Public Notice No. 9038



Tuesday June 4, 2024

The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in regular session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the Commissioners’ Chambers with the following members present, Chairman Michael McNamee, Commissioner Aaron Walsh, and Mary Feagler, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. Vice Chairman Justin Burkart was not present.
The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the agenda, seconded and passed. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the minutes from the May 21st meeting, seconded and passed. Chairman McNamee opened the meeting welcoming all in attendance.
Clerk of Court Brandi Correa presented her monthly earnings report for May in the amount of $ 5,338.50. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the earnings report, seconded and passed.
County Surveyor Bob Taylor and County Planner Michael Tietjen presented the Road and Bridge report. County Surveyor Bob Taylor presented Resolution 2024-5 which changes the speed limit on Road 32 heading East from Hawk Springs. It will change the speed limit from 35 in town to 45 and then to 60 mph farther out of town. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the resolution, seconded and passed. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Road and Bridge Report, seconded and passed.
County Clerk Mary Feagler presented her monthly reports consisting of the warrant report, the employee payroll report and the earnings report. The monthly earnings report for the County Clerk’s Office is $14,391.50. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the warrant report and earnings report. Per statute 22-8-116 the she asked that the Commissioners set the compensation rate to be paid to the election judges, Clerk Feagler recommended paying a flat rate of $140.00 per day for the 2 elections and the standard mileage rate set by the IRS of .67 per mile for judges required to drive over 5 miles one way for either the required training or to their polling place on election day as well as to drive to the courthouse when the election is over. Training will pay $10 per training for election judges and $25.00 for alternates who don’t get called to serve on Election day. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the election judge wages as recommended by Clerk Feagler, seconded and passed. The following warrants were approved for payment: Employee Payroll 247,032.00; Go Co Treasurer Garnish 788.00; Circuit Court Laramie Co Garnish 520.65; Great West Trust Retirement 1915.00; Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry Garnish 472.23; Wy Child Support Garnish 150.00; Wy NCPERS Life Insurance 32.00; B Smith Payroll Liability 358.46; Wy Dept of Employment Workforce Svcs Payroll Liability 6546.92; K Glendy Payroll Liability 2610.31; County Clerk FTD Payroll Liability 69839.76; County Clerk Health Ins Acct 98416.17; 911 Supply Uniform 258.96; Absolute Solutions Radio Equip 231.54; AccuScreen Training 185.00; Airgas Grant Exp 56.92; ArcaSearch Tech/Software 10071.00; AT&T Telephone 1201.20; Axon Enterprises Grant Exp 179483.60; Barnes Law Crt Appt Atty 2643.00; Benchmark Retainer 150.00; Benchmark-CRF Rd Proj 11606.70; Benchmark-GIS Mapping Contract 235.75; Black Hills Energy Utility 791.73; Bloedorn Lumber Repair/Maint 85.24; Bluffs Facility Solutions Janitorial 1348.66; Bomgaars Maint Svcs 26.41; Bryant Enterprises Planning 1610.00; Butler's Auto Vehicle Repair 122.01; Capital Business Systems Supplies 1012.75; Cash-Wa Distributing Dietary 12885.68; Century Business Products Annual Maint/Warr 342.66; Century Lumber Building Maint Svcs 1188.80; CenturyLink Internet 276.28; Charles Sylvester Gravel 6142.50; C Wright Wrkfce Dev 102.00; City of Torrington Utility 6965.19; City of Torrington Grant Exp 10659.83; Comm Tech Grant Exp 2470.00; Community Hospital HCS 2810.80; Complete Wireless Tech Planning 226.53; Copier Connection Equip/Repair 348.21; Culligan Water Supplies 261.25; Dell Equip 1077.15; D Beaman Travel/Mileage 585.58; D Duncan Travel/Mileage 731.74; Dooley Oil Fuel 19538.02; Eakes Med/Supplies 28.74; EGI - Wy State Auditor Health Ins 1341.03; E Boyer Supplies 201.60; ES&S Election Supplies 266.52; First American Grant Exp 1000.00; Frank Parts Repair/Maint 839.57; Geographic Innovations Mapping 4000.00; Go Co Clerk Grant Exp 1023.51; Go Co Sheriff Postage 260.00; Go Co Treasurer Postage 36.75; Goshen County Treasurer Rent 721.66; Goshen Financial Strategies Ins Consult 2000.00; Great American Financial Equip/Repair 340.00; Griggs Family Dental HCS 637.00; Herbert Doby Pub Def GAL 3585.34; Hometown Auto Vehicle Repair 1652.25; Ideal Linen Janitorial Supplies 641.71; Inland Truck Parts Repair/Maint 654.31; James T Church Retainer 100.00; Jim's Plumbing Maint Svcs 1229.40; K Palfy Grant Exp 931.27; Kaufman Glass Repair/Maint 270.00; Kenneth Brown Crt Appt Atty 1188.00; KERM-FM Grant Exp 400.00; K Flock Maint Svcs 329.51; Legacy Coop Repair/Maint 227.09; L Dominguez Travel/Mileage 328.30; Lynette Saucedo Grant Exp 586.56; Maid It Clean Maint Svcs 3404.00; M Strong Grant Exp 66.33; MARC Repair/Maint 287.03; M Wagner Repair/Maint 134.38; M Feagler Travel/Mileage 115.91; Medico-Mart Med/Supplies 13071.66; M Morgheim Grant Exp 60.00; M McNamee Travel/Mileage 288.10; Mile High Shooting Ammo 1718.14; Nick Traher Repair/Maint 4593.75; Norma Cantu HCS 1413.75; Office Ally Med/Supplies 39.95; Olson Tire Repair/Maint 833.06; P Peterson Grant Exp 45.00; Pitney Bowes Global Tech/Software 446.25; Points West Comm Bank Energy Lease 45380.68; Print Express Postage 11.76; ProForce Ammo 890.66; Public Defenders Office Pub Defender 300.00; Quadient Finance Postage 1740.00; Qualification Targets Ammo 394.86; Roc Doc Repair/Maint 55.00; R Wunibald Grant Exp 260.06; S Coxbill Travel/Mileage 124.38; Schneider Geospatial Tech/Software 1488.00; Simply Clean Janitorial Supplies 381.01; Smith Psychological Services Counseling 400.00; Spic & Span Road Maint 3350.00; Stericycle Inc Grant Exp 235.39; TDS Utility 194.00; The Practice After School Program Grant Exp 399.95; Torr Office Supply Supplies 4166.87; Torr Telegram Publishing 3127.59; Town of Ft Laramie Grant Exp 1940.76; Town of Yoder Grant Exp 1800.00; Valley Mercantile Vehicle Repair 1631.34; Valley Motor Repair/ Maint 475.12; Vandel Drug HCS 582.29; Verizon Telephone 1905.72; Viaero Grant Exp 108.94; Visa 02 Travel/Mileage 63.72; Visa 03 Travel/Mileage 214.00; Visa 14 Training 186.69; Visa Chase Ink Grant Exp 2976.76; Visa EM Travel/Mileage 185.62; Visa IT Internet 2884.75; Visa Sheriff Supplies 2243.53; Vistabeam Telephone 95.90; Vyve Internet 3016.55; West Hwy Water Sewer Dist Utility 88.00; Wy Behavioral Inst Placement Svcs 5985.19; Wy County Assessors Assn Dues 280.00; WY DOT Vehicle Repair 2.00; Wy Machinery Repair/Maint 1703.94; Wy Public Health Lab Med/Supplies 140.00; X Lazy H Rent 425.00; Yoder Fire Dist FD ST/FED Equip/Wages 127169.64; Wy Retirement System Retirement 55008.44; Visa EM Code Red 263.13; Martin Marietta Materials Road Maint 1261.96; Total Warrants $786,258.82
Thom Bozeman, Emergency Manager and Fire Warden, reported on his departments. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Emergency Manager/Fire Warden Report, seconded and passed

County Assessor Debbi Surrat reported on her department. She produced a contract for signature between the county and GIS specialist Max Masters. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Assessor report, seconded and passed.
Shawn Burkart and Michelle Winget presented the Board with the 2024-25 insurance cost estimate. They will return with final numbers at a later date.
The following Budget Amendments were presented as follows:

Department: Expense Income Purpose
IT Department $12,600 $12,600 Call-Out Hourly Line omitted in Budget
Extension Office $3,000 $3,000 Unanticipated payroll expense
Clerk of District Court $5,000 $5,000 Unanticipated Expenses jury trial
Road and Bridge $10,000 $10,000 Unanticipated Expense
Fire Warden $214,000 $214,000 Federal funds Equipment and wages pass thru
Care Center Jt Powers Bd $263,375 $263,375 Unanticipated GAP payment
Fair $34,000 $34,000 Unanticipated income and expenses
Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the Budget Amendments, seconded and passed.
Chairman McNamee commented on the status of the building for the Emergency Management and Fire Warden Department offices. He requested a warrant in the amount of $1,000.00 for earnest money to be paid to First American Title.
The Commissioners broke into an executive session at 10:00 am and reconvened in the regular session at 11:00 am.
The Commission adjourned at 11:05 am. The next regular meeting will be June 18th at 9:00 am at the usual place and time. Per Wyo. Stat. §18-3-516(f), access to the county information can be obtained at or by calling the Clerk’s office (307)532-4051(approved for publication)

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Mary B. Feagler Michael McNamee Chairman
Goshen County Clerk Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 9038 published in the Torrington Telegram on June 19, 2024.