Public Notice No. 7196




Tuesday Sept. 3, 2019
The morning began with Judge Patrick Korell administering the Oath of Office to newly appointed County Commissioner Russell “Pinky” Walter.
The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in regular session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the Commissioners Chambers with the following members present, Chairman John Ellis, Vice Chairman Cody Cox, Commissioner Pinky Walter and Cindy Kenyon, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the agenda and minutes of the last meeting, seconded and passed.
The Road and Bridge report was accepted from Val Hankins, Bob Taylor, and Gary Childs.  The MW Hanson Subdivision final plat was presented by Bob Taylor County Surveyor and Gary Childs Secretary of the Planning Commission recommended a do pass. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the plat as presented, seconded and passed. The Baja Good Subdivision was presented by Bob Taylor and recommended to pass by the Planning Commission. Commissioner Walter moved to approve the plat as presented, seconded and passed.     Resident Pat Conway provided an update on the citizen road committee meetings. Guidelines for the committee from the Commission will be presented at their next resident committee meeting on Sept 29. Resident John Hendrickson expressed concerns about Hope Road and discussed them with Bob Taylor. Commissioner Cox moved to accept the Road and Bridge report, seconded and passed.
Maintenance Director Tony Richard reported on the background of the 35 year old existing elevator. Mr. Richard presented the contract with KONE to replace the elevator. Contingency plans will need to be in place during the time the elevator is out of service. Commissioner Walter moved to approve the contract to replace the elevator, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to accept the report from the Maintenance Director, seconded and passed.

Brandi Correa Clerk of District Court presented her monthly report and the child support services contract. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the contract with DFS from the Clerk of District Court, seconded and passed. Commissioner Walter moved to approve the Clerk of Court report, seconded and passed.
Eric Boyer County Attorney provided an update on services from his office. His office has been reviewing the process for a new youth alternatives type of service to the County. His office has also provided a public notice for input on gambling machines in the County. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the joint letter with GID addressed to the Wyoming Business Council for emergency funding for producers affected by the canal disaster, seconded and passed. Commissioner Walter moved to approve the County Attorney’s report, seconded and passed.
Lt. Wes Deen, Jail Administrator, requested an additional control clerk position for the jail. Inmate numbers are up. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the jail report. No action taken on the request for an additional employee.
Earnings reports were accepted from the Clerk of District Court $4138.18 and the County Clerk $29417.50.
The Emergency Manager and Fire Warden’s reports were accepted from Shelly Kirchhefer and Bill Law. The partial fire ban is still in effect. Emergency Manager Shelly Kirchhefer requested approval for the Wyoming Inter-County Mutual Aid Agreement and the Wyoming Homeland Security and Goshen County EMPG grant. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the Wyoming Inter-County Mutual Aid Agreement and the EMPG Homeland Security Grant Agreement, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to accept the reports, seconded and passed.
County Clerk Cindy Kenyon presented the warrant report. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the warrants for payment, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the Clerk’s report, seconded and passed. The following warrants were approved for payment:  Warrants Payroll & Direct Deposit $216,765.90; 197122 Aflac ins $43.30; 197123 Colonial Life ins $63.51; 197124 County Clerk FTD payroll liability $62,577.06; 197125 County Clerk Health Ins payroll liability $73,567.08; 197126 Dist Court Platte garnish $433.28; 197127 Great West Trust,ins $3,220.00; 197128 Wy Dept of Employment payroll liability $2,568.04; 197129 Wy NCPERS ins $32.00; 197130 Delta Dental ins $2,986.85; 197131 Fort Dearborn ins $292.06; 197132 Wy Retirement System ins $45,844.78; 197133 21ST Century repair $63.24; 197134 Action Communications internet $110.00; 197135 Action Communications radios 197136 Airgas medical $15.56; 197137 Anderson Carpet Sales repair $5,201.48; 197138 Astra Radio Comm repair $2,000.00; 197139 Barnes Law ct appt atty $695.00; 197140 Benchmark retainer $150.00; 197141 Benchmark rd projects $7,836.75; 197142 Black Hills Energy utilities $407.12; 197143 Bloedorn Lumber Co repair $225.00; 197144 Blue360 Media supplies $856.98; 197145 Bluffs Sanitary supplies $1,264.76; 197146 Bomgaars repair $33.31; 197147 Canon repair $299.00; 197148 Capital Business Systems copier $311.09; 197149 CashWa Dist dietary $11,452.58; 197150 Casper Tire repair $690.00; 197151 CDW Government equip $13,817.17; 197152 Century Lumber supplies $89.66; 197153 CenturyLink phone $1,454.12; 197154 Charles Sylvester rd projects $2,072.00; 197155 Chuck Kenyon fire suppression $1,495.00; 197156 C Breedlove supplies $58.94; 197157 C Wright supplies $87.94; 197158 CNA Surety bonds $150.00; 197159 Colby Sturgeon ct appt atty $316.40; 197160 Community Hospital medical $3,935.00; 197161 Copier Connection equip $264.04; 197162 Co Clerk Health Ins Acct ins $5,926.95; 197163 County Clerks Assoc dues $300.00; 197164 Crum Electric repair $212.70; 197165 Culligan Water supplies $145.50; 197166 C Sharp supplies $102.58; 197167 C Kenyon travel $173.90; 197168 D Hoffman grant exp $36.26; 197169 Dell equip $35,772.67; 197170 Delta Dental ins $359.05; 197171 D Duncan supplies $34.19; 197172 Dooley Oil fuel $813.72; 197173 Workers Comp grant exp $127.93; 197174 East 2 West repair $4,850.00; 197175 Economic Development svc commit $625.00; 197176 Fastenal supplies $9.86; 197177 Fort Dearborn ins $28.40; 197178 Frank Parts repair $161.80; 197179 FSU Center grant exp $300.00; 197180 Galls supplies $47.32; 197181 Go Co Attorney supplies $64.88; 197182 Go Co Clerk grant exp $1,077.45; 197183 Go Co Extension Service travel $690.00; 197184 Go Co Sheriff postage $230.00; 197185 Go Co Treasurer postage $437.78; 197186 Goshen County Treasurer rent $627.67; 197187 Go County Weed & Pest svc commit $3,448.62; 197188 Great American Leasing equip $315.00; 197189 Griggs Family Dental medical $2,448.00; 197190 H Saul grant exp $1,505.67; 197191 Hemocue supplies $366.00; 197192 Herbert Doby Pub Def GAL $2,080.00; 197193 Hometown Auto repair $915.00; 197194 Honnan Exchange repair $737.85; 197195 Ideal Linen supplies $950.77; 197196 K Beard grant exp $904.00; 197197 Ken Brown ct appt atty $140.00; 197198 Kgos grant exp $100.00; 197199 Kone Inc maint svcs $6,317.16; 197200 Law Enforcement Supply repair $344.12; 197201 Lujan Cleaning maint svcs $2,165.00; 197202 L Saucedo grant exp $60.58; 197203 M Strong grant exp $8.12; 197204 Marion Smith health officer $2,500.00; 197205 Max Masters mapping $3,800.00; 197206 M Johnson grant exp $49.88; 197207 Merck medical $3,959.26; 197208 Mervin Mecklenburg ct appt atty $720.00; 197209 Newcombs Heating & Cooling repair $808.25; 197210 Norma Cantu medical $942.50; 197211 Northern Exposure supplies $350.00; 197212 Novo Benefits ins consult $3,347.50; 197213 Office Ally supplies $35.00; 197214 Olson Tire repair $16.79; 197215 Onsolve grant exp $3,750.00; 197216 Oregon Trail Eye Center medical $359.00; 197217 Palen Law Offices ct appt atty $1,150.00; 197218 Panhandle Coop misc $76.29; 197219 Pitney Bowes supplies $59.49; 197220 Praetorian Digital training $1,232.00; 197221 Print Express supplies $315.41; 197222 ProForce repair $431.40; 197223 Regional West Medical Center autopsy $951.60; 197224 Reiman Corp rd projects $161,085.15; 197225 Rocky Mountain Reserve ins consult $75.00; 197226 Rocky Mtn Info Network dues $100.00; 197227 Rose Bros repair $10.90; 197228 R Johns fuel $99.00; 197229 Russell Business Services GASB consult $6,450.00; 197230 S Coxbill misc $509.65; 197231 Sanofi Pasteur supplies $2,828.09; 197232 Sherwin Williams repair $551.22; 197233 Simply Clean supplies $159.03; 197234 TY Pickett mapping $2,850.00; 197235 TDS utilities $203.00; 197236 The Practice After School Program grant exp $351.45; 197237 Torr Office Supply supplies $1,063.01; 197238 City of Torrington utilities $9,265.64; 197239 Transwest Ford repair $3,241.99; 197240 Union Telephone grant exp $37.07; 197241 Valley Motor repair $825.03; 197242 Vandel Drug medical $1,056.30; 197243 Verizon phone $1,463.72; 197244 Vicon repair $2,085.20; 197245 Visa misc $2,405.12; 197246 Visa misc $4,381.77; 197247 Waco travel $675.00; 197248 West Hwy Water Sewer Dist travel $80.00; 197249 Westco fuel $14,717.71; 197250 W Newman phone $27.00; 197251 WPCI training $177.50; 197252 WY DOT rd projects $25.50; 197253 Wy Law Enforcement Academy training $315.00; 197254 Wy Public Health Lab medical $162.00; 197255 Wyo Department of Health medical $85.00; 197256 Wyoming Behavioral Institute medical $6,786.00; 197257 Wyoming Department of Health medical $49.00; 197258 XLazyH rent $425.00; 197259 Xes medical $167.77; 197260 ZoHo Corp maint svcs $3,080.00; Total Warrants $793,331.69
Mike and Michelle Gentleman requested rules for their residential neighborhood which is not in City limits.
Commissioner Walter moved to appoint Commissioner Ellis as Chairman of the Commission and Commissioner Cox as Vice-Chairman, seconded and passed. The Commission also discussed a few board liaison seats. Commissioner Cox moved to have Chairman Ellis represent the Commission on the Care Center Joint Powers Board and Wyoming County Commissioner’s Association, seconded and passed.
The meeting adjourned at 11:25 pm. Departmental reports and minutes are available online at or at the County Clerk’s Office. The next regular meeting will be held Tuesday Sept. 17, 2019. Approved for publication.

Attest: _______________________________
      Cynthia Kenyon
      Goshen County Clerk
      Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 7196 published in the Torrington Telegram September 18, 2019.