Public Notice No. 7643



    Tuesday Nov 17, 2020
The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in regular session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the Commissioners Chambers with the following members present Chairman John Ellis, Vice Chairman Cody Cox, Pinky Walter Commissioner and Cindy Kenyon, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. This meeting is held via Zoom.  The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Walter moved to approve the agenda as amended and minutes of the last meeting, seconded and passed.
Sheriff Kory Fleenor presented the Sheriff’s report. Commissioner Walter moved to approve the earnings report in the amount of $1950.00 and the Commissary report, seconded and passed.
Deputy County Assessor Tricia Otten presented a Reduction of Taxes Orders in the amount of $524.92 and Refunds of taxes $2099.68. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the Reduction of Taxes Orders as presented, seconded and passed.

The County Clerk presented the updated warrants for approval. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the updated warrant report, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to ratify the 2020-16 Resolution in Support of the Cares Act Grant Funding Request for Software Updates for the Assessor and Attorney’s Offices, seconded and passed.
Road and Bridge Superintendent Val Hankins had submitted Resolution 2020-17 A Resolution in Support of the Purchase of a Backhoe Loader and Walk-N-Roll Packer. Commissioner Walter moved to support the Resolution as presented, seconded and passed.
County Attorney Eric Boyer presented information on the Gatekeeper contract with Peak Wellness. Commissioner Cox moved to approve a 30 day notice be issued to Peak Wellness terminating the Gatekeeper agreement, seconded and passed.
The Commission recessed for a 5 minute break.
The Commission then heard resident Mr. Rob Branham regarding masking requirements. Resident Mr. Kirk Haas also spoke regarding masking requirements.
The Commission adjourned at 9:45 am. The next regular meeting will be Tuesday Dec 1, 2020.
Residents may obtain a public comment form from the Commissioners’ webpage at The form may be submitted to the County Clerk.

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Cynthia Kenyon             John Ellis, Chairman
Goshen County Clerk     Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 7643 published in the Torrington Telegram on November 25, 2020.