Public Notice No. 7542



    Tuesday August 4, 2020
The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in regular session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the Commissioners Chambers with the following members present Chairman John Ellis, Vice Chairman Cody Cox and Pinky Walter Commissioner and Cindy Kenyon, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Walter moved to approve the agenda and minutes of the last meeting, seconded and passed.
Road Superintendent Val Hankins, County Surveyor, and County Planner Gary Childs presented the Road Report. County Surveyor Bob Taylor reviewed the bid for the chip seal project. Intermountain Slurry Seal was the lowest bid at $873,900. Commissioner Cox moved to award the bid to Intermountain Slurry Seal as presented. Commissioner Walter moved to allow the Road Superintendent to execute documents necessary to complete the project, seconded and passed. The County Planner recommended a do pass for the Cotton Subdivision Plat and Speckner Subdivision Plat. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the Speckner Subdivision Plat and the Cotton Subdivision Plats, seconded and passed. Commissioner Walter moved to approve the Road and Bridge report, seconded and passed. The County Planner announced the flood plain map virtual meeting as posted on his website.
County Clerk Cindy Kenyon presented the monthly earnings reports as follows: Sheriff $1680.00; Clerk of District Court $3176.70; and County Clerk $19672.00.  Commissioner Walter moved to approve the earnings reports, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to accept the Sheriff’s Commissary report, seconded and passed.  The County Clerk presented the Clerk of District Court Child Support Payment contract with the State of Wyoming allowing local collection of child support payments. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the child support program contract, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the warrants for payment, seconded and passed. The County Clerk presented the Public Health nursing and Maternal Child Health contract with the State of Wyoming. Commissioner Walter moved to approve the Public Health Nursing and Maternal Child Health contract as presented, seconded and passed.

The following warrants were approved for payment: Payroll $220,847.60; 198765 County Clerk FTD payroll liability $67,119.76; 198766 Aflac ins $61.76; 198767 Colonial Life ins $63.51; 198768 County Clerk Health Ins ins $88,273.57; 198769 Delta Dental ins $3,372.65; 198770 Dist Court Platte garnish $433.28; 198771 Great West Trust ins $3,150.00; 198772 NE Child Support garnish $476.00; 198773 VSP of Wyoming ins $559.42; 198774 Wy NCPERS ins $32.00; 198775 Wy Dept of Employment payroll liability $3,768.53; 198776 Go Co Treasurer grant exp $274.89; 198777 Fort Dearborn ins $319.70; 198779 Action Communications internet $110.00; 198780 Airgas medical $18.04; 198781 B&B Sewer Service maint $475.00; 198782 Barnes Law ct appt atty $280.00; 198783 Benchmark retainer $150.00; 198784 Benchmark road fund $5,934.33; 198785 B Law postage $58.40; 198786 Bivens Construction road fund $49,920.75; 198787 Black HIlls Energy utilities $450.51; 198788 Bloedorn supplies $12.86; 198789 Bluffs Facility Solutions supplies $527.81; 198790 Bomgaars supplies $21.00; 198791 Canon equip $299.00; 198792 Capital Business copier $404.56; 198793 Caring and Sharing grant exp $1,589.00; 198794 CashWa Dist dietary $6,085.84; 198795 CDW Government repair $1,263.96; 198796 Century Lumber repair $335.40; 198797 CenturyLink utilities $1,460.15; 198798 Charles Sylvester gravel $2,404.50; 198799 ChemTreat Inc repair $765.23; 198800 C Breedlove supplies $33.64; 198801 C Wright grant exp $88.55; 198803 CNA Surety bonds $250.00; 198804 Colby Sturgeon ct appt atty $1,120.00; 198805 Collins Communications grant exp $8,500.00; 198806 Community Hospital medical $1,971.00; 198807 Copier Connection equip $222.00; 198808 Crum Electric supplies $273.90; 198809 Culligan Water supplies $258.00; 198810 Culligan Water equip $3,053.10; 198811 C Kenyon supplies $40.98; 198812 Dana Lent ct appt atty $30.00; 198813 Dooley fuel $3,102.85; 198814 ES&S supplies $1,502.94; 198815 ESRI maint $25,000.00; 198816 EWC grant exp $747.59; 198817 Flocks Glass repair $1,574.00; 198818 Fort Dearborn Life ins $19.26; 198819 Frank Parts Co repair $22.44; 198820 Go Co Clerk grant exp $1,601.45; 198821 Go Co Sheriff misc $310.66; 198822 Go Co Treasurer rent $545.70; 198823 Go Co Treasurer grant exp $735.00; 198824 Goshen Help grant exp $1,057.00; 198825 Great American Leasing equip $315.00; 198826 Griggs Family Dental medical $297.00; 198827 Hawk Springs Fire Dept fire exp $4,597.86; 198828 H Saul grant exp $194.10; 198829 Herbert Doby pub def GAL $2,781.70; 198830 High Plains Fire Protection maint $125.00; 198831 Hometown Auto fleet repair $1,492.74; 198832 Ideal Linen janitorial $1,143.74; 198833 IPI GrammTech maint $6,305.50; 198834 J McFarlin travel $65.55; 198835 Kath Broadcasting supplies $108.00; 198836 K Beard supplies $9.95; 198837 Ken Brown ct appt atty $1,150.00; 198838 Kgos grant exp $100.00; 198839 LeadsOnline supplies $1,308.00; 198840 Lonny Luke fire exp $5,416.02; 198841 Lujan Cleaning Service maint $2,165.00; 198842 M Strong grant exp $27.89; 198843 Marion Smith retainer $100.00; 198844 Martin Marietta Materials maint $929.91; 198845 M Howe medical $27.37; 198846 Matthew Bender atty fees $593.71; 198847 Max Masters mapping $3,800.00; 198848 McKesson Medical grant exp $153.76; 198849 M Johnson grant exp $70.48; 198850 Mervin Mecklenburg ct appt atty $400.00; 198851 Metal Shop supplies $28.30; 198852 Niobrara Co Treasurer grant exp $37.12; 198853 Norma Cantu medical $797.50; 198854 Novo Benefits ins consult $3,347.50; 198855 Office Ally supplies $35.00; 198856 Olson Tire fleet repair $732.12; 198857 Onsolve misc $3,750.00; 198858 OpSec Security supplies $381.25; 198859 Panhandle Coop repair $303.26; 198860 Park Place maint $5,143.32; 198861 Pitney Bowes equip $93.09; 198862 Pitney Bowes postage $1,500.00; 198863 Power Plan repair $392.62; 198864 Print Express grant exp $174.00; 198865 Public Defenders Office rent $300.00; 198866 Quadient Leasing supplies $213.15; 198867 Rocky Mountain Reserve ins consult $75.00; 198868 Rocky Mtn Info Network dues $100.00; 198869 Russell Business Svs GASB consult $9,198.75; 198870 S Coxbill travel $120.80; 198871 Schneider Geospatial computer $4,130.00; 198872 Simply Clean supplies $159.01; 198873 Smart Start grant exp $1,850.52; 198874 Solarwinds maint $3,139.00; 198875 Spic and Span Cleaners maint $2,508.75; 198876 State Farm bonds $50.00; 198877 SynTech software $1,175.00; 198878 TY Pickett software $2,850.00; 198879 TDS utilities $203.00; 198880 The Practice After School Program grant exp $357.95; 198881 Torr Fire Dept fire exp $4,788.52; 198882 Torr Office Supply supplies $2,360.13; 198883 Torr Telegram publishing $2,301.75; 198884 City of Torr utilities $9,278.11; 198886 Tyler Tech contract $29,160.52; 198887 Union Telephone phone $73.56; 198888 Valley Motor repair $176.72; 198889 Vandel Drug medical $1,094.61; 198890 Verizon phone $1,317.78; 198891 Veteran Fire Dept fire exp $5,237.38; 198892 Visa medical $299.95 198893 Visa misc $1,261.38; 198894 West Hwy Water Sewer Dist utilities $80.00; 198895 W Newman phone $35.10; 198896 WJR Wyoming repair $884.58; 198897 Wy Dept of Health st pmt $32,915.38; 198898 WY DOT road fund $1,275.98; 198899 Wy Machinery repair $898.48; 198900 Wy Public Health Lab medical $107.00; 198901 Xerox supplies $151.54; 198902 Xesi supplies $257.52; 198903 Yoder Fire Dept fire exp $10,442.88; 198904 21ST Century repair $146.89; 198905 Copier Connection equip $19.06; 198906 Culligan Water supplies $6.50; 198907 Dana Lent ct appt atty $30.00; 198908 Ken Brown ct appt atty $110.00; 198909 Power Service repair $498.85; 198910 Wy Retirement System payroll liability $50,017.26; 198911 Transwest Ford repair $469.00; 198912 Points West supplies $205.00; Total Warrants & Payroll  $746,104.79
Grant applications were submitted for Wyoming Coronavirus Relief Funds. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the grant application for $1,080,357 and Resolution 2020-07 A Resolution Authorizing Submission of a Coronavirus Relief Grant Application to the State Loan and Investment Board on Behalf of Goshen County, Wyoming, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to approve a grant application in the amount of $115,796 and Resolution 2020-08 A Resolution Authorizing a Submission of a Coronavirus Relief Grant Application to the State Loan and Investment Board on Behalf of Goshen County, Wyoming; seconded and passed.   
Scott Riffle with the Welcome Home Wyoming program presented Resolution 2020-09 for approval. This is a program by the Cheyenne Housing Authority to assist certain borrowers with home loan down payment assistance. Commissioner Cox moved to approve Resolution 2020-09 A Resolution Consenting to the Welcome Home Wyoming Program, seconded and passed.
County Assessor Debbi Surratt presented a Memorandum of Agreement with the State of Wyoming Department of Revenue to provide a new server for her office. Commissioner Walter moved to approve the MOU as presented, seconded and passed. The County Assessor also presented all the Special District budgets and mill levy requests to the Commissioners. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the Special District Budgets and mill levy requests, seconded and passed. The budgets are available on the County Commissioners website.
County Fire Warden Bill Law presented his monthly report. Commissioner Walter moved to accept the Fire Warden’s report, seconded and passed.
Chairman Ellis presented Resolution 2020-10. Commissioner Cox read a letter of support from Senator Cheri Steinmetz. Seventeen members of the public were in attendance and stood in support of the Resolution. Chairman Ellis read the Resolution. Commissioner Walter moved to approve Resolution 2020-10 A non-binding Resolution expressing the intent of the Goshen County Board of County Commissioners regarding the propriety and efficacy of the County-level orders concerning the SARS-Cov-2 virus, seconded and passed. Residents Sharlet Duffy, Hugh Hageman, Rebecca Doby, and County Attorney Eric Boyer spoke in favor of the Resolution.
The Commission adjourned at 10:22 am. The August 18 meeting was previously cancelled due to the Election. The next regular meeting will be September 1, 2020.
Residents may obtain a public comment form from the Commissioners’ webpage at The form may be submitted to the County Clerk via email; fax 532-7375; courthouse drop box, at the meeting, or by mail. The public comment will be addressed at the end of each meeting. (approved for publication)

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    Cynthia Kenyon    John Ellis, Chairman
    Goshen County Clerk    Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 7542. published in the Torrington Telegram on August 19, 2020.