Public Notice No. 7475



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that during the public hearing of the proposed budget for the South Torrington Water and Sewer District for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021 held June 16th, 2020; the South Torrington Water and Sewer District Board of Directors adopted a 5% rate increase to become effective on August 15th, 2020.  These rates are shown in the table below.
Rates are designed to cover the District’s costs of buying and distributing water; the expenses of the collection of wastewaters and the transmitting of wastewater to the City of Torrington; funding infrastructure projects; and maintaining adequate financial reserves.  The South Torrington Water and Sewer District is a consecutive system to the City of Torrington.  The basis for the increase in rates is due to the rate increases from the City of Torrington.

Per District By-Laws, no rate change can be contested by formal hearing unless written objection thereto is submitted in writing to the Board at its mailing address at least seven (7) days prior to effective date.

Public Notice No. 7475 published in the Torrington Telegram  July 1, 2020.