Public Notice No. 8997



Tuesday May 7, 2024

The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in regular session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the Commissioners Chambers with the following members present, Chairman Michael McNamee, Vice Chairman Justin Burkart, Commissioner Aaron Walsh, and Mary Feagler, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board.
The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the revised agenda, seconded and passed. Commissioner Burkart moved to approve the minutes from the April 16th meeting, seconded and passed. Chairman McNamee opened the meeting welcoming all in attendance. He announced the three winners of the Goshen County Commissioners’ scholarship and the one winner of the Goshen County Commissioners Renewal Scholarship. The Scholarship winners were Kyler Clark, Kylee Llewellyn, and Mason Sorenson. The renewal Scholarship went to Klacie Groene.
Clerk of Court Brandi Correa presented her monthly earnings report for March in the amount of $6,027.00 and an agreement between District Court and The Department of Family Services. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the Cooperative agreement between the Clerk of Court and The Department of Family Services, and accept the earnings report, seconded and passed.
Road and Bridge Superintendent Boyd Wagner, County Surveyor Bob Taylor and County Planner Michael Tietjen presented the Road and Bridge report. Michael Tietjen reported first on a training he went to in Casper. County Surveyor Bob Taylor presented two plat maps that had been approved previously and a contract for a bridge replacement. The Contract is between WYDOT and Goshen County for bridge, structure No. EZC. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the agreement, seconded and passed. Commissioner Burkart moved to accept the Road and Bridge Report, seconded and passed.

County Clerk Mary Feagler presented the 2024/2025 preliminary County Budget along with her monthly reports. The monthly earnings report for the County Clerk’s Office is $17,052.50. She also presented the warrant report and the earnings report. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the warrant report and earnings report, seconded and passed. The following bills were approved for payment: Employee Payroll 247469.07; Circuit Court Go Co Garnish 1033.69; Dist Court Go Co Garnish 788.00; Great West Trust Retirement 1950.00; Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry Garnish 472.23; Wy Child Support Garnish 150.00; Wy NCPERS Life Insurance 32.00; County Clerk FTD Payroll Liability 72284.90; County Clerk Health Ins Acct 101035.23; 911 Supply Uniform 409.68; Adobe Inc Annual Maint/Warr 7977.00; Airgas Grant Exp 54.63; Barnes Law Crt Appt Atty 1632.00; Benchmark Retainer 150.00; Benchmark-CRF Survey/Engineer 20203.12; Black Hills Energy Utility 1263.36; Bloedorn Lumber Repair/Maint 66.98; Bluffs Facility Solutions Janitorial 1000.77; Capital Business Systems Supplies 577.13; Caring and Sharing Grant Exp 4342.00; Cash-Wa Distributing Dietary 10909.56; Caylor & Genz Earthmovers Rd Maint 12601.80; CDW Government Maint/Warr 4561.45; Century Business Products Maint/Warr 413.49; Century Lumber Maintenance 240.72; CenturyLink Internet 276.28; Charles Sylvester Gravel 3568.50; Chase Frazier Crt Reporting 1129.92; Chase Med Supply 2235.92; C Wright Grant Exp 280.20; City of Torrington Utility 7400.53; City of Torrington Grant Exp 6495.50; CivicPlus Gran Exp 7505.00; Comm Tech Grant Exp 3975.00; Control Solutions Grant Exp 123.00; Copier Connection Equip/Repair 293.94; County Clerk Trust Bond/Ins 472.56; Cozad Signs Repair/Maint 38.50; Culligan Water Supplies 255.90; Dell Equip 9140.12; Dooley Oil ShopTools 338.25; Dooley Oil Fuel 17497.73; EGI - Wy State Auditor Health Ins 1361.74; E Boyer Supplies 403.20; EWC-Tanf CPI Grant Exp 1136.97; Fastenal ShopTools 70.73; Ferguson Signs Grant Exp 12053.50; Frank Parts ShopTools 1280.46; Galls Uniform 278.50; Geographic Innovations Mapping 4000.00; Gering Valley Plumbing Repair/Maint 99.00; Go Co Clerk Grant Exp 1762.87; Go Co Treasurer Postage 10.16; Goshen County Treasurer Rent 779.58; Goshen County Weed & Pest Repair/Maint 136.96; Goshen Financial Strategies Ins Consult 2000.00; Goshen Fire Service Tower 685.00; Great American Financial Equip/Repair 340.00; Harris Govern Ft Collins Dues 150.00; H Dittmer Grant Exp 50.71; Herbert K Doby Pub Defend GAL 3333.34; Hometown Auto Vehicle Repair 243.00; HTO Chemical Repair/Maint 178.06; Ideal Linen Janitorial 739.37; Inland Truck Parts Repair/Maint 37.22; IT Computing Services Maint/Warr 170.85; James T Church State Payment 2600.00; JB Quality Construction Grant Exp 18398.65; K Palfy Med Supply 40.00; Kaufman Glass Vehicle Repair 40.00; Kenneth Brown Crt Appt Atty 1080.00; K Flock Repair/Maint 733.76; K Fleenor Training 29.15; Legacy Coop Fuel 186.38; Lexipol Training 1809.54; Long Building Tech Repair/Maint 577.05; L Saucedo Grant Exp 330.96; Maid It Clean Maintenance 3454.00; M Boalch Repair/Maint 52.96; M Ringle Uniform 178.93; M Johnson Grant Exp 59.63; Nick Traher Repair/Maint 1218.00; Norma S. Cantu MD HCS 833.75; O'Reilly Repair/Maint 9.99; Office Ally Med Supply 39.95; Olson Tire Repair/Maint 975.51; Palen Law Offices Crt Appt Atty 2652.00; Panhandle Auto Repair/Maint 987.99; Pitney Bowes Global Med Supply 81.90; Pitney Bowes Reserve Election Postage 4000.00; Public Defenders Office rent 300.00; Quadient Finance Postage 1250.00; Quadient Leasing Equip/Repair 925.39; RMI Cooling Towers Repair/Maint 14680.00; R Wunibald Grant Exp 238.52; S&S Plumbing Repair/Maint 3895.00; S Coxbill Travel 76.38; Senior Friendship Center Svc Commit 3375.00; Simply Clean Janitorial 449.20; Smith Psychological Services Counseling 1200.00; St Joseph's Children's Home Grant Exp 1917.71; Stantec Road Study 3950.00; Stericycle HCS 61.74; TDS Utility 194.00; The Cincinnati Insurance Bond/Ins 668.00; The Masters Touch Supplies 523.41; The Practice After School Program Grant Exp 399.95; Torr Office Supply Supplies 1383.01; Torr Telegram Grant Exp 5653.17; Town of Ft Laramie Grant Exp 900.00; Town of Yoder Grant Exp 1800.00; United Power & Battery Maint/Warr 6580.00; US Postmaster Postage 150.40; Valley Motor Repair/Maint 102.16; Vandel Drug HCS 485.04; Verizon Telephone 1882.11; Veteran Fire Dist FD ST/FED 13608.84; Viaero Grant Exp 93.45; Victim Assistance Emergency Asst 314.54; Visa 01 Travel 432.00; Visa 14 Training 1447.55; Visa 22 Grant Exp 380.00; Visa EM Tech/Software 548.53; Visa IT Internet 4468.53; Visa Sheriff Uniform 3151.62; Vistabeam Internet 95.90; West Hwy Water Sewer Dist Utility 88.00; Wy Behavioral Inst Placement Svcs 6616.00; WY Brand Industries Supplies 225.00; Wy Dept of Health State Payment 71280.96; Wy Machinery Repair/Maint 1410.33; X Lazy H Rent 425.00; Yoder Fire Dist FD ST/FED 91193.96; Wy Dept of Employment-Workforce Svcs Payroll Liability 6587.60; Wy Retirement System Retirement 53878.17; Total Warrants $933,603.15
Thom Bozeman, Emergency Manager and Fire Warden, reported on his departments. He recently attended a training in Cheyenne on Cyber Security. Commissioner Burkart moved to accept the Emergency Manager/Fire Warden Report, seconded and passed
County Assessor Debbi Surrat reported on her department. The tax assessments were mailed on April 17, 2024. She updated the Commissioner on the local valuation. Some taxpayers will be offered tax exemptions due to new legislation. She currently has two positions available in her office. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Assessor report, seconded and passed.
County Maintenance Supervisor Kevin Flock presented his monthly report. He did ask for a part-time employee for the summer. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Maintenance report and approve filling a part time position to assist with grounds keeping, seconded and passed.
Western Proppants was scheduled to attend the meeting to update the Commissioners on their business. They did not attend.
The Commissioners broke into an executive session at 10:05 am and reconvened in the regular session at 11:15 am.
Commissioner Burkart made a motion to move the WDH Prevention Specialist Point of Contact to Public Health from the Goshen County Clerk, seconded and passed.
The Commission adjourned at 11:20 am. The next regular meeting will be May 21st at 9:00 am at the usual place and time. Per Wyo. Stat. §18-3-516(f), access to the county information can be obtained at or by calling the Clerk’s office (307)532-4051(approved for publication)

Attest: _______________________________
Mary B. Feagler
Goshen County Clerk
Michael McNamee Chairman
Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 8997 published in the Torrington Telegram on May 22, 2024.