Tigers defeat ranked west teams at Bolln Tourney

Robert Galbreath
Posted 7/9/24

The Torrington Tigers 'A' squad defeated top-ranked Green River and Evanston at the annual Bolln Tournament in Douglas.

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Tigers defeat ranked west teams at Bolln Tourney


DOUGLAS – The Torrington Tigers ‘A’ Legion team returned from the annual Bolln Wood Bat Tournament in Douglas with a 2-2 record after defeating both the top-ranked Green River Knights and the Evanston Outlaws.

Torrington opened the tournament falling to the Douglas Cats – the No. 3 team in the ‘A’ East conference – by a 10-2 margin.

Digging deep, the Tigers rallied on Saturday to trounce the Green River Knights, 13-1. Green River entered the tournament ranked second in the ‘A’ Southwest conference.

Torrington maintained its momentum into the third game on Sunday, overwhelming the No. 1-ranked Evanston Outlaws (‘A’ Southwest conferece), by a 12-2 margin.

The final game on Sunday afternoon pitted Torrington against the Lovell Mustangs. A five-run sixth inning by the No. 2 Mustangs allowed Lovell to overcome an early lead by Torrington and prevail, 7-3.

Douglas Cats

Douglas established an early 5-0 lead with five runs in the top of the first inning.  Torrington’s fielders shut out the Cats in the third, fourth and fifth innings while the Tigers posted one run in the top of the fifth.

Douglas responded with four runs in the bottom of the sixth inning.

The Tigers tallied five hits against the Cats with one apiece by Drew Kramer, Bryce Hager, Mac Hibben, Ryan Moorehouse and Garrett Hager.

Rhett Clarke opened as pitcher for Torrington, striking out two. Grady Shields and Colby Sandusky played relief with Shields striking out one.

Green River Knights

The Tigers captured the initiative, 6-1, with six runs in the bottom of the first.

Bryce Hager set the momentum for Torrington in the first inning with a single for two RBI. Moorehouse and Garrett Hager both singled for one run apiece. Shields hit a grounder and reached first base on an error, driving in two.

Five additional runs by the Tigers in the bottom of the second inning widened Torrington’s lead, 11-1. Caleb Kelly singled for one RBI while errors by the Knights drove in four runs.

The Tigers’ fielders shut out Green River in the second, third and fourth innings. Torrington topped off its victory with two runs in the bottom of the fourth when Kramer sacrificed a fly and Greiman singled.

Overall, the Tigers collected 10 hits against Green River. Greiman, Kelly and Garrett Hager each posted two hits with one apiece by Ayden Desmond, Bryce Hager, Moorehouse and Shields.

On the mound, Greiman pitched all four innings and struck out four.


The Tigers found themselves up, 2-0, in the first inning. Stepping up to bat, Bryce Hager tripled for two RBI.

Torrington dominated the second inning, significantly expanding its lead to 11-0 with nine runs.

Garrett Hager led the Tigers in the second inning with a double for two RBI. Greiman, Desmond and Hibben each drove in runners by drawing walks while Bryce Hager was struck by a ball for an additional run.

The Outlaws scored a single run in both the third and fourth innings, though the effort was too little, too late to close the gap. Torrington’s fielders shut out the Outlaws in the fifth inning and the Tigers snagged the win.

Torrington totaled nine hits against Evanston, led by Kramer with two. Greiman, Desmond, Bryce Hager, Hibben, Shields, Garrett Hager and Xavier Sanchez each singled. Hibben started as pitcher for the Tigers, striking out four. Sandusky played relief, striking out four.

Lovell Mustangs

The Tigers took the lead early, 2-0, with two runs in the bottom of the first inning. Desmond set the pace with a single that resulted in two RBI.

Lovell scored one run in the top of the second inning, although Torrington remained ahead, 3-1, with an additional run in the bottom of the third inning.

Lovell edged up in the top of the fourth inning with a single run to come within one point of overtaking the Tigers, 3-2. Undaunted, Torrington’s fielders shut out Lovell in the top of the fifth inning.

The Mustangs answered with five runs in the top of the sixth inning to overtake Torrington and prevail.

The Tigers tallied five hits against Lovell, including one each by Kramer, Desmond, Bryce Hager, Hibben and Garrett Hager.

Desmond stepped up to the mound as starting pitcher for Torrington, striking out nine. Kramer played relief, striking out one.