Public Notice No. 8907



Tuesday February 20, 2024
The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in regular session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the Commissioners’ Chambers with the following members present, Chairman Michael McNamee, Vice Chairman Justin Burkart, Commissioner Aaron Walsh and Mary Feagler, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Chairman McNamee welcomed all in attendance. Commissioner Burkart moved to approve the agenda and the minutes from the February 6th meeting, seconded and passed. Chairman McNamee opened the meeting with comments regarding the Industrial Siting Council Zoom meeting they participated in on Friday February 16th. He stated he is waiting to be informed on any decisions the council made as far as Goshen County is concerned after hearing the comments from the County Commissioners and other citizens of Goshen County. He also spoke on a meeting he had at EWC with Dr. Hawes and looks forward to future endeavors with EWC.
Sheriff Kory Fleenor presented the Sheriff’s report. The earnings report for the month of January is $1,634.00 and earnings for the Commissary is $1,859.42. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Sheriff’s report including the Commissary and Earnings reports, seconded and passed.
County Treasurer Leticia Dominguez presented her report via e-mail as she was ill and unable to attend. Commissioner Burkart moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded and passed.

County Clerk Mary Feagler presented the Clerk’s report and the updated warrant report. She reported on her Clerks meeting the previous week of which the main topic was the upcoming 2024 election. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept, the Clerk’s report and the updated warrant report, seconded and passed.
Amy Smith, Ag and Natural Resources Educator for the University of Wyoming, presented the Extension Office report. Commissioner Burkart moved to accept the Extension office report, seconded and passed.
Stephanie Lofink Goshen County Fair manager and maintenance manager Eleno Oliva, presented the Fair report. The Fair would like to add Fiber Optics to the facility in the future. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Fair report, seconded and passed.
Public Health nurse Kara Palfy presented the Public Health report. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Public Health report, seconded and passed.
In old business the road grader purchase and plans to auction one of the older graders were discussed. Commissioner Walsh made a motion to move forward in entering into an agreement with JJ King to sell at auction one machine on March 20th and to approve the financing of two graders through First State Bank for a five year term, seconded and passed. The commissioners agreed to the financing by and through resolution 2024-1 which was signed and dated on February 20, 2024, seconded and passed.
In other old business an Illegal Immigration Resolution was brought by the Goshen Republican Party, the commissioners made some revisions to make the resolution bipartisan. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve Resolution 2024-2 signed and dated February 20, 2024, seconded and passed.
The Commission adjourned at 10:30 am. The next regular meeting will be March 5th at the usual place and time. Per Wyo. Stat. §18-3-516(f), access to the county information can be obtained at or by calling the Clerk’s office (307)532-4051. (approved for publication)

Attest: _______________________________
Mary B. Feagler
Goshen County Clerk
Michael McNamee, Chairman
Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 8907 published in the Torrington Telegram on March 1, 2024.