Psalm 109:26


The sun is out, the wind is not blowing, and Greg is excited. He doesn’t get overly excited too much of the time, so when he does I pay attention. He called on the cell and told me to get the grass tetany box and bring it. We have a cow down. Two things you need to know, there is no grass out there it is all under the snow. Grass tetany is a deficiency that usually effects heavy milking cows when the grass is first coming in the spring. The grass is deficient in some of the “good things” cattle need and it causes them to go down with seizure activity. Second thing you need to know is that stress can do the same thing to a cow, even though they haven’t calved, it is a deficiency that causes the same symptoms as in the spring. Bottom line, if you don’t get the medicine in them, plain and simple they die.

The cow was seizing as we got to her. This medicine has to be put in by IV and to hit a vein on a seizing cow while standing on ice is a true miracle, and God provided that miracle for us. Greg was able to hit the vein on the first try. We were able to quickly get the two bottles of medicine in her. She finally laid up, dazed and not out of the woods yet but the first hurdle has been crossed. We followed with antibiotics and a mouthful of salt, all the while praying that God would heal her. 

It came to me after my heart finally slowed down that it is amazing that this type of thing happens after the storm. You would think it would crop up during the bad of the bad, during the worst of the worst. The weather has been relentless on these old girls this year. They have laid on, walked on, lived with snow and ice for a great long time. They are tired, and 310’s body says I’ve had it.

Some of you have had it too. You have been going through an adventure that has left you exhausted and weak. It is difficult to put one foot in front of the other. The adventure might be over, and the sun is starting to shine again, but you are simply tired. My prayer standing in the pasture was anything but eloquent. I simply uttered, “God help us”, nothing fancy, just the cry of my heart. I guarantee you, He will hear the cry of yours as well. 

As Greg and I came along side 310, my prayer is that we will be diligent to keep our eyes open to see those who need an infusion of God’s love. It might involve a hug, a cup of coffee, a call, an outing or just sitting around a table enjoying each other’s company. We will pray that our eyes are opened to those around us.

Psalm 109:26 Help me, O Lord my God; Save me according to Your loving kindness.