Public Notice No. 7102D

Notice of Sale of Real Property for 2018 Delinquent Taxes



Notice of Sale of Real Property for 2018 Delinquent Taxes
The State of Wyoming        )
County of Goshen        )
July 10, 2019
County Treasurers Office
Notice is hereby given that I, Leticia Dominguez, the duly elected, qualified and acting county treasurer within and for the county and state aforesaid, will on the 17th day of July A.D. 2019 at the courthouse at Torrington in the county and state aforesaid, offer for sale the following described real estate for taxes due and unpaid.  The real estate will be sold subject to any special assessments for local or public improvements.  Said sale shall take place between the hours of 9:00AM and 4:00 PM of said day and will be continued from day to day, Saturdays and Sundays excepted, until all of said land has been sold.  
The real property to be offered at said sale, together with the taxes, penalty, interest and costs due on the same is described as follows, to-wit:


5 Star Homes Subdivision                 $     783.00
Alps, Gary                                        $  3,724.50
Arho, LLC                                         $     893.67
Carson, Darrin & Wendy                    $     237.80
Clamp, Ray M. & June Shirley             $  1,392.50
Cox, Cody Lee & Rebecca Maria          $  1,077.15
Feagler, N. Scott & Mary B.                $     187.45
Heggem, Dale Robert & Abby Mary     $  5,579.50
Hill, Randy & Denise Kay                    $     284.80
Markham, John L.
C/O Nancy Markham Troller               $  1,739.65
Haffelin, Tyler J. & Cassie L.              $     578.95
Randell, Lawrence D. & Pamela L.     $     245.75
Wilson, Richard L. & Roxanne           $     518.00

Here state in whose name assessed and describe the property.  Witness my hand the day and year first above mentioned.
Leticia Dominguez,
Goshen County Treasurer

Public Notice No. 7102 published in the Torrington Telegram June 19, and 26, and July 3, and 10, 2019.