”

Judge Hibben swiftly concurred with the prosecution and spoke before the court and the defendant just prior to recess.

“Ms. Green with respect to his case, I do find there is probable cause you committed a DUI,” Hibben said. “Whether you drove recklessly and caused [the] death of another person, your conduct was the cause. The matter will be bound to District Court and that’s where you will be arraigned.”

The court stood in recess at 2:55 p.m.