Public Notice No. 7098

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    The Torrington City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 in the City Council Chambers at 436 East 22nd Ave. at 7:00 p.m. Present:  Mayor Adams, Council Members Hill, Kinney, Law and Mattis. Also Present:  Clerk/Treasurer Strecker, Attorney Eddington, Engineer Harkins, Chief of Police Hurd, Building Official Estes and Deputy City Clerk Anaya.
Mayor Adams called the meeting to order.
Councilman Mattis led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Adams announced that a Union Pacific Railroad representative called the City of Torrington to relay a message pertaining to layoffs at the South Morrill Yard. The representative stated that this would be the second round of layoffs at the location’s mechanical shop affecting 30 employees. Mayor Adams commented that the loss of those jobs will have an economic impact in Torrington as well as in surrounding communities.
Mayor Adams commented on the progress of various projects throughout the City. He stated that the Frontage Road Reconstruction and Water Line Replacement project was well underway, that the Friendship (Goose) Park project was nearly complete and that Cobblestone Hotel & Suites planned on having a soft opening on Friday, June 7, 2019.
Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the consent agenda which includes the minutes from the 05-21-19 Council meeting as published and all actions therein be ratified. Motion carried unanimously.       
Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Law seconded to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Adams presented for approval the following appointment to the Health Insurance Committee: Chad Hergenrader - Indefinite. Councilman Law moved and Councilman Mattis seconded to approve the Health Insurance Committee appointment as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Diane Carleton and Brian Gross requested approval of a special event permit for a Community Pot Luck to be held on August 25, 2019 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Building Official Estes stated that the event, which first took place in 2018, was a huge success and was very well attended. This second annual event will take place on Main Street between 20th and 21st Avenue on a Sunday afternoon, where there is very minimal traffic, therefore Building Official Estes recommends approval of the permit request as he foresees no issues. Vickie Zimmer, All Saints Episcopal Church congregant, addressed the Mayor and Council. She stated that the purpose of the event is to get congregants from all of the diverse churches to get together to send a message that Torrington is a community that believes in Jesus Christ. Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the special event permit as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Ezdan Fluckiger with the Bread Doctor, LLC requested approval of a special event permit for a Tour of Nebraska Bike Ride to be held on June 21, 2019 from 5:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Building Official Estes stated that Tour of Nebraska coordinators contacted Mr. Fluckiger in regards to the tour bike ride route including a pit stop at the Bread Doctor for participants to eat breakfast. The brief rest will require that the parking in front of only two businesses (The Bread Doctor and Bounce City) be blocked, street traffic will not be interrupted. Furthermore, Bounce City is not open during the proposed event date and timeframe. Building Official Estes indicated that due to those details, Mr. Fluckiger is requesting that the special event permit fee be waived. Mr. Fluckiger anticipates 100-150 bicycles to be parked within the blocked off parking spaces for only a brief period of time as the participants will only be eating a quick breakfast and then resuming back on the tour bike ride route. Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Mattis seconded to approve the special event permit and to waive the special event permit fee as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Engineer Harkins presented for approval Amendment No. 7 to the Agreement for Professional Services with Inberg-Miller Engineers (IME) for the Landfill #2 New Cell Design & Permit Renewal Project. He stated that the purpose of the amendment is to provide well monitoring, testing and state reporting, and engineering and testing services in support of closure activities of Cell #13. The proposed amendment will extend the agreement to June 30, 2020. Funding for the amendment, totaling $100,390.00, will be requested in the FY2020 Sanitation Budget. Councilman Kinney inquired if it was standard operating procedure to keep allowing amendments to professional agreements. Engineer Harkins responded that extending through amendments with the consulting engineer is pretty standard practice for the City of Torrington. Mayor Adams noted that the amendment includes services in support of closure activities of Cell #13 and asked what type of deadlines would be associated with the cell closure once the process commences. Engineer Harkins replied that there is a 30 day period that is permitted to get the initial 18 inch cover put over the top of the cell. Once that is complete, then an additional 180 days are granted to allow for the installation of the water balance cover that will lay on top of the initial 18 inch cover. Engineer Harkins indicated that the previously referenced work could be subject to an extension through the state, and if the work will be completed in-house, the extension process may be something that the City may need to take advantage of. Councilman Kinney moved and Councilwoman Hill seconded to approve Amendment No. 7 to the Agreement for Professional Services with IME as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read by title AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE APPROPRIATION OF MONEY BY THE CITY OF TORRINGTON, WYOMING, TO MEET ITS GENERAL FUND REQUIREMENTS AND OBLIGATIONS, TO MEET ITS ENTERPRISE FUND REQUIREMENTS AND OBLIGATIONS, FOR THE 2020 FISCAL YEAR COMMENCING JULY 1, 2019 AND FIXING THE SUM TO BE RAISED BY TAXATION. Clerk/Treasurer Strecker stated that the items still pending include waiting on the amount of deductible for the Property and Casualty Insurance proposal, and updating the Administrative Fee Spreadsheet and allocating to the General Fund when all of the final numbers are in place. She commented as a reminder that the third reading of the ordinance is scheduled for June 18, 2019 and that a public hearing regarding the FY20 budget will also be held at that time. Mayor Adams inquired about the combined General Fund reserve target balance of -$706,762. Clerk/Treasurer Strecker responded that the                -$706,762 balance is the deficit to meeting the target reserve. The General Fund has positive balances, but in order to meet the target reserve, the budget is just a bit short. Mayor Adams questioned if any departments made any additions or reductions to their proposed budgets since approval on first reading. Clerk/Treasurer Strecker replied that the Police Department made a few adjustments pertaining to personnel which created an increase in their budget, and an adjustment to the Gas, Oil, and Lubricants budget line item which created a decrease in their budget. Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the FY20 budget on second reading as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
The bills from 05-22-19 to 06-04-19 were presented for payment. Councilman Law moved and Councilman Mattis seconded to approve the bills for payment as presented. Motion carried unanimously.  
Mayor Adams asked for public comments, questions or concerns. None were heard.
Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Mattis seconded that there being no further business to come before the Council to adjourn at 7:20 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
The following bills were approved for payment: 65801 ADDISON CONSTRUCTION CO Cold Springs Substation-final payment/retainage 75329.05;65802 NCPERS GROUP LIFE INS payroll withholding 160.00;65803 CIRCUIT COURT OF GOSHEN CO payroll withholding 350.16;65804 CIRCUIT COURT OF GOSHEN CO payroll withholding 489.83;65805 CITY OF TORRINGTON payroll withholding 404.59;65806 DENT, DAVID A. Golf Pro Payable 617.17;65807 FAMILY SUPPORT REGISTRY payroll withholding 235.97;65808 GREAT-WEST TRUST CO LLC payroll withholding 1591.00;65809 MERIDIAN TRUST FEDERAL CREDIT UNION payroll withholding 2123.00;65810 SOUTH TORRINGTON WATER & SEWER DISTRICT museum-water/sewer 125.78;65811 STANDARD INSURANCE CO premium-long term disability 1960.61;65812 TORRINGTON EMPLOYEES INSURANCE select flex contributions 3840.41;65813 WY CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT payroll withholding 202.45;65814 WY CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT payroll withholding 262.61;65815 WY DEPT OF REVENUE sales/use tax 15214.33;65816 NEW YORK LIFE payroll withholding 369.37;65817 HURD, TIMOTHY reimb-universal metal detector 1298.99;65818 CURRY, DEBRA mileage reimb 518.52;65819 WAGGONER, COLLIN final bill-deposit return 76.71;65820 WERNER, MADISON mileage reimb 225.74;65821 BRITTON, MATHEW D. final bill-deposit return 82.40;65822 HOPKINS MECHANICAL LLC final bill-deposit return 44.51;65823 PATTERSON, MILES T. final bill-deposit return 73.13;65824 TD REAL ESTATE final bill-deposit return 83.81;65825 21ST CENTURY EQUIPMENT LLC filter element,oil filter 63.86;65826 A & C SHEET METAL bend metal 10.80; 65827 ALLWATER SUPPLY LLC connector set,sensor,valve,membrane cap 662.61;65828 ALTEC INDUSTRIES INC. corner dblr install,rear mount pedestal 28.46;65829 AMERICAN RED CROSS-HEALTH & SAFETY SERV certify lifeguard training/swim lessons 200.00;65830 BENCHMARK OF TORRINGTON P.C. Frontage Road-repl design/Water Line Replacement 19702.35;65831 BLOEDORN LUMBER CO-TORRINGTON screws,washers,poly adhesive,liquid nails,tarps,tubing cutter,conduit,cement,adapter, faucet/valve grease,mulch,rubber washers,single jack chain,s hooks,bushing,nipples,bit,boiler drain, elbows,pvc pipe,nozzle,hose end,plywood,furring strip,lumber,sealant,concrete,caulk gun,pressure regulator,connector,plastic bonder,gorilla glue,clamps 596.54;65832 BLUFFS SANITARY SUPPLY INC. liners,tuberculocidal cleaner,paper towels,toilet tissue,cleaner 772.55;65833 BROWN, KENNETH T. Court Appointed Attorney 200.00;65834 CITY OF TORRINGTON family season pool pass donation 135.00; 65835 FORCE IMAGING GROUP LLC credit card paper rolls 59.80;65836 COMMUNITY HOSPITAL ambulance supplies 150.54;65837 CROELL REDI-MIX INC. river rock,large round rock 648.00;65838 CULLIGAN WATER OF TORRINGTON water delivered,dispenser rental,salt,service call,tubing 326.00; 65839 D-LUX SCREEN PRINTING INC. recycling stickers 60.06;65840 DECKER, STEVE grass seed,herbicide, weed killer 895.00;65841 DIETZLER CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION Frontage Road Reconstruction Project 309279.99;65842 DOWL LLC Water Rehab Project-West C 4916.25;65843 EJS SUPPLY LLC main & gutter brooms/attachments 1200.38;65844 EMERGENCY MEDICAL PRODUCTS INC. medical supplies 173.28;65845 ENERGY LABORATORIES INC. lab testing 296.50;65846 FASTENAL CO batteries,earplugs, earmuff,bleach,anti-seeze lube,bolts,screws,ring terminals,safety glasses,step ladder,sharpen drill bits, anti-bacterial foam cleaner,rain suits,nuts,washers,cable ties 802.45;65847 G & L CONCRETE concrete 220.00;65848 dba ROOTX INC. root-clean sewer 919.00;65849 GOSHEN DIESEL SERVICE repair airport snow plow 230.00;65850 HOTLINE ELECTRICAL SALES & SERVICE LLC meters,erts 8800.00;65851 J - BUILT HOMES INC. Friendship (Goose) Park Project 23852.25;65852 POWERPLAN filters 431.73;65853 KATH BROADCASTING CO LLC tower rent,ad 150.00;65854 K & K COMMUNICATIONS paging service-elec meters 12.00;65855 TTI polecam systems,climate control,software 10793.00;65856 LAWSON PRODUCTS INC. gloves 42.72;65857 LAY, RANDALL wire fence,gates,hang gates 12224.00;65858 LIFEMED SAFETY INC. flexiport tube set 15.45;65859 MAILFINANCE INC. postage machine lease 406.50;65860 MIRACLE RECREATION gravity rail pivot,cap screw,bolts,washer 367.69;65861 MOOREHOUSE INC. haul dirt 1320.00;65862 NATIONAL RURAL WATER ASSOCIATION plastic warning signs 37.50;65863 NORTHWEST PIPE FITTINGS INC. compressor,clamps,adapters,purecore polly 2109.73;65864 ONE CALL OF WY tickets for CDC code TRG 190.50;65865 OTC BRANDS INC. mini plush animals,bendable toy,promo 600.07; 65866 ENVIRO SERVICES INC. lab analysis 60.00;65867 PITTMAN ELECTRIC LLC circuit installation-projector 760.00;65868 MCKEE, KAREN R. & MARTIN B. screen printing-pool,set up fee 795.88;65869 PINNACLE BANK AWWA conference,batteries,usps,pool training,travel expenses-fuel/lodging/meals, umbrella,measuring tape,car wash fees,reduced pressure assembly,home/anchor base plates,toll fees, memorial labors-meal,refund,flat free wheel,transparency film,chlorine/ test,chamois cloths,carborator, fanny packs,homeland security meeting-meal 4583.22;65870 QUILL CORPORATION sharpie paint,jump drives 50.67;65871 RAILROAD MANAGEMENT CO III. LLC land lease 1187.59;65872 RAWHIDE FENCE LLC posts-repair fence 187.14;65873 SAM’S CLUB/SYCHRONY BANK umbrella,sunscreen 307.90;65874 SAM’S CLUB/SYCHRONY BANK 65” HDR TV 449.81;65875 VALLEY MOTOR SUPPLY air/oil filters,lube,hyd adapters,quick disconnect,mini lamps,air gauge,batteries,halogen sealed beam,refrigerant,hex nut, chamois cloths,air door actuator,self-sealing valve/air conditioner adapter,headlight,door handle, tensioners,serpent belt,grease,brake chamber 2079.96;65876 VALLEY MOTOR SUPPLY filters,lube, cleaner 121.18;65877 TEAM CHEVROLET defrost dash control 74.21;65878 SWIMOUTLET.COM swimsuits,trunks,whistles,lanyards 1378.24;65879 STROMSKI, GERRY L. painting fees 1228.00;65880 STUART C IRBY CO utility boxes 282.00;65881 TIMBERLINE ELECTRIC & CONTROL CORP battery replacement 135.00;65882 TITAN MACHINERY INC. guide wheel-sweeper 5693.90;65883 TORRINGTON OFFICE SUPPLY dry erase board,erasable pens,clear tabs,binders,ink/toner/tape cartridges,receipt book, paper clips,usb cards,letters/stencils,paper,sharpie markers,chairs,laminating pouches,folder fasteners, address stamp,padded envelope,binding spines 1956.09;65884 TROXELL COMMUNICATIONS INC. in-ceiling speaker,projector,mounting hardware,switcher/hd base,hand held microphone/speakers,wall bracket 4395.00;65885 CENTURYLINK data lines 3872.51;65886 VALLEY MERCANTILE CO INC. battery 121.67;65887 VERIZON WIRELESS cell phones,data-tablets/hotspots 1321.97;65888 GRAINGER picnic tables,rubber mechanical test plug,electronic ballast,lamps 1675.74;65889 GRAINGER outdoor benches 1243.58;65890 WAGGIN’ TAILS SHELTER vending machine-pool 1000.00;65891 WINSUPPLY SCOTTSBLUFF NE CO international stop,bradley body,plunger assembly 579.43;65892 WYO-BRASKA ENTERPRISES INC. Void;65893 WY DEPT OF AGRICULTURE gas pumps,liquid measuring devices 75.00; 65894 WY DEQ - SOLID & HAZARDOUS WASTE DIV landfill-closure/post closure premium 167.20;65895 RESPOND FIRST AID SYSTEMS OF WY 1st aid kit supplies 246.75;65896 WY MACHINERY elements,filters, gasket,cylinder,cutting edge,bolt,nut 4239.92;65897 WY RETIREMENT SYSTEMS retirement 87386.14; 65898 WY DEPT OF WORKFORCE SERVICES workers compensation 21913.02;65899 WYO-BRASKA ENTERPRISES INC. sterilant,broadleaf control 7305.00

Public Notice No. 7098 published in the Torrington Telegram June 14, 2019.