Public Notice No. 7603



City of Torrington    )
County of Goshen    )
State of Wyoming    )

The Torrington City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 in the City Council Chambers at 436 East 22nd Ave. at 7:00 p.m. Present: Mayor Adams, Council Members Hill, Kinney, Law and Patterson. Also Present: Clerk/Treasurer Strecker, Attorney Eddington, Director of Public Works Harkins, Chief of Police Johnson, Building Official Estes, Water/Wastewater Supervisor Troxel and Deputy City Clerk Anaya.
Mayor Adams called the meeting to order.
Mayor Adams announced that the public who is not in attendance of the meeting can participate in the public hearing that is to follow by calling (307) 532-6925 and entering 28582248 for the participant code.
Building Official Estes led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Mayor Adams led the session with informational announcements on the following items: 1. Reminder to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and request for community assistance with final property clean-up efforts before the weather turns; 2. Legislative updates; 3. Reminder to the public to be cautious and mindful of the presence of children on the streets as schools are back in session; 4. Request for community reporting assistance with increased vandalism incidents; 5. Progress on projects within the City; 6. City tree trimming operation update; 7. COVID-19 updates and recommendations; and 8. Community Hero Award update.

Councilman Law moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the consent agenda which includes the minutes from the 09-15-20 Council meeting as published and all actions therein be ratified. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Adams requested approval to amend the agenda as follows:
•    Add Lodging Tax Board Presentation to the Information Item List.
Councilman Kinney moved and Councilwoman Hill seconded to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried unanimously.     
Sandy Hoehn with the Goshen County Lodging Tax Board gave a presentation on the renewal of the Goshen County Lodging Tax.
Attorney Eddington read a proclamation declaring October 4-10, 2020 as Fire Prevention Week. It stated that cooking is the leading cause of home fires in the United States where fire departments responded to more than 173, 200 annually between 2013 and 2017, and indicated that the City of Torrington’s first responders are dedicated to reducing the occurrence of home fires and home fire injuries through prevention and protection education. Building Official Estes spoke in support of the proclamation and reminded the public of the importance of installing and maintaining smoke alarms. Councilman Law moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the proclamation as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Sandy Hoehn with the Goshen County Chamber of Commerce requested approval of a special event permit for the annual Safety Treat Night and Trunk or Treat event to be held on 10-30-20 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Mayor Adams stated that the applicant is requesting that the special event permit fee be waived due to the request being a community event. Councilman Patterson moved and Councilwoman Hill seconded to approve the special event permit and to waive the special event permit fee as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Adams stated as a reminder that anyone wishing to address the Mayor and Council in the public hearing that is to follow can do so by calling (307) 532-6925 and entering 28582248 for the participant code.
Lisa Miller with Goshen County Economic Development (GCED) addressed the Mayor and Council. She stated that GCED is seeking the approval of a resolution of support to move forward with a Wyoming Business Council grant. Ms. Miller commented that the Business Ready Community application is for a $2, 500, 000.00 grant request to purchase the Wyoming Ethanol Facility which has sat vacant for many years. She indicated that as a part of the grant application, the City of Torrington will become the owner of the facility in order to comply with grant requirements that the facility be publicly owned. Ms. Miller stated that the City of Torrington in turn will lease the facility to Panhandle Coop. She commented that Panhandle Coop is positioned to invest an additional $1, 500, 000.00 in the facility for equipment and renovations. Ms. Miller indicated that this project will retain Panhandle Coop’s current workforce in Torrington of 18 employees and will employ an additional 5 positions initially with projections based on business to go up from there. She stated that GCED has been working with Panhandle Coop in developing their vision for Goshen County which includes turning their current operations into a regional hub in Torrington. Ms. Miller commented that details of the lease agreement will be developed between City Attorney Eddington and Panhandle Coop’s legal counsel. She indicated that without the City of Torrington’s support of this grant opportunity, Panhandle Coop’s future endeavors will be severely hindered if not redirected elsewhere. Councilwoman Hill and Councilman Law stated that the Mayor and City Council had the opportunity to discuss this particular matter in depth and ask questions at a Work Session held by the City Council on 10-05-20. Mayor Adams opened the public hearing to seek input regarding the project. He asked for public comments in favor of the project. Dennis Kelly addressed the Mayor and Council. He stated that he attended the Work Session that was held on 10-05-20 and commented that he is in favor of economic development but that he has a few questions regarding the project that need to be further clarified. Mr. Kelly asked a few questions and they were answered accordingly. Mayor Adams asked for public comments against the project. Russell Zimmer addressed the Mayor and Council. He stated that he submitted written comments in the form of a letter to Mayor Adams and requested that Mayor Adams read the written comments aloud for the record. Mayor Adams read Mr. Zimmer’s written comments aloud and the questions that were posed within the letter were answered accordingly. Vickie Zimmer addressed the Mayor and Council. She stated that she is not opposed to Panhandle Coop expanding but that being involved with this type of project in the manner that it is being proposed is a bad precedent for the City to set. The public hearing was closed.
Attorney Eddington read Resolution No. 2020-14 authorizing the submission of an application to the Business Ready Community Grant and Loan Program for the purchase of the Wyoming Ethanol Facility to aid Panhandle Coop in their expansion efforts in Torrington and Goshen County. Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Patterson seconded to approve Resolution No. 2020-14 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read by title AN ORDINANCE AMENDING AND RE-ENACTING SECTION 3.04.045. A OF THE TORRINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE, 2020 REVISIONS, RELATING TO WATER HOOK-UP FEES. Water/Wastewater Supervisor Troxel stated that the amendment removes the language within the ordinance that states that the system development fee does not apply to platted lots within the City limits. Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Law seconded to approve the ordinance on first reading as presented. Motion carried unanimously.   
Attorney Eddington read by title AN ORDINANCE AMENDING AND RE-ENACTING SECTION 3.04.022. OF THE TORRINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE, 2020 REVISIONS, RELATING TO SEWER HOOK-UP FEES. Building Official Estes stated that the amendment inserts the system development fee language that is within the water hook-up fees section into this specific section. He commented that the intent is to ensure that both sections within the code (water and sewer) are exactly the same. Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Patterson seconded to approve the ordinance on first reading as presented. Motion carried unanimously.     
The bills from 09-16-20 to 10-06-20 were presented for payment. Councilman Patterson moved and Councilwoman Hill seconded to approve the bills for payment as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Adams asked for public comments, questions or concerns.
Councilman Patterson urged the public to continue to follow the common COVID-19 recommendations (i.e., wear a mask, wash hands).
Councilwoman Hill stated that the regular flu is currently running rampant as well.
Councilman Law moved and Councilman Kinney seconded that there being no further business to come before the Mayor and Council to adjourn at 8:04 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
The following bills were approved for payment: 69291 AT&T MOBILITY cardiac monitor transmission fee 33.46;69292 BLACK HILLS ENERGY utilities-gas 1209.81;69293 MERITAIN HEALTH INC. premium-ins/life admin 36208.53;69294 CITY OF TORRINGTON c/o PINNACLE BANK health reserve non-insured employee premium/MT positions 11186.53;69295 REGIONAL CARE INC. select flex admin 82.50; 69296 TORRINGTON EMPLOYEES INSURANCE premium 88066.05;69297 WAGGONER, COLLIN deposit refund 76.71;69298 AFLAC payroll withholding 439.92;69299 CITY OF TORRINGTON payroll withholding 773.64;69300 DENT, DAVID A. Golf Pro Payable 1209.46;69301 FAMILY SUPPORT REGISTRY payroll withholding 235.97;69302 GREAT-WEST TRUST CO LLC payroll withholding 2536.00;69303 MCI A VERIZON CO long distance/911 call backs 36.31;69304 NEW YORK LIFE payroll withholding 369.37;69305 SOUTH TORRINGTON WATER & SEWER DISTRICT museum-water/sewer 244.09;69306 TORRINGTON EMPLOYEES INSURANCE select flex contributions 3600.00;69307 VERIZON WIRELESS cell phones, data-tablets/laptops/cameras 1364.05;69308 WY DEPT OF REVENUE sales tax 27236.23;69309 WOOD, JONATHAN M. deposit refund 160.37;69310 TD REAL ESTATE deposit refund 488.22;69311 TD REAL ESTATE deposit refund 137.55;69312 MCKNIGHT, MEGAN credit refund 59.84;69313 SETH BANHAM credit refund 113.04;69314 HIGH PLAINS APT deposit refund 163.23;69315 TD REAL ESTATE credit refund 107.62;69316 TORRINGTON SAGE APT deposit refund 35.50;69317 TORRINGTON SAGE APT credit refund 47.74;69318 ARROW ELECTRIC OF TORRINGTON spade connectors 103.00;69319 ALTEC INDUSTRIES INC. strap, flat, boom rest, pole sling w/ slide hook 290.87;69320 BARNES LAW LLC Court Appointed Attorney 1323.60;69321 BLOEDORN LUMBER CO-TORRINGTON bits, fence rail, reciprocating blade, treated wood, rope, anchors, vinyl tubing, metal extension pole, rug doctor rental/cleaner, outlet cover, outlet, signs 338.28;69322 BOMGAARS SUPPLY INC. garden tools, duct tape, air freshener, blade set, equipment enamel, lacquer thinner, paint brushes, microfiber cloth, clamps, filters, hose, adapter, trimmer line, watering nozzle, antifreeze, work boots, chain hoist 466.98;69323 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC. fire resistant pants/shirts, p/o coat, pole test switches, tap connectors, wire, meter bases, street lights, fiberglass crossarms, roof flashings 10687.95;69324 BUTLER'S SALVAGE & TOWING engine parts 45.00; 69325 CASELLE INC. contract support & maint 1990.00;69326 CENTURY LUMBER CENTER elbow, couplings, nipples, brass end stop, mop head, wet mops, screws, hammer bit, fasteners, hem firs, lime rust remover, ball valves, toilet seat, karcher power scrubber, paint, paint brushes, plywood, treated wood, bushing, paint roller kit, roller cover, door bells, shower spray, s hooks, rustoleum, ceramic heaters, furring strips, mesh tape, ez sand, compounds, exhaust fan, larson straight stops, teflon tape, zinc pulls/tp ln hinges, pvc cement, primer 912.93;69327 CITYSERVICEVALCON LLC jet fuel, Phillips 66 terminal maint fee 5002.74;69328 CITY OF TORRINGTON unclaimed property-apply to UB accounts 42.10;69329 CITY OF TORRINGTON c/o FIRST STATE BANK optional sales tax 84285.92;69330 ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS pagers 946.53;69331 COMMUNITY HOSPITAL ambulance supplies 216.20;69332 CONNECTING POINT copier service contracts/monthly charges 328.11;69333 CONTRACTORS MATERIALS INC. coupling, paint 136.00; 69334 COURTNEY, LELAND curb, gutter, sidewalk/ADA improvements 7688.20;69335 CULLIGAN WATER OF TORRINGTON dispenser rentals, water 109.65;69336 DBT TRANSPORTATION SERVICES LLC quarterly naviads maint 1088.06;69337 DOOLEY ENTERPRISES INC. ammunition 3335.07;69338 DPC INDUSTRIES INC. sodium hypo 2698.69;69339 NORTHERN EXPOSURE COMPUTER CENTER toner cartridges 530.00; 69340 ENERGY LABORATORIES INC. lab testing 770.00;69341 FARWEST LINE SPECIALTIES LLC wedge/ straight blades 114.75;69342 FASTENAL CO ear plugs, bleach, connectors, cable ties 155.37;69343 FEDERAL EXPRESS CORPORATION shipping to Denver-Gillette to reimb 20.67;69344 FRITZLER, LARRY & DEBORAH pump septic tanks 762.00;69345 FUEL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS interstitial sensor installation 840.84;69346 FULL SOURCE safety shirts/sweatshirts 299.01;69347 G & L CONCRETE concrete 1268.75;69348 PRO QUALITY PEST CONTROL rodent control 130.00;69349 GALLS LLC shirts/ pants, name tag 198.16;69350 GOSHEN CO ECONOMIC 1/4 cent sales tax 21071.92;69351 GOSHEN CO TREASURER IT MOU 50385.00;69352 HARRINGTON INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS unions, connectors, adapters, cement, primer 237.96;69353 THE HARTFORD Volunteer Firefighter Accident Insurance-½ City 761.97; 69354 HAWKINS INC. sodium hydrox 50% diaphragm 1657.75;69355 HOTLINE ELECTRICAL SALES & SERVICE LLC electric meters 2640.00;69356 IDEAL LINEN/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTION spray disinfectant, trash bags, towels, cleaner, algae prevention, urinal screens, toilet brushes, liners, toilet paper, bags 1550.06;69357 KATH BROADCASTING CO LLC tower rent, City Council meeting 475.00;69358 K & K COMMUNICATIONS paging service-elec meters 12.00;69359 MEL'S COUNTRY CARDS & PARTY name plate 14.00;69360 LIFEMED SAFETY INC. adult/child electrode pads 220.00;69361 LUJAN CLEANING SERVICE LLC cleaning, window cleaning 273.75;69362 MAGID GLOVE & SAFETY MANUFACTURING LLC gas detectors 191.10;69363 CHAMP'S EXTERIORS gutter 150.00;69364 MENARDS microwave 49.00; 69365 MIDWEST PLUMBING INC. snake lavatory/urinal drain 120.00;69366 MOOREHOUSE INC. install block on ladies t-box reimbursed thru donation/tournament 3000.00;69367 MUNICIPAL EMERGENCY SERVICES INC. scba testing/repair 500.00;69368 NEWEGG BUSINESS INC. radio battery replacements 720.00;69369 NEWMAN SIGNS INC. signs, return 246.25;69370 NORTHWEST PIPE FITTINGS INC. adapters, elbows, unions, purecore poly, curb box tops 559.15;69371 OLSON TIRE CO carlisle straight ribs, tire repairs, calcium pumping, patches, tires, balance, dismount/mount recaps, truck tube, stems 1597.77; 69372 ENVIRO SERVICES INC. lab analysis 60.00;69373 THE L L JOHNSON DIST CO return, paint, seat 459.86;69374 PAUL REED CONSTRUCTION & SUPPL INC. West C Street Water Rehab Project 43925.98; 69375 PITTMAN ELECTRIC LLC interior lights, switches, power for doors, ext lights 9520.00;69376 PLATTE VALLEY BANK lease payments 13538.61;69377 PORT-A-POTS BY TDS INC. stationary units 229.58;69378 POSTEN, REECE BENJAMIN ice machine filter, flush 125.86;69379 PRINT EXPRESS INC. business cards, register tickets, ups 603.11;69380 QUADIENT FINANCE USA INC. neopost postage 637.50;69381 WY AIRPORT SERVICES LLC Airport Operator Contract 1666.67;69382 WY AIRPORT SERVICES LLC air fuel 612.39;69383 ROSE BROTHERS INC. seals 35.49;69384 SAM'S CLUB/SYCHRONY BANK dishwasher pods, cups, paper plates, cleaner 140.20;69385 SCHANEMAN, LARRY exhaust pipe 17.73;69386 VALLEY MOTOR SUPPLY serpentine belt, batteries, wiper blades, air/fuel/oil/lube filters, fuel hoses, oil, timing/gasket sets, powerated belt, headlights, ignition coil, alt j mount, anti-seize compounds, terminal, male disconnect, oil absorber, offset link, cutting wheels, drill bit, winshield washer pump 2187.69;69387 1000BULBS.COM led wall pack lights 355.80;69388 SMITTY'S REPAIR SERVICE acetylene exchange 82.52;69389 SNOW CREST CHEMICALS LLC cooling water treatments, hot water closed loop contract 1397.61;69390 STANDARD INSURANCE CO premium-long term disability 2071.74;69391 QUILL LLC clorox wipes, copy paper, coffee, dusters, markers, hand sanitizer, foam soap, mesh sorter, alcohol wipes, desktop sorter, paper holder, correction tape, push pins, mouse pad, hanging folders 364.85;69392 STC CONSTRUCTION CO West C Street Project retainage 44310.00;69393 HIGH PLAINS FIRE PROTECTION sprinkler inspections 125.00; 69394 STRYKER SALES CORPORATION EMS protect maintenance agreement-cots 3435.00;69395 STUART C IRBY CO 3ph primary cabinet 2/pallet 2170.00;69396 TORRES, ANDRES hanging drywall, tape 1500.00; 69397 TORRINGTON FIRE DEPT professional services 633.33;69398 TORRINGTON OFFICE SUPPLY return, copy paper, laminated tape, binders, binder clips, receipt books, post-it flags, coffee filters, markers, ledger lamination, chairmat, calculator ribbon, card stock, memory card 452.97;69399 TRIHYDRO CORP WWTP Pre-Treat Design-professional services 11063.83;69400 U S POSTMASTER PO Box Annual Rent 120.00; 69401 UNITED STATES PLASTIC CORP pvc ball valves/sockets 458.81;69402 CENTURYLINK TVFD phone, data lines 4187.25;69403 VAN PELT FENCING CO INC. fence repair at cemetery from accident 515.74; 69404 GRAINGER disposable gloves, handheld warning flags 36.18;69405 WY ASSOC RURAL WATER member registration-annual conference 395.00;69406 OFFICE OF EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES 2020 ambulance business license 20.00;69407 WY DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION Project N853089-Torr/US 85 Realign/Enhc 2.64;69408 RESPOND FIRST AID SYSTEMS OF WY 1st aid kit supplies 123.62;69409 WY MACHINERY return, vee belt set, element assy, repair for boost leak in engine 69.30;69410 TORRINGTON TELEGRAM legals 1657.50;69411 Void;69412 STATE OF WY-DEPT OF WORKFORCE workers compensation 1743.21;69413 ZELL HEATING & COOLING LLC service call 80.00;69414 RIGGS, SHAWN deposit refund 9.58;69415 MCFARLIN, BRANDON credit refund 15.00;69416 ABSHER, JIM refund for rabies deposit 50.00;69417 ROCKWOOD, CAROLYN credit refund 11.61;69418 BLACK, KATRINA deposit refund 21.69;69419 SIMMER, JASON & KRISTEN deposit refund 59.59;69420 MILLICAN, MARJORIE A. deposit refund 64.91;69421 RAMOS, SAMUEL refund 40.37

Public Notice No. 7603 published in the Torrington Telegram on October 16, 2020.