Public Notice No. 7776



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The Regular Meeting of the Lingle Town Council convened at 5:00 PM April 7, 2021 with Mayor Siglin leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Upon roll call, the following were present, constituting a quorum: Mayor: George Siglin Council Members: Steve Edwardson Joe Welte Brandie Cook A.J. Lambert There was also present: Police Chief: Endra Andrews Town Attorney: Anna Barnes Fire Chief: Kasey Bangerter Clerk: Richard Reyes Town Supervisor: Larry Haeffelin Mayor Siglin welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for being present. Mayor Siglin requested that “New Business” be rescheduled to take place following “Public Comment” and called for approval of the agenda with the amendment. CM Welte moved to approve the agenda as amended. CM Cook voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. Mayor Siglin called for approval of the minutes of the March 3, 2021 regular council meeting. CM Edwardson moved to approve the minutes as presented. CM Lambert voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously.
BILLS FOR MARCH 2021: CM Edwardson moved to approve the Town bills in the amount of
$ 88,304.22. CM Cook voiced the second and the motion carried unanimously. PUBLIC COMMENT:  Wyoming Child and Family Development representatives Heidi Wayland and Tonya Nepper presented information on the services provided by the organization to the local area and requested continued support from the Town of Lingle. Ellen Creager and Cristine Braddy, representatives of the Goshen County Library presented information on the Story Book Pathway Project. This project would increase library outreach services to Lingle. After the presentation it was agreed that Mayor Siglin, CM Cook and TS Haeffelin would investigate the possibility of installation of the Story Book Pathway in Whipple Park. Community Member Denise Jackson offered to assist with the project dependent upon installation. Goshen County Library will be contacted by the Town of Lingle once a decision is made concerning the project. LAW ENFORCEMENT: PC Andrews reported: She has completed monthly intox training; Completed a forty-hour Forensic training; She is now an autism specialist; She has investigated one suspicious incident.  
LVFD: FC Bangerter reported: Two fire and four ambulance calls in the last month; Four fire department members have attended Red Card Class; The new ambulance is finished and awaiting final payment; Fire Station #2 incurred frozen pipes and was flooded with water; a claim has been placed for the damage.
LEGAL: TA Barnes reported: Utility bill letters and garnishments have been processed and put into place and she in the process of pursuing other past due funds. ADMINISTRATIVE: C Reyes reported: Liability insurance for fiscal year 2022 has been approved; The System for Award Management registration has been renewed and activated for fiscal year 2022; The Municipal Annual Electric Report has been submitted to the WY Department of Revenue. MAINTENANCE: TS Haeffelin reported: Basic maintenance is being performed on the town vehicles; Overhead electrical lines are being moved as needed; ATS Ochsner will be attending classes in August; Setup of the new playground equipment will begin in the near future. NEW BUSINESS: CM Cook moved to approve a Malt Beverage application submitted by Cathleen Daiss. CM Welte voiced the second and the motion passed unanimously. CM Cook moved to approve a Malt Beverage Permit application submitted by Cindy Winget. CM Lambert voiced the second and the motion passed unanimously. CM Lambert moved to approve a Catering Permit application submitted by 307 Sports Bar & Grill. CM Cook voiced the second and the motion passed unanimously. The Lingle Lions Club has offered to repair, setup and take down the Nativity Scene that was donated to the Town. By Consensus, Council approved the request. Mayor Siglin proposed to Council that a retractable cover be purchased and installed on the Community Center kitchen. Cost for purchase and installation would be $8,200.00. Following discussion, it was agreed to raise the Community Center deposit to $200 and rent the Hall/Kitchen combination by half or whole days; Half day for $100.00 and whole day for $200.00. COUNCIL ITEMS:  CM Welte offered thanks to TS Haeffelin and ATS Ochsner for their efforts on snow removal after the last snow storm; CM Edwardson offered thanks to CM Lambert for his assistance with freeing vehicles stuck in the snow; CM Cook mentioned that the Corn Growers Banquet took place at the Lingle Community Center and that all prize winners were from Lingle. Mayor Siglin reviewed various bills being discussed by the Wyoming Legislature and mentioned that a legislative special session has been scheduled for later this year.
With no further action to be taken Mayor Siglin adjourned the meeting at 6:04 PM.
 Signed by Mayor George Siglin    Attested by Clerk Richard Reyes    

Public Notice No. 7776 published in the Lingle Guide on April 16, 2021.