Public Notice No. 7430



To: Relatives of Debra Olson Purviance, deceased:
Attorneys for Debra Olson Purviance, deceased, have unsuccessfully attempted to locate her relatives in order to contact them about important developments that could jeopardize her estate’s legal.  If you are a relative of Debra Olson Purviance, to preserve the estate’s legal rights, and possibly your own, you must immediately contact her counsel Dennis Costigan, 55 Cedar Street Suite 100, Motley Rice LLC, Providence RI 02903 , (401) 457-7700. Any person having information which may be useful in locating relatives of Debra Olson Purviance is also encouraged to call this toll-free number

Public Notice No. 7430 published in the Torrington Telegram June 5, and 12, 2020.