Public Notice No. 7144




Tuesday July 2, 2019
The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in regular session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the District Courtroom with the following members present, Chairman Wally Wolski, Vice Chairman John Ellis, Commissioner Cody Cox, and Cindy Kenyon, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the agenda and the minutes of the last meeting, seconded and passed.
The Road and Bridge report was accepted from Val Hankins Interim Road Superintendent, Bob Taylor, and Gary Childs. Commissioner Ellis moved to award the Wiley Draw Bridge Contract upon recommendation by Bob Taylor County Surveyor, to Reiman Corp in the amount of $154,518.50, seconded and passed.
The County Surveyor also presented the MFT Subdivision and recommended approval of the plat. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the MFT Subdivision upon recommendation by the County Surveyor and Planning Commission, seconded and passed.
The Chairman allowed public comment on the subject of roads. Jack Davidson, Greg Bruegger, and Pat and Shane Conway spoke.
Commissioner Cox moved to accept the Road and Bridge report, seconded and passed.

The Clerk of Court Report was accepted from Brandi Correa. The State has requested Clerks of Court to keep jury fees held in a separate account from other Clerk of Court funds. Commissioner Ellis moved to authorize the Clerk of Court to open an account to hold jury fees, seconded and passed. The Clerk of Court also informed the Commission that Denise Hill has been appointed as her Deputy. Commissioner Ellis moved to accept the Clerk of Court report, seconded and passed.
County Attorney Eric Boyer introduced his Deputy County Attorney Jeremiah Sandburg. The County Attorney reported on pending litigation. The report will be presented in writing as part of the upcoming audit of fiscal year 18-19. The County Attorney also updated the Commission on the criminal case involving the prior Clerk of Court. Commissioner Ellis moved to approve, upon recommendation by the County Attorney, to have the Victim Witness Assistance program be administered by the County Attorney, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to accept the County Attorney’s report.   
The County Clerk’s report was accepted from Cindy Kenyon. The following items were submitted for approval. Commissioner Ellis moved to approve the warrants for payment, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to approve payment of the 19-20 yearly bills for insurance and fire suppression, seconded and passed. Commissioner Ellis moved to approve the Jail Commissary income/expense report, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the employee bonds for payment, seconded and passed. The County Clerk presented the Deed transferring ownership of Evergreen Court from the County to the Care Center Joint Powers Board. Commissioner Cox moved to approve the transfer of ownership of Evergreen Court to the Care Center Joint Powers Board, seconded and passed. Commissioner Ellis moved to approve the Earnings Reports as presented: Clerk of Court $1565.00; Sheriff $3112.00; and County Clerk $18497.00, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to accept the County Clerk’s report, seconded and passed.
The following warrants were approved for payment: Payroll $222796.78;  196831 LGLP insurance $30193.00;  196832 Cincinnati Insurance $43246.00; 196833 Wy County Commissioners Assn dues $7831.00; 196834 County Clerk Health Ins Acct emp ins $71807.57;  196835 County Clerk Health Ins Acct emp ins $5926.95;  196838 Aflac emp ins $142.10; 196839 Colonial Life Insurance emp ins $63.51; 196840 County Clerk FTD emp taxes $68922.14; 196841 Dist Court Platte garnish $433.28; 196842 Washington Natl Insurance emp ins $38.50; 196843 Wy Child Support Enforcement garnish $100.00; 196844 21ST Century repair $182.65; 196845 911 Supply uniforms $419.94; 196846 Action Comm internet $110.00; 196847 Airgas supplies $10.39; 196848 AV-Tech fire fund exp $829.80; 196849 B & B Sewer bldg mnt $475.00; 196850 Barnes Law court appt atty $977.65; 196851 Benchmarkretainer150.00; 196852 Benchmark road funds $6810.50; 196853 Bill Law fire fund exp $104.90; 196854 Black HIlls Energy utilities $639.87; 196855 Bloedorn Lumber tools $53.12; 196856 Bluffs Sanitary Supply supplies $98.94; 196857 B Correa travel $835.84; 196858 Burns Insurance bonds $300.00; 196859 Canon equipment $299.00; 196860 Capital Business equipment $311.09; 196861 Cash-Wa supplies $5939.35; 196862 CDW repair $50537.09; 196863 Century Lumber repair $364.68; 196864 CenturyLink telephone $1442.16; 196865 ChemaTox autopsy $365.00; 196866 C Wright grant exp $584.52; 196867 CNA Suretybond $100.00; 196868 Colby K Sturgeon court appt atty $1309.20; 196869 Control Solutions grant exp $616.00; 196870 Copier Connection equipment $624.49; 196871 Culligan supplies $355.00; 196872 Cynthia Kenyon travel $100.92; 196873 Dell repair $1321.21; 196874 Delta Dental emp ins $324.60; 196875 Donna Duncan supplies $359.00; 196876 East 2 West LLC repair $650.00;  196877 Economic Development service $625.00; 196878 Fastenal supplies $1.76; 196879 Ft Dearborn Life Ins emp ins $28.40; 196880 Frank Parts repair $180.00; 196881 Go Co 4-Htravel $15.00; 196882 Go Co Clerk grant exp $1077.45; 196883 Go Co Extension travel $1057.62; 196884 Go Co Road & Bridge supplies $67.55; 196885 Go Co Sheriff repair $762.68; 196886 Go Co Treasurer postage $470.82; 196887 Go Co Treasurer grant exp $627.67; 196888 Great American Leasing equipment $315.00; 196889 Health Comm grant exp $2495.00; 196890 Heather Saul grant exp $1545.69; 196891 Herbert Doby attorney $2020.00; 196892 Hometown Auto Repair repair $1012.00; 196893 Ideal Linen supplies$1062.19; 196894 J McFarlin travel $66.12; 196895 Janet Haas support contract $480.00; 196896 Jerry Post Psy. D PC medical $1275.00; 196897 Kaufman Glass vehicle $240.00; 196898 Kelly Beard void; 196899 Knudsen Law Offices May court appt atty $175.00; 196900 Laramie Co Juvenile Services Center medical $195.00; 196901 Lujan Cleaning service$2165.00; 196902 Lynette Saucedo grant exp $88.81; 196903 Mail Finance equipment $1110.00; 196904 Manon Strong grant exp $659.60; 196905 Marion Smith state payment $2500.00; 196906 Matthew Bender supplies $538.71; 196907 Max Masters mapping $3800.00; 196908 Maxey Trailer Sales grant exp $8080.00; 196909 Mc Kesson medical $479.94; 196910 M Johnson travel $831.77; 196911 Merck supplies $5043.04; 196912 Midstates Tire repair $790.00; 196913 NMC repair $24638.33; 196914 Norma S. Cantu MD medical $1160.00; 196915 Northern Exposure grant exp $1409.97; 196916 Novo Benefits consultant $3347.50; 196917 Office Ally supplies35.00; 196918 Olson Tire repair $127.50; 196919 Palen Law Offices court appt atty $830.00; 196920 Panhandle Cooprepair $174.73; 196921 Phoenix Fire Protection maint svc $225.00; 196922 Pitney Bowes equipment $311.34; 196923 Platte Valley Bank equipment $121498.30; 196924 Print Express postage $302.88; 196925 Regional West Physicians Clinic medical $576.00; 196926 Russell Business Services consultant $3817.50; 196927 RWPC Behavioral Health medical $448.54; 196928 S Coxbill training $165.75; 196929 Sanofi Pasteur supplies $734.34; 196930 Smitty’s Repair supplies $309.70; 196931 State Forestry Division Fire exp $8983.93; 196932 Steve’s Carpet Care bldg maint $2445.85; 196933 Sweeney Group bldg maint $3282.74; 196934 Syn-Tech System software $1175.00; 196935 T.D.S. utilities $203.00; 196936 Practice After School Program grant exp $357.95; 196937 Torr Ambulance medical 1700.00; 196938 Torr Office Supply supplies $15354.18; 196939 Torr Telegram void; 196940 Torrington City of utilities$7033.95; 196941 UW-Admin Business Office-Coop Extention extension salary $5135.22; 196942 Valley Motor repair $932.67; 196943 Vandel Drug medical $616.22; 196944 Vericor LLC medical $1406.00; 196945 Verizon telephone $1454.61; 196946 Victim Assistance emergency assist $303.17; 196947 Visa misc $18.92; 196948 Visa supplies $5779.14; 196949 Visa Sheriff supplies $1816.18; 196950 West Hwy Water Sewer utilities $80.00; 196951 Westco fuel $4270.00; 196952 Wy Law Enforcement Academy training $435.00; 196953 Wy Machinery repair $3749.41; 196954 Wy Public Health Lab medical $315.00; 196955 X Lazy H LLC rent425.00; 196956 Xerox equip $151.54; 196957 Xesi supplies $166.11; 196958 Kelly Beard training $5000.95; 196959 Torr Telegram void; 196960 Torr Telegram publishing $3938.24; 196961 Delta Dental emp ins $2553.60; 196962 Ft Dearborn Life Ins emp ins $293.36; 196963 Great West Trust emp ins $2295.00; 196964 Wy Dept of Employmemt workers comp $4321.26; 196965 Wy NCPERS Life Ins emp ins $48.00; 196966 Wy Retirement System $43866.09;  Total $638207.45
The Emergency Manager’s report was accepted from Shelly Kirchhefer. The Fire Warden’s report was accepted from Bill Law. The Fire warden recommended a partial fire ban effective July 9. Commissioner Cox moved to allow the Fire Warden to declare a partial fire ban effective Monday July 8, 2019, seconded and passed. Commissioner Cox moved to accept the Fire Warden and Emergency Manager reports, seconded and passed.
Resident Jim Allen presented information on franchise fees and proposed County issued business licenses.
David Walker, Chair of the Citizen Road Committee, reported on progress setting up the Committee. The Chairman stated the Committee will report directly to the Commission.
The Commission interviewed Becky Lorenz and Taren Hendricks for the Library Board. The third applicant Christine Braddy was not able to attend, but submitted a letter. Commissioner Ellis moved to appoint Becky Lorenz to the Library Board to a vacant term ending 6-30-2022, seconded and passed.
The Commission recessed at 12:00 pm for lunch and reconvened at 1:30pm for a budget workshop.
The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm. Departmental reports and minutes are available online at or at the County Clerk’s Office. The Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget hearing will be held on July 15, 2019 at 7:00 pm. The next regular meeting will be held Tuesday July 16, 2019. (approved for publication)

Attest: _______________________________
      Cynthia Kenyon
      Goshen County Clerk
      F.E. Wolski, Chairman
      Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 7144 published in the Torrington Telegram July 17, 2019.