Wonderfully made

Carolyn Lewis
Posted 3/31/23

When I am in a room at the doctor’s office there is always a large picture of the human body with all the organs, bones, muscles and tendons pictured with the names of each of them.

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Wonderfully made


When I am in a room at the doctor’s office there is always a large picture of the human body with all the organs, bones, muscles and tendons pictured with the names of each of them. I can’t pronounce many of their names and don’t really remember much about them when I leave the office because it’s not something I’m really interested in. I’m amazed however at how intricately God made everything to work together and how we are responsible to keep everything in good working order. And, just as every part of our body has a distinct purpose, each of us has a purpose for using our incredible body for God’s purposes.

God gave each of us a unique face with the ability to use any expression we desire to use. Shouldn’t it reflect our love for God, who created it for us? Isn’t a smile a lot more pleasant greeting than a frown? One day I was visiting with a woman after a talk I did about what had been happening in our life that was really difficult. She remarked, “I didn’t know you were going through all that, every time I saw you, you were smiling.” I told her that it wasn’t her fault what was going on in my life so I had no reason to be grumpy with her.

We have wonderful eyes to see, and hopefully they reflect our love for Jesus and what He did for us. By trusting in Him, our eyes should stay clear of hate and envy and reflect the peace that’s available to us through Him. And clear eyes are able to see the needs of those around us and try to help them.

God has given us ears to hear, and choice of what we listen to. Isn’t it better to shut out the noise and clamor of the world and listen to His voice as He guides us through each day? Then we can hear that still, small voice saying, “This is the way, walk in it.”

Our arms and hands were made just right to help lift one another up and give them a hand. They also are perfect for giving a loving hug when it’s needed.

The heart He gave us is so intricate and wonderfully made to keep us alive and supply the resource our body needs. But it should also be open to the love God has for us and be aware of the love He wants us to give to others, even our enemies, and pray for them. 

He may be working out things in their lives and can use us to help the process and give them much needed encouragement.

God also created legs and feet for us to be able to go where He leads us. It’s important to stay on the right path and let God guide our feet. There are places our feet should not take us to so we need to be vigilant, but there are paths we need to follow so we will be where God wants us to be to fulfill His purpose.

Fortunately, God has also given us a sound mind that we can trust as long as we keep our focus on doing His will for our life. We need to keep feeding our mind on what God tells us to do in the Bible and use good common sense in our decisions. That’s always a good combination. The best way to do that is to meet with Him each day and discover all the ways we can use that wonderful body we have to meet all the needs He has for our day, and to guide and direct us if there is something we need to work on to stay in a healthy relationship with the Master of this wonderful body He gave us.

Psalm 139:13-14 “For Thou didst form my inward parts; Thou didst weave me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Thy works, and my soul knows it very well.”