Dunne Inspection Services celebrates five-year anniversary

TORRINGTON – Dunne Inspection Services from Torrington celebrates its five-year anniversary on Monday Feb. 9 with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The ceremony wasn’t just a celebration of the past five years of success, but also a way to bring more attention to the company.

“We haven’t really been involved with the chamber here or done much advertising or marketing in the first four years,” said Mike Dunne owner of Dunne Inspection Services. “This was basically just another way of introducing ourselves to the community.”

Dunne Inspection Services offers various home and building inspections to include things such as home, commercial, termite, asbestos and radon.

While they predominantly serve eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska, Dunne says there are plans to do more work in the Cheyenne area and eventually make their way into the front range of Colorado.

“We want to have a full-time presence in Cheyenne by the end of this year,” Dunne said. “If not this year, by next year we want to be in the front range of Colorado too.”

Dunne plans to have several remote employees in Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado to help with covering the new expansion plans. The five-year plan includes 10 inspectors, three marketing employees and a presence in all three states.

Currently the only employees are Dunne and his Wife Ashley. They will be hiring someone in the next month or two to learn under Dunne and provide them with another inspector to help cover a greater area. 

With Dunne being the only inspector currently, he’s able to do one inspection in the morning and another in the afternoon.

By the end of the year, they plan to have another full-time inspector and a full-time marketer/advertiser.

While other businesses have struggled this past year during the pandemic, Dunne says business has been booming for his company.

“The market has been absolutely insane around here and Nebraska with a lot of out of staters moving in,” Dunne said. “We ended the year up 47% from 2019 and we’re on track right now to hit a 30 or 40% growth this year.”

Even though Dunne plans to expand his business into Cheyenne and the front range of Colorado, he still would like to stay in the Torrington area.

“We don’t want to leave the area,” Dunne said. “We love it up here.”

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