Student council gives to hunger incentive

Jess Oaks
Posted 3/27/24

LINGLE – The community is invited to attend a series of fundraisers to aid in the Hunger Incentive sponsored by the Lingle-Fort Laramie (LFL) Student Council on Wednesday, March 27.

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Student council gives to hunger incentive


LINGLE – The community is invited to attend a series of fundraisers to aid in the Hunger Incentive sponsored by the Lingle-Fort Laramie (LFL) Student Council on Wednesday, March 27.

“This is the second year we will be holding this fundraiser. It is a combination of a bake sale that takes place throughout the school day, and a dinner that the student council puts on for everyone that attends parent teacher conferences. The bake sale is for all students and staff and even community members. The dinner is a free will donation dinner, all of these proceeds go directly back to the Hunger Initiative fund,” Louden Bremer LFL student body vice president said. “It’s a win-win event because families can come and eat for free, or families can come eat and donate to the cause.”

The free will donation dinner of pulled pork sandwiches begins at 5 p.m.

The fundraiser benefits kids and families in our community, according to Leah Foster, senior, and LFL student body president.

“The trickle-down effects of this fundraiser are astounding. It helps families feel as though a weight has been taken off of their shoulders. When kids don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from helps kids focus on schoolwork and helps them have a more productive day,” Foster explained. “I cannot imagine the positive effects that go on behind the scenes that we don’t even see.”

Proceeds of the event stay in the community, according to Erin Estes, council advisor said.

“We are raising money to help pay off student lunch debt and other food related issues. We have raised about $1800 so far and hope to raise a total of $3000,” Estes said.

“Last year we donated to three main groups; the after-school practice program ($2000); the backpack program ($2000) and we were able to pay off over $5,600 in lunch debt from LFL students. It also went to buying lunch for parents and kids at last year’s elementary track meet. Funds ultimately benefit any hunger related issues in our school community,” Bremer added.

Food is something no child or family should ever have to worry about, according to Foster. 

“It’s not fair to expect kids to show up every day when things of this size are going on behind the scenes. We hope that this fundraiser leaves kids with happy memories of their school days. We want to make sure that the kids and their families know that we see them, and we are here to support them,” Foster said. “We know that the issue will not go away anytime soon so we hope to continue this fundraiser in years to come so kids never feel like they are in the dark.”

“We understand that this can be a difficult thing to talk about, but we encourage you to talk to your kids and the people in our community about it. The more we talk about it the less stigma there will be! If your or someone in your family is in immediate need, please reach out to one of us or with our advisor and we will help you get in touch with the available resources,” Foster said. “Finally, if you feel inclined to donate, please do, this money does not go to waste and goes directly to the hunger initiative fund and will impact families in your community. We hope to see everyone Wednesday night for our pulled pork dinner.”

The community has done a great job of supporting the LFL fundraiser last year and Bremer only expects this year to be even more resourceful. 

“The best way for the public and community to show support is to share our messages online, come to our fundraisers and be involved, and simply put, just donate! This is, in my opinion, one of the best, if not THE best fundraisers ever put together,” Bremer said. 

“If you would like to donate to this cause, please contact Erin Estes:; or mail a check made out to LFL Hunger Initiative to LFL High School; Attn: Erin Estes; PO Box 379; Lingle, WY 82223,” Estes explained.