Relay teams propel Sharks at Hemingford

Robert Galbreath
Posted 7/6/24

Relay teams set the momentum for the Torrington Sharks swim team at Hemingford last weekend.

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Relay teams propel Sharks at Hemingford


HEMINGFORD – Strong performances by relay teams set the momentum for the Torrington Sharks swim team at the Hemingford meet on June 29.

Three Goshen County relay teams defeated Sidney and Alliance in neck-and-neck races to snag gold at the meet, while four additional relay teams broke into the top three.

Overall, the Sharks garnered 23 first-place finishes and set two new meet records.

“The relay teams really stepped up this week and figured out their groove,” coach Baxter Greenwald said. “The 15-18 (age division) 200-freestyle relay took first in a really close, great match with Sidney and Alliance. The 13-14 200-freestyle relay and 8U 100-freestyle teams also won exciting races.”

The Sharks host the Torrington medal meet on Saturday, July 6. Opening ceremonies take place at 9 a.m. with competition beginning at 9:15 a.m. 

Coach Greenwald encouraged folks to come out support Goshen County athletes:

“We will have all our swimmers competing this weekend and look forward to a good showing at the medal meet.”

Hemingford highlights

Clocking the 200-freestyle relay in with a huge new personal record of 1 minute, 53.49 seconds, the 15-18-year-old team struck gold. The team consisted of Griffin Wolfe, McKay Gurney, Tiffany Krueger and Teryn Stokes.

The 200-freestyle relay team in the 13-14 age bracket – Isabel Mann, Trinity Martin, Ariana Posten and Atana Walter – captured first with a time of 2:14.32.

Rounding out first-place finishes in relays, the eight-and-under (8U) 100-freestyle team scooped up gold. Caylee Mann, Alexis Martin, Hazel Parker and Marshall Patrick crossed the finish line in 1:36.81.

Marshall Patrick broke the meet record in the 8U boys’ 100-meter freestyle, pulling into first place with a time of 1:54.81. The previous record stood at 1:55.90. 

Marshall Patrick also garnered gold in the 50-freestyle, reaching the finish line in 48.18 seconds, before winning the 100-meter individual medley (IM) at 2:14.12.

In the 9-10 age division, Cooper Walter set a new meet record in the boys’ 25-meter breaststroke. Timing in at 21.72 seconds, Walter snapped up gold and beat the previous record of 24.30 seconds.

Cooper Walter went on to win the 100-meter individual medley with a time of 1:51.17.

Atana Walter won three individual events in the girls’ 11-12 age division, beginning with the 200-IM at 3:19.96. Walter also bagged gold in the 200-freestyle, crossing the finish line in 2:45.31, before winning the 50-meter breaststroke at 42.34 seconds.

Mason Patrick tallied three first-place finishes in the boys’ 11-12 bracket. Patrick picked up gold in the 50-meter backstroke, clocking in at 45.69 seconds. Crossing the finish line for the 200-meter freestyle in 2:44.44, Patrick won the event before taking first place in the 50-meter freestyle at 36.73 seconds.

In the girls’ 8U bracket, Alexis Martin picked up gold in both the 50-meter free, posting a time of 47.91 seconds and the 25-meter breaststroke at 29.84 seconds.

Trinity Martin garnered gold in two events in the girls’ 13-14-year-old category. Martin opened with a win in the 200-IM at 3:29.58 and went on to clinch gold in the 50-meter freestyle, timing in at 32.79 seconds.

Griffin Wolfe garnered gold in two events in the boys’ 15-18 bracket. Wolfe won the 100-freestyle, clocking in at 1:02.40 and went on to pick up gold in the 50-freestyle at 26.21 seconds.

Taelyn Stokes won the girls’ 25-meter breaststroke in the 9-10  bracket, timing in at 24.14 seconds.

In the 8U boys’ 25-meter breaststroke, Huck Walter struck gold with a time of 30.33 seconds.

Lexi Wilkie captured first place in the girls’ 11-12-year-old 50-meter backstroke, clocking in at 40.86 seconds.

Additional relay results

• 100-freestyle, 9-10: Taelyn Stokes, Amelia Patrick, Cooper Walter and Claire Cottrell fourth at 1:20.88 and Isla Edmunds, Zaelynn Hand, Gavin Harrison and Slate Vaughan eighth at 1:48.19.

• 100-medley, 9-10: I. Edmonds, A. Patrick, T. Stokes and C. Walter third at 1:29.28 and C. Cottrell, Z. Hand, Ella Parker and S. Vaughan seventh at 2:00.09.

• 200-freestyle, 11-12: Emily Milner, Mason Patrick, Lexi Wilkie and Addison Mann third at 2:36.63 and Myles Matthews, Harmony Woehlecke, Jaylynn Grant and Deklin Harrison eighth at 3:29.22.

• 200-freestyle, 15-18: Laney Walter, Madyson Banister, Beau Martinez and Catie Reimer fourth at 2:16.21.

• 200-medley, 11-12: Makenzee Bugher, A. Mann, E. Milner and Mason Patrick fourth at 3:17.31.

• 200-medley, 13-14: Ariana Posten, L. Wilkie, Isabel Mann and Trinity Martin in third place at 2:43.74.

• 200-medley, 15-18: L. Walter, G. Wolfe, M. Banister and M. Gurney third at 2:19.30 and Tiffany Krueger, B. Martinez, C. Reimer and Teryn Stokes fourth at 2:39.24.

Individual results

Girls 8U

• 25-backstroke: Caylee Mann third at 27.09 seconds and Hazel Parker seventh at 30.93.

• 25-breaststroke: C. Mann sixth at 45.47 seconds.

• 25-free: H. Parker fifth at 24.69 seconds and C. Mann sixth at 24.82.

• 50-free: H. Parker seventh at 1:01.14.

• 100-IM: Alexis Martin second at 2:26.72.

Girls 9-10

• 25-backstroke: Taelyn Stokes second at 21.48 seconds, Isla Edmunds fourth at 23.34, Claire Cottrell seventh at 24.45, Amelia Patrick eighth at 26.02 and Zaelynn Hand ninth at 27.37.

• 25-breaststroke: I. Edmunds sixth at 28.02 seconds, Ella Parker seventh at 29.07 and C. Cottrell eighth at 30.46.

• 25-butterfly: Z. Hand seventh at 29.47 seconds.

• 25-free: E. Parker sixth at 21.90 seconds and Z. Hand ninth at 27.57. 

• 50-free: T. Stokes second at 37.22 seconds, I. Edmunds fifth at 47.25, E. Parker seventh at 50.40 and C. Cottrell eighth at 50.97.

• 100-free: A. Patrick seventh at 1:41.54.

• 200-free: A. Patrick second at 3:51.28. 

Girls 11-12

• 50-backstroke: Makenzee Bugher eighth at 46.78 seconds, Addison Mann ninth at 48.59 and Emily Milner 10th at 48.68.

• 50-breaststroke: M. Bugher sixth at 52.79 seconds, E. Milner eighth at 55.01 and Harmony Woehlecke 12th at 1:05.10.

• 50-butterfly: Atana Walter second at 35.39 seconds and Abriana Rosenlof seventh at 55.72.

• 50-free: E. Milner fifth at 39.36 seconds, A. Mann seventh at 40.92, A. Rosenlof 10th at 41.93, Jaylynn Grant 11th at 42.82 and H. Woehlecke 15th at 53.06 seconds.

• 100-free: J. Grant fifth at 1:37.82.

• 200-free: A. Mann third at 3:26.31 and J. Grant fourth at 3:41.28.

• 200-IM: E. Milner second at 3:45.34.

• 400-free: Lexi Wilkie second at 6:24.50.

Girls 13-14

• 50-backstroke: Ariana Posten second at 40.22 seconds and Sophie Sinner sixth at 49.60.

• 50-breaststroke: Trinity Martin second at 42.46 seconds and Camilla Harrison sixth at 1:02.85.

• 50-butterfly: T. Martin second at 40.82 seconds.

• 50-free: A. Posten third at 34.85 seconds, Isabel Mann fifth at 37.22, S. Sinner ninth at 43.42 and C. Harrison 11th at 48.68.

• 100-free: I. Mann second at 1:24.27.

• 400-free: C. Harrison at 8:11.72.

Girls 15-18

• 50-backstroke: Catie Reimer fourth at 47.53 seconds.

• 50-breaststroke: Teryn Stokes third at 39.47 seconds, Madyson Banister fifth at 40.82, Laney Walter sixth at 44.48 and C. Reimer ninth at 51.65.

• 50-butterfly: T. Stokes third at 33.59 seconds and L. Walter fourth at 34.11.

• 50-free: T. Stokes second at 29.04 seconds, Tiffany Krueger third at 30.53 and M. Banister fourth at 32.15 seconds.

• 100-free: T. Krueger second at 1:11.27 and M. Banister third at 1:14.07.

• 100-IM: L. Walter second at 1:25.40.

• 200-free: L. Walter third at 2:48.25 and T. Krueger fourth at 2:49.01.

Boys 8U

• 25-backstroke: Huck Walter second at 28.66 seconds.

• 25-free: H. Walter fourth at 26.58 seconds.

Boys 9-10

• 25-backstroke: Cooper Walter second at 23.36 seconds, Slate Vaughan fifth at 27.47 and Gavin Harrison 10th at 32.40.

• 25-breaststroke: S. Vaughan seventh at 33.46 seconds.

• 25-free: S. Vaughan seventh at 23.58 seconds, Austin Grant eighth at 24.67 and G. Harrison 11th at 35.10 seconds.

• 50-free: C. Walter fourth at 43.45 seconds, A. Grant 12th at 1:00.48 and G. Harrison 13th at 1:22.88.

• 200-free: Marshall Patrick third at 4:15.87.

Boys 11-12

• 50-backstroke: Deklin Harrison fourth at 1:00.01 and Holland Gurney fifth at 1:06.44.

• 50-breaststroke: H. Gurney fifth at 59.23 seconds and Myles Matthews seventh at 1:22.60.

• 50-butterfly: D. Harrison sixth at 1:35.91.

• 50-free: M. Matthews ninth at 58.52 seconds.

• 100-free: Mason Patrick second at 1:18.58, D. Harrison 11th at 2:00.63, H. Gurney 12th at 2:02.05 and M. Matthews 13th at 2:14.81.

• 100-IM: H. Gurney fifth at 2:16.30.

Boys 13-14

• 50-backstroke: Merrill Gurney second at 43.52 seconds.

• 50-butterfly: M. Gurney fourth at 59.23 seconds.

• 100-free: M. Gurney third at 1:29.4.

• 100-IM: M. Gurney third at 1:47.86.

Boys 15-18

• 50-backstroke: McKay Gurney fourth at 40.02 seconds and Griffin Wolfe fifth at 40.78.

• 50-butterfly: Beau Martinez fifth at 36.63 seconds and M. Gurney sixth at 37.75.

• 50-free: B. Martinez sixth at 31.18 seconds.

• 100-free: M. Gurney third at 1:08.00.

• 200-IM: M. Gurney second at 3:07.03.