Public Notice No. 8862



City of Torrington     )
County of Goshen     )
State of Wyoming     )

The Torrington City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, January 2, 2024 in the City Council Chambers at 436 East 22nd Ave. at 7:00 p.m. Present: Mayor Doby, Council Members Deahl, Kelly and Viktorin. Councilman Patterson was absent but excused. Also Present: Clerk/Treasurer Strecker, Attorney Eddington, Director of Public Works/City Engineer Harkins, Chief of Police Johnson, Buildings & Grounds Superintendent Estes and Deputy City Clerk Anaya.
Mayor Doby called the meeting to order.

Councilman Deahl led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Mayor Doby led the session with informational announcements on the following items: 1. Mayor Doby wished everyone a Happy New Year. He stated that we are all blessed in this City, County and Country with the measure of liberty that is the envy of most of the world. Mayor Doby indicated that the quality of life in Torrington is also the envy of most of the world. He urged the public to keep and maintain what the community has and to seek ways to improve in all aspects of the community life together. Mayor Doby asked everyone to count their many blessings and to work toward an even better and brighter future; and 2. Reminder to the public to take extra caution and to refrain from using their cell phones while driving.
Councilman Viktorin moved and Councilman Deahl seconded to approve the consent agenda which includes the minutes from the 12-19-23 Council meeting as published and all actions therein be ratified. Motion carried unanimously.
Councilman Deahl moved and Councilman Kelly seconded to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Doby presented for approval the following appointments: Appointed Officials – James Eddington as City Attorney, Matthew Johnson as Chief of Police, Lance Petsch as Fire Chief, Lynette Strecker as City Clerk/Treasurer, Jeffrey Harkins as Director of Public Works, John Patrick as Municipal Judge, Kenneth Brown as Associate Municipal Judge and Anna Barnes as Associate Municipal Judge. Expiration of Terms: 12-31-24; Mayor Pro-Tem – Richard Patterson. Expiration of Term: 12-31-24; Consolidated Wyoming Municipality Electric Joint Powers Board – Herb Doby. Expiration of Term: 12-31-26; Performance Management Committee – Richard Patterson and Darin Yates. Expiration of Terms: 12-31-25; and Safety Committee – L. John Hood, Sidney Castellaw, Albert Lira, Tammy Cearns, Robert Gleim, Jason Curtsinger, Benseslado Cantu, Jason Wilhelm, Jacob Johner and Adrian Flores. Expiration of Terms: 12-31-25. Councilman Viktorin moved and Councilman Deahl seconded to approve the appointments as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Councilman Deahl moved and Councilman Viktorin seconded to designate Herb Doby as a Part-Time Mayor for calendar year 2024. Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read Resolution No. 2024-1 approving the institutions as bank depositories and/or security broker/dealers for the City of Torrington during calendar year 2024. Councilman Viktorin moved and Councilman Kelly seconded to approve Resolution No. 2024-1 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
The bills from 12-20-23 to 01-02-24 were presented for payment. Councilman Kelly moved and Councilman Deahl seconded to approve the bills for payment as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Doby asked for public comments, questions or concerns.
Fire Chief Petsch briefly updated the Mayor and Council on the calls that the Torrington Volunteer Fire Department responded to in the last couple of weeks. He stated that a few members of the department will be attending the mid-winter fire school that will be hosted in Riverton, Wyoming on January 5-7, 2024.
Mayor Doby reminded residents who will be holding controlled burns to call the dispatch non-emergency line ahead of time to provide relevant information about the burn.
Mayor Doby adjourned the meeting at 7:25 p.m.
The following bills were approved for payment: 77649 REGIONAL CARE INC. select flex admin 120.00;77650 SOUTH TORRINGTON WATER & SEWER DISTRICT museum-water/sewer 78.60;77651 STANDARD INSURANCE CO premium-long term disability 2325.37;77652 VIAERO WIRELESS cell phone, wireless hotspots 649.33;77653 WY DEPT OF REVENUE sales tax 18105.21;77654 WY DEPT OF WORKFORCE SERVICES workers compensation 7364.28;77655 WY RETIREMENT SYSTEMS retirement 80067.97;77656 1000BULBS.COM metal halide protected arc tube 138.60;77657 ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS fire engines radio installations-City ½ 1086.00;77658 AED EVERYWHERE INC. onsite defibrillators w/ cases 3840.00;77659 ALTEC INDUSTRIES INC. gas spring,ball socket,beacon led light 160.02;77660 AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES laminated index cards,grill cleaning brick,streaming stick,urinal screen deodorizers,air fresheners,hand soap,shipping labels 296.58;77661 AT&T MOBILITY modem for ambulance 40.04;77662 AXE REAL ESTATE LLC deposit refund 14.38;77663 BLOEDORN LUMBER CO-TORRINGTON tape,white runners,cross tees,wall angles,hanger wire,ceiling tiles,super strength adhesive,screws,bolts,spray paint,clamps,silicone adhesive seal 1485.19;77664 BOMGAARS SUPPLY INC. swivel casters,ice melt,mouse bait,fresh cab pouch,mouse traps,work boots,solar salt,stool,bucket, dishwash brush,deck scrub brush,led light sets,extension cords,pvc cap,bolts,heaters,wicks,gas griddle, spark plug 930.06;77665 CENTURY LUMBER CENTER roller covers,paint tray,spray paint,bypass loper, duct tape,metal halide lamp,wd-40,chrome plated,fasteners,wire,screws,hem firs,plastic liners,caulk gun,electrical tape,ox-gard,permatex grease,cleaner,rope,brush,painters touch 405.02;77666 CENTURYLINK data lines 824.91;77667 CITY OF TORRINGTON payroll withholding 374.00;77668 CONTRACTORS MATERIALS INC. hand floats 138.00;77669 DENT, DAVID A. Golf Pro Payable 493.23; 77670 DRM refund hydrant meter deposit less fees 2133.00;77671 DURR UNIVERSAL air filters 1780.82; 77672 ENERGY LABORATORIES INC. lab testing 649.00;77673 ENVIRO SERVICES INC. lab analysis 74.00; 77674 FIRED UP RESCUE LLC multi-function clipon led headlamps-City ½ 101.36;77675 FIVE STAR PRINT & PROMO envelopes-1099's/W-2's 204.70;77676 GOSHEN CO CONSTRUCTION LLC Baler Building-retainage 4053.54;77677 GOSHEN CO DISTRICT COURT CLERK payroll withholding 100.00;77678 GRAINGER hour meter/gaskets 74.97;77679 GREAT-WEST TRUST CO LLC payroll withholding 2220.00; 77680 HACKBARTH, RONALD & CAROLYN deposit refund 57.92;77681 IDEAL LINEN/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTION trash bags,disinfectant,paper towels,tablecloths-Christmas party 1037.38;77682 KILMER, LORAN ambulance overpayment refund 539.64;77683 LEITHEADS INC. refrigerator thermostat 217.50; 77684 MCINTOSH, TOM gutter repairs 1000.00;77685 MCKINEY, WILLIAM ambulance overpayment refund 372.82;77686 MECKLENBURG, MERVIN Court Appointed Attorney 650.00;77687 METAL SHOP AND REPAIR LLC welding wire 100.00;77688 MOUNTAIN WEST TECHNOLOGIES CORP TVFD internet service 207.00;77689 MS LORRI CAR WASH LLC car wash tokens 40.00;77690 NEW YORK LIFE payroll withholding 257.00;77691 NORTH PLATTE VALLEY CONSERVATION DIST trees-wind break 184.80;77692 OFFICE OF STATE LANDS & INVEST DWSRF loan payments 112265.88;77693 PANHANDLE CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC. gradering 400.00;77694 PIERCE, TAMMY reflective vinyl decal install on charger 450.00; 77695 POMP'S TIRE SERVICE new tires 358.72;77696 PRO QUALITY PEST CONTROL rodent control 90.00; 77697 R & R PRODUCTS INC. mower blades 254.40;77698 RAILROAD MANAGEMENT CO land lease recycle center 1489.90;77699 RAILROAD MANAGEMENT CO land lease recycle center 1489.90;77700 RICHEY, MICHAEL Airport Operator Contract 1666.67;77701 RICHEY, MICHAEL air fuel 252.86;77702 RIVER VIEW SAND & GRAVEL LLC pea gravel 210.95;77703 SNOW CREST CHEMICALS LLC hot water closed loop monthly contract 145.00;77704 STEARNS, KELSEY deposit refund 129.31;77705 STUART C IRBY CO glove testing 136.08;77706 TORRINGTON EMPLOYEES INSURANCE select flex contributions 2878.92;77707 TORRINGTON OFFICE SUPPLY return,staples,binder clips,laminated tape,thermal roll labels,wall planners,thermal paper,envelopes,certificate frames,bath tissue,red roll tickets,highlighters, laminate pedestal,copy paper,desk calendar 921.00;77708 TORRINGTON TELEGRAM legals 3399.47; 77709 USABLUEBOOK membrane cap kits,filters 239.81;77710 VERIZON WIRELESS cell phones 713.64; 77711 VOLKMANN, JON & MARTA credit refund 138.09;77712 VYVE BROADBAND fiber internet service 1075.00;77713 WHEATLAND GARAGE DOOR LLC garage door-new baler building 702.50;77714 WY BRAND INDUSTRIES note cards,business cards,warning tickets 508.00;77715 WY DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION license plate transfer 2.00;77716 WY RETIREMENT SYSTEMS Torr Vol EMT Pension 37.50;77717 WY WEED MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION conference registration 125.00

Public Notice No. 8862 published in the Torrington Telegram on January 19, 2024.