Sharks dive into season

Teresa Milner
Posted 6/13/24

The Torrington Sharks swim team opened the 2024 summer season on a high note in Sidney on Saturday.

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Sharks dive into season


SIDNEY – The Torrington Sharks swim team kicked off the summer season in Sidney, Nebraska on June 6.

Torrington finished with 55 top-three placings, including 18 first-place  finishes. 

Three Sharks set four new meet records in Sidney. Huck Walter set a new meet record and struck gold in the 25-yard backstroke for the boys’ under-eight (8U)division with a time of 25.68 seconds. The previous record was 26.30 seconds.

In the boys’ 9-10 division, Cooper Walter set new records in both the 25-yard backstroke and the 25-yard breaststroke. Timing the backstroke in at 22.00 seconds, Cooper Walter broke the former record of 22.52 seconds to win the event.

Cooper Walter went on to break the 25-yard breaststroke record of 23.85 seconds, snagging gold in the event with a time of 23.27 seconds.

Lexi Wilkie won the 50-yard backstroke in the girls’ 11-12 age division, clocking in with a record-breaking time of 41.79 seconds. The previous record was 42.71 seconds.

“The team had a great opening meet,” coach Baxter Greenwald said. “We had the second-largest team in attendance with 38 swimmers. The rookie swimmers did a great job learning the ropes and the veteran swimmers worked at dusting off their skills.”

Top five results

Relays (mixed)

• 100-medley (8U): Peyton Bullington, Delaney Martin, Alexis Martin and Taelyn Stokes first at 2 minutes, 14.91 seconds.

• 100-medley (9-10): Kelsey Otten, Cooper Walter, Amelia Patrick and T. Stokes fourth at 1:49.08.

• 100-freestyle (8U): A. Martin, D. Martin, P. Bullington and Marshall Patrick third at 1:42.00.

• 100-free (9-10): C. Walter, K. Otten, A. Patrick and T. Stokes third at 1:21.50.

• 200-medley (11-12): Makenzee Bugher, Lexi Wilkie, Atana Walter and Mason Patrick second at 2:52.76; Deklin Harrison, Paisley Martin, Tayce Martinez and Emily Milner fifth at 3:31.35.

• 200 medley (13-14): Ari Posten, Isabel Mann, Trinity Martin and Sophie Sinner fourth at 3:09.56.

• 200-medley (15-18): Catie Reimer, Madyson Banister, Laney Walter and Griffin Wolfe fourth at 2:29.78.

• 200-free (11-12): A. Walter, M. Bugher, L. Wilkie and M. Patrick third at 2:36.92. 

• 200–free (13-14): A. Posten, I. Mann, S. Sinner and T. Martin third at 2:31.30.

• 200-free (15-18): L. Walter, C. Reimer, M. Banister and G. Wolfe fourth at 2:15.48.

Boys 8U

• 25-yard backstroke: Huck Walter first at 25.68 seconds (meet record), Marshall Patrick second at 26.77 and Michael Snarr fifth at 32.33.

• 25-butterfly: M. Patrick first at 26.07 seconds.

• 50-freestyle: M. Patrick first at 47.00 seconds and H. Walter second at 24.43.

• 100-individual medley: M. Patrick first at 2:32.61.

Boys 9-10

• 25-backstroke: Cooper Walter first at 22.00 seconds (meet record).

• 25-breaststroke: C. Walter first at 23.27 seconds (meet record).

• 25-freestyle: Deaglan Smith fourth at 25.55 seconds.

• 50-freestyle: C. Walter third at 44.55 seconds.

• 100-IM: C. Walter second at 2:03.67.

Boys 11-12

• 50-backstroke: Marshall Patrick first at 49.15 seconds and Deklin Harrison fifth at 59.10.

• 50-butterfly: M. Patrick fifth at 1:16.04.

• 50-freestyle: M. Patrick third at 37.59 seconds.

• 100-freestyle: M. Patrick second at 1:22.55.

• 100-IM: D. Harrison third at 2:40.71.

Boys 15-18

• 50-backstroke: Nathaniel Stull third at 33.64 seconds.

• 50-butterfly: N. Stull third at 39.20 seconds.

• 50-freestyle: N. Stull first at 26.35 seconds and Griffin Wolfe second at 27.08.

• 100-freestyle: G. Wolfe first at 1:03.80.

Girls 8U

25-backstroke: Delaney Martin second at 27.57 seconds, Peyton Bullington third at 29.13 and Caylee Mann fifth at 31.66.

• 25-breaststroke: Alexis Martin second at 30.23 seconds.

• 25-butterfly: A. Martin second at 29.65 seconds.

• 25-freestyle: A. Martin first at 22.10 seconds.

Girls 9-10

• 25-backstroke: Taelyn Stokes third at 22.59 seconds.

• 25-breaststroke: T. Stokes first at 26.29 seconds, Kelsey Otten fourth at 29.48.

• 25-butterfly: A. Patrick fifth at 40.48 seconds.

• 50-freestyle: T. Stokes fourth at 41.28 seconds.

• 100-freestyle: A. Patrick third at 1:56.13.

Girls 11-12

• 50-backstroke: Lexi Wilkie first at 41.79 seconds (meet record), Addison Mann third at 45.93.

• 50-breaststroke: Atana Walter first at 42.42 seconds and Emily Milner fifth at 54.76.

• 50-butterfly: Tayce Martinez second at 48.38 seconds.

• 50-freestyle: A. Walter first at 33.85 seconds and L. Wilkie fourth at 35.96.

• 100-freestyle: A. Walter second at 1:16.23 and L. Wilkie third at 1:16.57.

• 100-IM: L. Wilkie first at 1:30.91 and E. Milner fifth at 1:48.29.

Girls 13-14

• 50-backstroke: Ariana Posten second at 41.23 seconds.

• 50-breaststroke: Trinity Martin second at 44.10 seconds.

• 50-freestyle: Isabel Mann fifth at 37.86 seconds.

• 100-butterfly: T. Martin second at 39.42 seconds.

• 100-freestyle: A. Posten third at 1:25.93 and Isabel Mann fifth at 1:29.96.

• 100-IM: T. Martin second at 1:32.86.

• 200-freestyle: T. Martin second at 3:01.70.

Girls 15-18

• 50-backstroke: Catie Reimer fourth at 49.41 seconds.

• 50-breaststroke: Madyson Banister third at 42.10 seconds and Laney Walter fourth at 45.81.

• 50-butterfly: L. Walter second at 34.01 seconds.

• 50-freestyle: Tiffany Krueger third at 29.68 seconds and M. Banister fourth at 33.13.

• 100-freestyle: T. Krueger third at 1:12.34 and M. Banister fourth at 1:16.27.

• 100-IM: L. Walter second at 1:26.21.

• 200-freestyle: L. Walter second at 2:49.65 and T. Krueger third at 2:51.09.