Public Notice No. 6948

City of Torrington ) County of Goshen ) State of Wyoming )



City of Torrington    )
County of Goshen    )
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The Torrington City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 in the City Council Chambers at 436 East 22nd Ave. at 7:00 p.m. Present:  Mayor Adams, Council Members Hill, Kinney and Law. Also Present:  Clerk/Treasurer Strecker, Attorney Eddington, Engineer Harkins, Chief of Police Hurd, Building Official Estes, Deputy City Treasurer Triplett and Deputy City Clerk Anaya.
Mayor Adams called the meeting to order.
Dennis Kelly led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Adams announced as a reminder that the City of Torrington is seeking to fill the vacant seat on the City Council. All interested candidates who are registered voters and reside within City limits may submit a Resume and a Letter of Interest describing why they wish to fill the vacant City Council seat to the City of Torrington on or before January 31, 2019. The governing body anticipates making a decision via a majority vote of all remaining elected officials at the February 19, 2019 City Council meeting.
Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the consent agenda which includes the minutes from the 01-02-19 Council meeting as published and all actions therein be ratified. Motion carried unanimously.   
Councilman Law moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read by title AN ORDINANCE AMENDING AND RE-ENACTING SECTION 18.04.060 OF THE TORRINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE, 2019 REVISIONS, RELATING TO THE CITY OF TORRINGTON, WYOMING, AMENDING THE ZONING DISTRICT MAP BY ESTABLISHING “R-3” ZONING FOR A TRACT OF LAND. Mayor Adams indicated that the ordinance establishes residential zoning for the property located at 2825 West C Street, the former location for Deluxe Body Shop. Building Official Estes commented staff recommends approval and he has received no public comment. Councilman Law moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve Ordinance No. 1209 as presented on third reading. Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read by title AN ORDINANCE AMENDING AND RE-ENACTING SECTIONS 5.12.070. A. AND B. OF THE TORRINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE, 2019 REVISIONS, RELATING TO LIQUOR LICENSES. He stated that the ordinance involves an amendment to be consistent with Wyoming Statute 12-4-412(b)(iii) in order to allow the dual holding of a microbrewery permit and a retail liquor license. Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Law seconded to approve the ordinance on second reading as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read by title AN ORDINANCE AMENDING AND RE-ENACTING SECTION 5.50.010. C. OF THE TORRINGTON MUNICIPAL CODE, 2019 REVISIONS, RELATING TO DEFINITIONS AND TERMS. He commented that the proposed amendment is in reference to the existing telecommunications franchise ordinance. The meaning of “local loop” was modified by eliminating the term wireless from the definition at the request of Visionary Communications, Inc. Attorney Eddington indicated that there was some confusion in regards to the definition change in terms of what the City would be allowed to regulate moving forward if the term wireless were to be completely removed. He stated that the modification of the definition would not inhibit the City from being able to charge a franchise fee for wireless use in the future. The problem with the term wireless is accurately defining it and implementing a suitable tracking procedure for that specific type of customer. He commented that he has researched the dilemma on several occasions but is still unable to come up with the appropriate solution. Attorney Eddington indicated that the amendment to the definition is strictly a method of complying with the request from Visionary as they have a service located within City limits now and are willing to pay a franchise fee for their hardwire and for the use of the City’s right-of-ways. He stated that a wireless customer could potentially be someone driving through the area and the difficulty with that is distinguishing the boundaries between County and City limits. Councilman Law inquired if staff would be delving further into resolving the confusion that was mentioned. Attorney Eddington confirmed yes, staff will further investigate and propose changes if necessary with future ordinance readings. Councilman Law moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the ordinance on first reading as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Katharine Legerski with Scotts Hi-Way Bar requested approval of a catering permit for an Eastern Wyoming College (EWC) Foundation Christmas Party/Gathering Event that was held at 3200 West C Street (EWC Agricultural Building) on January 11, 2019 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Deputy City Clerk Anaya stated that a catering permit request was submitted to the County in error as it should have been submitted to the City being that the location where the event was scheduled to be held is in City limits. She indicated that the requested approval is a formality to ratify the catering permit that was approved by the Mayor and Council via e-mail on 01-10-19. Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Law seconded to approve the catering permit that was approved via e-mail on 01-10-19. Motion carried unanimously.
The bills from 01-03-19 to 01-15-19 were presented for payment. Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the bills for payment as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Doug Mercer inquired what process should be followed by the citizens of the City of Torrington to question specific bills being presented for payment. Mayor Adams indicated that prior to the adjourning of any regular Council meeting, he will ask for public comments, questions or concerns and stated that that will be the allotted time for questions from citizens regarding bills.
Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Law seconded to adjourn to executive session to discuss personnel. Motion carried unanimously.
Councilman Law moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to return the Council to regular session. Motion carried unanimously.
Councilwoman Hill moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the Airport Manager Assistant position as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Councilman Kinney moved and Councilwoman Hill seconded that there being no further business to come before the Council to adjourn at 7:35 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
The following bills were approved for payment: 64715 JIRDON-WY LTD land purchase 2630.00; 64716 CIRCUIT COURT OF GOSHEN CO payroll withholding 355.95;64717 CITY OF TORRINGTON payroll withholding 1351.48;64718 CITY OF TORRINGTON c/o FIRST STATE BANK optional sales tax 85982.35; 64719 DENT, DAVID A. Golf Pro Payable 43.07;64720 FAMILY SUPPORT REGISTRY payroll withholding 235.97;64721 GOSHEN CO ECONOMIC 1/4 cent sales tax 21495.87;64722 GREAT-WEST TRUST CO LLC payroll withholding 1516.00;64723 MERIDIAN TRUST FEDERAL CREDIT UNION payroll withholding 2023.00;64724 NEW YORK LIFE payroll withholding 359.37;64725 REGIONAL CARE INC. select flex admin 19.00;64726 TOUCHTONE COMMUNICATIONS INC. long distance 57.60;64727 WASHINGTON NATIONAL INSURANCE CO payroll withholding 32.70;64728 WY CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT payroll withholding 202.45;64729 WY CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT payroll withholding 262.61;64730 ANDERSON, DAVID final bill-credit/ deposit return 125.22;64731 JOHNER, NICKOLAS final bill-deposit return 86.29;64732 URDIALES, TIA M. final bill-deposit return 37.12;64733 TORRINGTON SAGE APT final bill-deposit return 49.91;64734 BENNETT, RONI final bill-credit return 94.68;64735 ESTES, RHONDA reimb-1099 tax forms/ envelopes 136.90;64736 BROBERG, KYLE & MARYELLA deposit return 97.00;64737 PRADO, THERESA refund duplicate payment/fees 110.64;64738 HARMER JR., LARRY final bill-deposit return 186.85;64739 HOLCOMB, MATTHEW & ERIN final bill-deposit return 114.37;64740 ARROW ELECTRIC OF TORRINGTON disconnect,reconnect,check rotation 100.00;64741 ACTION COMMUNICATIONS INC. light bar,battery 435.00;64742 ARIZONA MACHINERY gator relay 31.82;64743 ATCO INTERNATIONAL air fresheners- dumpsters 626.00;64744 NATIONAL METER & AUTOMATION integral connectors,antenna ports 19361.26;64745 BANKER’S BANK OF THE WEST INC. lease purchase payments 65565.26;64746 BENCHMARK OF TORRINGTON P.C. boundary/construction staking 876.00;64747 BLUE TARP FINANCIAL INC. ceiling fans 55.96;64748 iPROMOTEu reflective numbers,letters,auto plate 317.37;64749 BOUND TREE MEDICAL c-pap set ups 292.35;64750 CANON FINANCIAL SERVICES INC. copier contracts 839.00; 64751 CASELLE INC. contract support/maint 1990.00;64752 CENTRAL STATES WIRE PRODUCTS INC. baling wire carriers 8661.94;64753 CENTURY LUMBER CENTER brass drain cock,grout sealer,connectors, handy box covers,tubing cutter,plywood,adapter,elbow,sharkbite deburring tool,poly sprayer,wood stain,screws,picture wire,drop cloths,pine,tile/grout brush,saddle threshold,restroom plate,brass metal plate,paper holders,wood bleach concentrate,mini wire brush set,crystal drano,anti-skid coating,led bulbs,plungers,scissors,glue sticks,waste basket,stainless steel cleaner,keyed locks,mop,extension cord 682.14;64754 CITY OF TORRINGTON usps,recording fees 47.49;64755 CONNECTING POINT copier service contracts/monthly charges 372.44;64756 CONTRACTORS MATERIALS INC. dust masks 57.00;64757 CRESCENT ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO led shop light 139.07;64758 CULLIGAN WATER OF TORRINGTON water delivered/pickup,dispenser rental 116.60;64759 DANA KEPNER CO INC. mud plugs-valve boxes 140.00; 64760 DBT TRANSPORTATION SERVICES LLC quarterly aviation beacon maint 1088.06;64761 DIVERSIFIED SERVICES INC. recycle crew,cleaning visits 3954.00;64762 HERSTEAD MONUMENT CO reset stones 500.00;64763 NORTHERN EXPOSURE COMPUTER CENTER sd card 29.99;64764 ENERGY LABORATORIES INC. lab test 120.00;64765 FALES ENTERPRISES refrigerator evaluation/repair 99.95; 64766 FEDERAL FLAGS LLC flag pole 1011.80;64767 FRITZLER, LARRY & DEBORAH pump septic tanks 306.00;64768 PRO QUALITY PEST CONTROL rodent control 130.00;64769 GOSHEN CO ECONOMIC monthly contribution 2500.00;64770 GREATAMERICA FINANCIAL SERVICES CORP copier leases 448.00; 64771 USABLUEBOOK chlorine tests 217.00;64772 HEARTLAND EMBROIDERY embroidery work 8.75; 64773 HUB INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN STATES LIMITED endorsement-adding modular office 47.00; 64774 IDEAL LINEN SUPPLY mats,scrapers,sam dust/energy fees,garments,sam garment fees,sam linen, mops,towels,toilet tissue,rags,urinal screen deodorizer 1021.10;64775 INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTORS washers 12.15;64776 INTERNATIONAL ASSOC OF annual IACP net service access 525.00;64777 I.T.C. uniform clothing 533.64;64778 JAMES A EDDINGTON PC City Attorney extended hours 120.00;64779 JAMES A EDDINGTON PC City Attorney 6666.00;64780 KATH BROADCASTING CO LLC tower rent,ads 156.00;64781 MBKEM ENTERPRISE commercial overhead door,travel 1380.00;64782 K & K COMMUNICATIONS paging service-elec meters 12.00;64783 MEL’S COUNTRY CARDS & PARTY engraving name plates,lettering 75.58;64784 FRANK PARTS CO seals,oil filters,lights 158.21;64785 LIFEMED SAFETY INC. heartsync adult/child electrode pads 220.00;64786 LUJAN CLEANING SERVICE LLC cleaning,window cleaning 237.00;64787 M.C. SCHAFF & ASSOCIATES INC. Airport Taxiway Relocation 53699.74;64788 THE METAL SHOP flat iron 31.00;64789 MIDWEST PLUMBING INC. run new 1” gas line-recycle center 1000.00;64790 MURPHY, KRAIG mileage reimb 346.62;64791 MUNICIPAL ENERGY AGENCY OF NE wholesale power,monthly rita installment 569600.44;64792 NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL National Safety Council 2019 Membership 495.00;64793 NATHANIEL S HIBBEN P.C. Municipal Court Judge 2000.00; 64794 NE SAFETY AND FIRE EQUIPMENT INC. batteries,fire alarm/extinguisher inspections,range hood extinguisher inspection,link,cart 778.00;64795 OLSON TIRE CO tire repairs,tire,rad patch,jack sweeper rear,stem valve,discard radial 495.50;64796 ONE CALL OF WY tickets for CDC code TRG 35.25;64797 PANHANDLE COOP refreshments-meetings,oil,indol/iso,propane,tank rent 1706.14;64798 ENVIRO SERVICES INC. lab analysis 90.00;64799 PETERBILT OF WY v ribbed belt,air filters 252.72;64800 PETERSON, VICKY windshield repair 35.00;64801 PLATTE VALLEY BANK lease purchase payments 13538.61;64802 PINNACLE BANK meals-meeting/fire call,office chairs,Christmas lights,safety training discs,cleaner,faucet repair,envelopes,usb adapters,rechargeable flashlight battery pack,travel expenses- meals/lodging/transportation/deposit fees/parking fees/bag check fees,fuel,refreshments 3719.02; 64803 SPECTRUM ENGINEERING RESOURCES Cold Springs substation construction,main distribution line-management/inspection 4207.50;64804 VANDEL DRUG sdhc card 34.99;64805 SAM’S CLUB/ SYCHRONY BANK dust off cans,paper plates 58.36;64806 SMITTY’S REPAIR SERVICE slotted nuts 11.84; 64807 STEVE’S CARPET CARE PLUS carpet cleaning 275.00;64808 STUART C IRBY CO wildlife guards 168.00;64809 SUEZ WTS USA INC. monthly chemical management 7748.79;64810 SZYMANSKI, DANIEL JAMES Airport Operator Contract 1562.50;64811 TORRINGTON FIRE DEPT professional services 800.00; 64812 U S POSTMASTER credit-postage 850.00;64813 CENTURYLINK TVFD phone/data line 288.53; 64814 CENTURYLINK annual maint contract 5199.96;64815 UPSIDE INNOVATIONS LLC step riser 1043.00;64816 VERIZON WIRELESS TVFD cell phones 96.28;64817 PRO OVERHEAD DOOR CO INC. airport door-repl torsion cables,lube,door,tested unit 435.95;64818 WEST WINDS TREE SERVICE tree trimming 15468.75;64819 WESTERN COOPERATIVE CO oil,dyed diesel 6209.15;64820 WY ASSOC OF MUNICIPALITIES 2019 WAM Winter Conference 225.00;64821 WY DEPT OF AGRICULTURE license application-landfill large cap scales 25.00;64822 WY ENGINEERING SOCIETY 2019 Membership Dues 60.00;64823 WGGA 2019 WGGA Conference 1000.00;64824 TORRINGTON TELEGRAM ads,legals 2001.15;64825 WYRULEC CO Landfill Electric 554.40;64826 BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD reimb overpayment 1055.40;64827 TURNER, DOROTHY final bill-deposit return 118.42

Public Notice No. 6948 published in the Torrington Telegram January 25, 2019.