Public Notice No. 7025

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The Torrington City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 in the City Council Chambers at 436 East 22nd Ave. at 7:00 p.m. Present:  Mayor Adams, Council Members Hill,  Kinney and Mattis. Also Present:  Clerk/Treasurer Strecker, Attorney Eddington, Engineer Harkins, Building Official Estes, Fire Chief Petsch, Chief of Police Hurd and Deputy City Treasurer Triplett.  Absent:  Council Member Law and Deputy City Clerk Anaya. Others present:  Janet Bass and Madelon Daniels, Co-Presidents, American Association of University Women Torrington/Wheatland Branch.
Mayor Adams called the meeting to order.
Engineer Harkins led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Mayor Adams’ correspondence included mention that with the increased interest in Hemp since the signing of the bill into law by Governor Gordon on March 6 that allows hemp production to take place in Wyoming, a Wyoming Agriculture Diversification Summit is being held in Casper April 11, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  He stated that those interested can visit the Economic Development website to register.  Mayor Adams commented on the Wyoming Community Gas Distribution check that was received in the amount of $14,086.68 for the 2018 ballot selection period.  He said Wyoming Community Gas thanked the City of Torrington for being a valued community gas member.  He explained that Wyoming Community Gas is a consortium of communities who band together to try get the best price out of the many various providers of natural gas.  He mentioned that by acting together as a group, this allows us to get a better rate.  Mayor commented that this year’s sign up period begins April 5, 2019.  Mayor Adams read a letter that was received on behalf of the Arbor Day Foundation congratulating the City of Torrington for recognition of being a 2018 Tree City USA.  He mentioned that The 2018 Tree City USA program is sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation in partnership with the United States Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters.
Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Mattis seconded to approve the consent agenda which includes the minutes from the 03-19-19 Council meeting as published and all actions therein be ratified. Motion carried unanimously.  

Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Mattis seconded to approve the agenda as amended to allow the Proclamation of Community College Month and 70 years of EWC Excellence.  Motion carried unanimously.
Chief of Police Hurd commented that the Police Department has been restructured.  Chief Hurd mentioned that because of that, several officers have earned the right to move up to the next step in their careers.  Chief Hurd said that he is so proud of the men and women who work for this agency and the job that they do on a daily basis. Chief Hurd introduced the officers with their new rank:  Master Police Officer Ringrose now Sergeant Ringrose, Police Officer Polson now Sergeant Polson; Peace Officer Ryall now Corporal Ryall, Police Officer Sandlian now Corporal Sandlian, Police Officer Kistler now Corporal Kistler.
Attorney Eddington read a proclamation declaring April 2nd, 2019 as Equal Pay Day in the City of Torrington which urges the citizens of Torrington to recognize the full value of women’s skills and significant contributions to the labor force and further encourages businesses to conduct an internal pay evaluation to ensure women are being paid fairly.  Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the proclamation as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.  
Attorney Eddington read a proclamation declaring April 2019 as Sarcoidosis Awareness Month in the City of Torrington which calls upon the citizens, medical facilities, and businesses to increase their awareness of Sarcoidosis and consider supporting research efforts to aid in finding a cure and improving treatment for this rare disease.  Sarcoidosis is knows as a rare inflammatory and/or autoimmune disease that can affect any organ in the body and causes an overreaction of the immune system, resulting in damage to the body’s own tissues.  Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Mattis seconded to approve the proclamation as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.  
Attorney Eddington read a proclamation declaring April 2019 as Community College Month and a Celebration of 70 Years of Excellence from Eastern Wyoming College and encourages all citizens to support their Community College.  Mayor Adams mentioned that the signing of the proclamation would take place at the EWC Business-After-Hours event at the CTEC building at 5:00 p.m. on April 4th.   Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Mattis seconded to approve the proclamation as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Adams presented the 2019 swimming pool rates.  Mayor Adams commented that Shaylee Mortimore will be the Swimming Pool Supervisor and Madison Werner, Assistant Swimming Pool Supervisor.  Mayor stated that Mortimore and Werner had met with him and had suggested some changes to the swimming pool rates.  The Family season pass will increase from $125.00 to $135.00; Student season pass increases from $50.00 to $60.00; K-12th grade daily admission increases from $2.00 to $2.50; adult daily admission increases from $3.25 to $3.50. The biggest change is the elimination of the slide pass.  This year, it is being proposed that the slide is open for all to use and it be included in the pool entrance cost.  Councilwoman Hill commented that the difference from the slide pass is not going to be made up by the admission passes as the new rates are not charging enough to make up the difference.  Hill questioned what the revenue was from the slide season pass alone last year.  Strecker stated the revenue from the slide pass was $6,396.00. Hill was concerned that the revenue cut would affect the wages paid to lifeguards.  Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Mattis seconded to approve the 2019 Swimming Rates as presented.  Aye, Kinney, Mattis, Adams.  Nay, Hill.  Motion carried 3-1.
City Engineer Harkins presented the Frontage Road Reconstruction project.  Engineer Harkins recommended to award the Frontage Road reconstruction project to Dietzler Construction of Yoder, Wyoming with a total bid of $1,882,470.91.  He stated the project has two main components, street reconstruction and water line replacement.  The street reconstruction will replace the existing asphalt street with new concrete street section with a gravel shoulder on the south side, and will add curb, gutter, sidewalk, and ADA ramps to the north side of the street to improve pedestrian travel. The water line replacement will replace the existing 8-inch ductile iron water main with a 10-inch PVC water main.  The Wyoming Department of Transportation has issued the City an Access Permit to construct the new/modified highway approaches.  A bid opening was held on March 27, 2019 for this project.  Dietzler Construction was the low bid for the Base Bid with Alternates 2 and 3. Harkins reported that funding for the water line replacement was included in the 2019 Budget in the amount of $400,000.  He stated that based on very favorable bids that were received on the 2019 Sewer Line Improvements project, it is proposed to reallocate $114,531.78 that was budgeted for this project and reallocate $34,000 that was budgeted for the City Shop Detention Pond Repair to cover the additional $148,531.78 cost. Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the sealed bid – Frontage Road Reconstruction Project as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.
Project Manager Mark Weis presented the Sewer Line Improvements project.  Weis recommended to award the 2019 – Sewer Line Improvements to Instituform Technologies, LLC of Chesterfield, Missouri for a total amount of $403,038.57 and reserve $40,303.86 (10%) for contingency, for a project total of $443,342.43. He reported that the project consists of the placement of 7,945 LF of Cure-in Place Pipe (CIPP), the rehabilitation of 236.63 VF of brick manholes and the removal and replacement of two manholes. Bid opening for the project was held on March 20, 2019.  He reported that the funding for the project was established in the 2019 Fiscal Year Budget in the amount of $655,000.00.  Councilman Kinney moved and Councilwoman Hill seconded to approve the sealed bid – 2019 – Sewer Line Improvements as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington presented the Sale/Purchase Agreement between Allen A. & Betty J. Miller (seller) and the City of Torrington (purchaser). He stated that this is the second of three small portions we are obtaining for safety clearance at the airport.  We have reached this agreement with the Millers’ a couple weeks ago subject to council approval and have signed deeds.  We are exchanging .24 acres (more or less) of Torrington Airport Land for 0.34 Acres (more or less) and giving them an additional $400.00 to clean up this property and obtain what is needed for the FFA clearance on runways.  Councilwoman Hill and Councilman Mattis seconded to approve the Sale/Purchase Agreement as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.
Building Official Estes presented information relating to prohibited engine noise in the City of Torrington.  Councilman Mattis questioned how these changes would be enforced.  Attorney Eddington responded that there are three ways in which this would be enforced.  One being the complainant who personally observes and calls an officer who will then come in and testify. Second, an officer who personally observes.  Third, a decimal reading.  Attorney Eddington read by title AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 10.40 OF THE TORRINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE, 2019 REVISIONS, BY CREATING SECTIONS 10.40.100, 10.40.105 AND 10.40.110 RELATING TO PROHIBITED ENGINE NOISE IN THE CITY OF TORRINGTON, WYOMING. Councilman Mattis and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the ordinance on first reading as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read by title AN ORDINANCE CREATING AND ENACTING SECTION 10.04.015 RELATING TO MOTOR VEHICLES AND DRIVER’S LICENSES AND THE ADOPTION OF STATE STATUTE BY REFERENCE AND REPEALING ORDINANCES THAT ARE REDUNDANT OR REPETITIVE. Councilwoman Hill and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the ordinance on second reading as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.
The bills from 03-20-19 to 04-02-19 were presented for payment. Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Mattis seconded to approve the bills for payment as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Councilman Kinney moved and Councilwoman Hill seconded to adjourn to executive session to discuss litigation.  Motion carried unanimously.
Councilman Mattis moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to return the Council to regular session.  Motion carried unanimously.
Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Mattis seconded that there being no further business to come before the Council to adjourn at 8:15 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
The following bills were approved for payment: 65290 WY CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT PAYROLL WITHHOLDING 262.61; 65291 BLACK HILLS ENERGY gas service - 2 pioneer park st 6,595.16; 65292 MERITAIN HEALTH INC 4/19 premium 33,978.37; 65293 CITY OF TORRINGTON c/o PINNACLE BANK 4/19 health reserve non-insured employer premium 6,718.04; 65294 REGIONAL CARE INC 4/19 select flex admin 88.00; 65295 SOUTH TORRINGTON WATER & SEWER DISTRICT 3/19 water & sewer-Homesteader’s Museum 65.98; 65296 STANDARD INSURANCE CO 4/2019 Premium-long term disability 2,063.75; 65297 TORRINGTON EMPLOYEES INSURANCE 4/19 premium 91,100.04; 65298 TORRINGTON EMPLOYEES INSURANCE 3/19 Select Flex Contributions 2,576.94; 65299 WY DEPT OF REVENUE 2/2019 sales & use tax 21,950.98; 65300 WY RETIREMENT SYSTEMS 03/19 Vol EMT Pension 60.00; 65301 HILL,  ELIZABETH final bill deposit return 129.88; 65302 ILG,  DANIEL final bill credit return 151.49; 65303 FITZWATER,  CARLOS refund report amount 15.00; 65304 MILLER,  ALLEN A. & BETTY J. purchase land for airport 400.00; 65305 ARD, DARRELL L final bill deposit return 109.94; 65306 HORT, CLAY final bill deposit return 19.21; 65307 LA FRENIERE  KIMBERLY final bill deposit return 13.52; 65308 DOMINGUEZ,  NATHANIAL L final bill deposit return 27.62; 65309 JOHNSON,  CODY L final bill deposit return 221.51; 65310 CARLIN,  RYANE J final bill deposit return 7.65; 65311 BELL PARK TOWER final bill deposit return 25.66; 65312 TORRINGTON SAGE APT final bill credit return 20.00; 65313 ALLDATA repair series/auto info system (annual subscription) 1,500.00; 65314 ARROW INTERNATIONAL  INC. ambulance supplies freight 1,115.50; 65315 AUTO TRUCK GROUP  LLC rubber cutting edge/snow plow, freight 247.33; 65316 BACKFLOW PREVENTION SUPPLY INC backflow preventer, freight 720.70; 65317 BARDELL, BRANDEN rebuild dumpster bins-welding 416.67; 65318 BENCHMARK OF TORRINGTON  P.C., staking East D right turn lane 9,602.39; 65319 BLOEDORN LUMBER CO-TORRINGTON 2 pack door pull 247.21; 65320 BLUFFS SANITARY SUPPLY INC 1 case-wax paper liner 1,150.37; 65321 BOMGAARS SUPPLY INC 5-quick links 271.37; 65322 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES, INC 10-2”roof flashing 5,524.26; 65323 CENTURY LUMBER CENTER 100 ft cotton clothesline 163.37; 65324 CITYSERVICEVALCON LLC 2/19 Phillipps 66 terminal maintenance fee 16.00; 65325 CITY OF TORRINGTON airport overcharge-refund customer 89.64; 65326 COLLINS CONTROL & ELECTRIC, INC. install wiring at TVFD station 1,339.63; 65327 CONTRACTORS MATERIALS, INC 4-lenses wipes 400.76; 65328 CULLIGAN WATER OF TORRINGTON salt 50#x2-pick up 381.50; 65329 DANA KEPNER CO, INC 30-1” 1 gallon water meters 5,490.00; 65330 DBT TRANSPORTATION SERVICES, LLC April 1-June 30 2019 quarterly beacon maintenance 1,088.06; 65331 DECKER, STEVE 29.59 tons cold mix road patch 7,149.92; 65332 DOOLEY OIL INC. 1 case-20w50 av oil, 1 case-15/50 aeroshell 125.37; 65333 EMERGENCY MEDICAL PRODUCTS  INC stop bleed kit 1,070.40; 65334 ENERGY LABORATORIES, INC. lab testing/WY0020231-outfall 001* 104.00; 65335 FEDERAL EXPRESS CORPORATION ship-electric JPB -Gillette will reimburse 28.67; 65336 G & L CONCRETE 4 yard 6sk-22nd/E H St 1,040.00; 65337 GOSHEN CO TREASURER repairs & unified expenses 49,221.25; 65338 GOSHEN CO VICTIM’S ASSIST 2019 ANNUAL CONTRIBUTION 1,000.00; 65339 GOSHEN DIESEL SERVICE safety valve  81.00; 65340 GUARDIAN SAFTEY & SUPPLY LLC 1dozen gloves; 14-safety glasses 96.05; 65341 HARDY AVIATION INSURANCE 3/26/19-3/26/20 aircraft insurance binder 1,720.00; 65342 HERIAN,  JAKOB J. rebuild dumpster bins-welding 416.66; 65343 HONSTEIN,  JEFF 16 hours snow removal 1,600.00; 65344 HUB INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN STATES LIMITE endorsement adding 2018 ford ambulance 606.00; 65345 INBERG-MILLER ENGINEERS 16872 LF new cell design & permit renewal -less retainage 9,068.91; 65346 J - BUILT HOMES  INC East D/Hwy26 right turn lane 26,732.97; 65347 J HARLEN CO. INC 2-replacement face shields, 2-safety gloves, ship, 168.56; 65348 JAMES A EDDINGTON  PC 3/2019 extended hours for attorney 90.00; 65349 POWERPLAN 4-backhoe rubber pads/stabilizer feet 3,037.89; 65350 KELLY, RYAN reimburse CDL fee 40.00; 65351 MBKEM ENTERPRISE repair baler door-reattach spring, mileage 442.66; 65352 LEO RILEY & CO. AUDIT FY 2018/progress billing 15,800.00; 65353 NEOFUNDS by NEOPOST neopost postage - water 637.10; 65354 MCCRAINIE, BRENDA reimburse-mileage 300miles/training 174.00; 65355 BLUE LINE CUSTOM VINYLS TPD vehicle upfit-siren amp/speaker radio bumper lights 625.00; 65356 MECKLENBURG, MERVIN court appointed 370.00; 65357 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC. April 2019 service contract 5,109.03; 65358 NATIONAL ASSOC. OF SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFIC basic school resource off training 495.00; 65359 NORTHEAST COMMUNITY COLLEGE 9-CPR cards 153.00; 65360 OFFICE OF STATE LANDS & INVEST DWSRF 40-4/2019 P&I payments 19,820.31; 65361 ENVIRO SERVICES INC lab analysis/outfall 001-e.coli test 180.00; 65362 PANHANDLE GEOTECH & ENVIRO INC E D/hwy26 concrete test pickup cylinders, cylinder breaks 306.00; 65363 PAUL REED CONSTRUCTION & SUPPL INC drainage filtration fabric 300.00; 65364 PLASCO ID HOLDINGS  LLC 50 pvc id cards-26 bit-programmed 189.00; 65365 PLATTE VALLEY BANK 3/19 lease purchase payment-police cars & ambulance xtr princ/amb 19,953.61; 65366 PRINT EXPRESS INC UPS- water sample 1,696.05; 65367 R & R PRODUCTS INC 10# trimmer line, freight 338.10; 65368 ROSE BROTHERS INC alternator ship 431.47; 65369 SAM’S CLUB/SYCHRONY BANK copy paper, paper towels, air freshener, scub pads 371.28; 65370 SCHANEMAN, LARRY repair right wheel bearing 915.39; 65371 VALLEY MOTOR SUPPLY 40-red grease 1,242.96; 65372 TEAM CHEVROLET module kit for jet rodder 357.31; 65373 EASTERN WY EYE CLINIC safety glasses- 426.69; 65374 SMITTY’S REPAIR SERVICE k co2 exchange - returned - city shop 32.62; 65375 SNELL SERVICES INC. check heat pump #5-labor belt 480.00; 65376 STARR TOOLS vehicle scanner 549.01; 65377 SZYMANSKI,  DANIEL JAMES airport operator contract 1.562.50; 65378 SZYMANSKI, DANIEL JAMES air fuel 3277.0 @.20 655.40; 65379 TIMBERLINE ELECTRIC & CONTROL CORP replace AB150hp drive labor fuses 18,058.00; 65380 TIP TOP TREE SERVICE tree removal East M & Lupine park 2,550.00; 65381 TORRINGTON FIRE DEPT 1/2 2019 banquet reimbursed 2,062.25; 65382 TORRINGTON OFFICE SUPPLY letter size file box 2 457.30; 65383 CENTURYLINK data line/ WY child 1,307.78; 65384 VALLEY COLLISION repair/refinish ambulance 2,500.00; 65385 VALLEY MERCANTILE CO INC 2-fuel filters 431.35; 65386 VERIZON WIRELESS cell phones - facility maintenance 1,381.47; 65387 W J R  INC. wire repair @ airport 335.33; 65388 GRAINGER 12 pack US Classroom size flags 214.38; 65389 PRO OVERHEAD DOOR CO INC installed new overhead door/remotes 1,956.00; 65390 WILKER, BLAINE rebuild dumpster bins-welding 416.66; 65391 WY ASSOC RURAL WATER member registration/2019 spring training-Troxel, T. 395.00; 65392 RESPOND FIRST AID SYSTEMS OF WY 1st aid kit supplies / shop 119.08; 65393 WY MACHINERY cylinder pin 1,059.51; 65394 TORRINGTON TELEGRAM annual subscription-city hall 239.97; 65395 WY RETIREMENT SYSTEMS 3/19 retirement 882 law enforcement 60.474.79; 65396 WY DEPT OF WORKFORCE SERVICES 3/19 workers compensation 14,628.85; 65397 RADFORD, REO reimburse for water purchase 71.76; 65398 ADDISON CONSTRUCTION CO Cold Springs-structure steel/material 24,669.00; 65399 NCPERS GROUP LIFE INS payroll withholding 160.00; 65400 CIRCUIT COURT OF GOSHEN CO payroll withholding 370.02; 65401 CIRCUIT COURT OF GOSHEN CO payroll  withholding 352.23; 65402 CITY OF TORRINGTON payroll withholding-phone data/Powell, john 1,444.98; 65403 DENT,  DAVID A. golf pro payable 120.64; 65404 FAMILY SUPPORT REGISTRY PAYROLL WITHHOLDING 235.97; 65405 GREAT-WEST TRUST CO  LLC payroll withholding-plan 1,591.00; 65406 MERIDIAN TRUST FEDERAL CREDIT UNION PAYROLL WITHHOLDING 2 123.00; 65407 NEW YORK LIFE payroll withholding 389.37; 65408 WASHINGTON NATIONAL INSURANCE CO PAYROLL WITHHOLDING 32.70; 65409 WY CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT PAYROLL WITHHOLDING 202.45; 65410 WY CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT PAYROLL WITHHOLDING 262.61.

Public Notice No. 7025 published in the Torrington Telegram April 12, 2019.