Public Notice No. 8859



Tuesday January 2, 2024

The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in regular session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the Commissioners Chambers with the following members present, Chairman Michael McNamee, Vice Chairman Justin Burkart, Commissioner Aaron Walsh and Mary Feagler, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Aaron Walsh moved to approve the agenda, seconded and passed. Commissioner Justin Burkart moved to approve the minutes from the December 5th meeting, seconded and passed. Chairman McNamee opened the meeting by reflecting on events the county was faced with in 2023.
Clerk of District Court Brandi Correa presented her earnings report in the amount of $3,924.50 Commissioner Burkart  moved to accept the earnings report, seconded and passed.
Road and Bridge Administrator Val Hankins, County Surveyor Bob Taylor, County Planner Michael Tietjen and Interim Road and Bridge Supervisor Jarrod Swartwood reported. Road and Bridge Administrator Val Hankins reported that the first new road grader of the three will be delivered Wednesday January 10th, 2024. County Surveyor Bob Tayler presented some preliminary plats that are not ready for approval yet. These included a re-plat in a portion of Hawk Springs, an agricultural re-plat of 70 acres, and a subdivision near the river and Highway 85.Val also reported on Road 15, off of Deer Creek Road south of Fort Laramie, the road is in very poor shape. A pipeline company has a pump station off the road and they are offering funding to help with reconstruction of the road.  Jeff Craig was guest at the meeting to discuss abandoning Road 23.  Bob Taylor told him what would be required to begin the process. Michael Tietjen reported that the Civic Plus software will begin installation next week. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Road and Bridge report, seconded and passed.

County Clerk Mary Feagler presented her monthly report. The monthly earnings report for the County Clerk’s Office was $ 11,918.00. She also presented the warrants for payment, the payroll report, employee bonds, Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the County Clerks report, warrant report, payroll report, employee bonds, seconded and passed. The following warrants were approved for payment: Employee Payroll & Bonus 317719.54; AccuScreen Training 75.00;Airgas Grant 52.23;  Barnes Law Crt Appt Atty 828.80; Benchmark CRF 5449.75; Benchmark GIS Mapping 184.00; Benchmark Retainer 150.00; Bill Law FD St/Fed 507.84; Black Hills Energy Utility 2266.14;Bloedorn Lumber Repair 12.24;  Bluffs Facility Solutions Janitorial 500.33; Bomgaars Shop Tools 1736.07; Burns Insurance Bond 100.00; Butler's Auto Misc 198.00; C Kenyon Training 539.88; C Wright Grant 101.53; Capital Business Systems Supplies 409.56; Capital One Supplies 682.41; Cash-Wa Dietary 11747.50;Caterpillar Financial Shop Tools 3471.70;  CDW Gov Misc 144.70; Century Lumber Repair 332.74; CenturyLink Telephone 276.79; Circuit Court Go Co Garnish 1189.43; City of Torrington Utility 6778.56; CivicPlus Grant 7500.03; Clean Designs Maint 590.74; CNA Surety Bonds 555.00; CNH Capital Shop Tools 142.00;Community Hospital St/Fed Med 160.00;  Copier Connection Equip 252.94; Corvinus Group Grant 21400.00;Coulson Law Ct Appt Atty 96.00;  County Clerk FTD Payroll Liability 11068.02; County Clerk FTD Payroll Liability 73214.52; County Clerk Health Ins Acct Ins 100515.38; Culligan Water Supplies 448.10; David MacDonald Ct Appt Atty 714.00; Dell Equip 1576.00; Dooley Oil Fuel 14807.62; Eric Boyer Supplies 201.60; Fastenal Shop Tools 318.96; Frank Parts Repair 780.31;Geographic Innovations Mapping 4000.00;  Go Co Clerk Grant 1023.51; Go Co Extension Service Travel 293.90; Go Co Treasurer Postage 26.40; Goshen County Treasurer Rent 758.41; Goshen Financial Strategies Ins Consult 2000.00; Goshen Fire Service FW Reimburse 720.00; Great American Financial Equip 340.00; Great West Trust Retire 1720.00;Griggs Family Dental HCS 1901.78;  H Dittmer Travel 19.65; Heartland Embroidery Repair 132.57; Herbert K Doby Pub Defender GAL 3333.34; Ideal Linen Laundry 766.10; James T Church Retainer 100.00; Jim's Plumbing Maint 918.14; Judicial Dialog Systems Ann Maint 1852.20; K Flock Repair 1187.39;Kalen Grant 2000.00;  Kenneth Brown Ct Appt Atty 864.00; La Grange Fire Dept FD St/Fed 5657.82;Long Building Tech Repair 477.75;  M Strong Grant 51.09;Maid It Clean Maint 2776.00;  MARC Supplies 159.73; McKesson Med Supplies 3689.62; Medico-Mart Med Supplies 17126.90; Motorola Grant 834.70; Norma Cantu HSC 688.75; Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry Garnish 472.23; Olson Tire Repair 19.01; Panhandle Coop Fuel 116.82; Pitney Bowes Global Equip 205.14; Pitney Bowes Med Supplies 63.90; Public Defenders Office Pub Defend 300.00; Quadient Finance Postage 354.00; Quadient Leasing Tech 330.00; Quality Automotive Repair 80.35; Russell Business Services GASB Consult 8597.72; Samantha Coxbill Travel 74.67; Simply Clean Janitorial 568.21; Stericycle Grant 232.45; Summit Fire Maint 365.00; TDS Utility 194.00; The Practice After School Program Grant 371.95; TMS Sources of Strength Grant 60.53; Torr Office Supply Supplies 2465.26; Torr Telegram Publishing 2037.12; Tri State Oil Shop Tools 45.00; Union Telephone Grant 76.92; Valley Motor Repair 484.35; Vandel Drug HCS 682.26; Verizon Telephone 2337.77; Visa Clerk Tech 244.00; Visa EM Training 334.76; Visa IT Supplies 3974.85; Visa PubHealth Med Supplies 22932.86; Visa Rd&B Shop Tools 955.13; Visa Sheriff HCS 403.51; Vistabeam Internet 95.90; West Hwy Water Sewer Utility 88.00; Windshield Doctor Repair 60.00; Wy Dept of Employment-Workforce Svcs Workers Comp 9138.33; Wy Machinery Repair 1013.39; Wy NCPERS Life Insurance 32.00; Wy Public Health Lab Med Supplies 70.00; Wy Retirement 55452.20; Wy State Auditor Office Ins 1368.41; Wy Taxpayers Assn Dues 195.00; X Lazy H LLC Rent 425.00; Yoder Fire Dist FD St/Fed 33771.74; Total Warrants 796,305.45.
Thom Bozeman, Emergency Manager/Homeland Security Coordinator and Fire Warden, presented his monthly report. He had a busy month participating in Shop with a Cop for youth in the area and the Emergency Bucket Program for senior citizens. He presented 4 grants for the chairman’s signature. There were two for SHSP which pays 100% and two for the EMPG grant which is a 50% match grant. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Fire Warden and Emergency Manager report, seconded and passed.
Library Board member Ellen Creager was present to explain the repairs needed for the parking lot at the library. No action was taken.
County Assessor Debbi Surratt presented a reduction order in the amount of 1,054.01. Commissioner Walsh     moved to approve the reduction order and accept the Assessors report, seconded and passed.
In old business, Ron Stuckert attended the meeting in regards to the Lewis Feedlot. Chairman McNamee read a letter sent by the County Planner Michael Tietjen briefing the commissioners on the ongoing issues with the Lewis Feedlot for the past 12 years. Mr. Tietjen pointed out that the county can have jurisdiction over three points. They are, type of animal, number of animals and setbacks.
Doug Butler and Matthew Cearns attended to update on the potential recycling facility.  They were at the meeting because the application has not been approved and they are inquiring on its status. Chairman McNamee asked that the application be completed entirely and submitted rather than waiting for approval before completing all of the items requested in the application. Chairman McNamee thanked Mr. Butler for the tour of the proposed facility.
Eldon Baldwin whose term expired December 31, 2023 was interested in being reappointed to the Weed and Pest Board. Geri Zeimens presented a letter of interest in reappointment to the Lodging Tax Board as her term also expired December 31, 2023. Justin Burkart moved to reappoint each member to their designated boards, seconded and passed.
The Commission adjourned at 10:25 am. The next regular meeting will be January 16, 2024 at the usual place and time per Wyo. Stat. §18-3-516(f), access to the county information can be obtained at or by calling the Clerk’s office (307)532-4051(approved for publication)

Attest: _______________________________
    Mary B. Feagler
    Goshen County Clerk
    Michael McNamee Chairman
    Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 8859 published in the Torrington Telegram on January 17, 2024.