Emergency services rolling log

Posted 6/14/24

A compendium of Goshen County emergency response and service calls

Tuesday, June 4 – Wednesday, June 5  

00:46-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on state highway 156. North bound …

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Emergency services rolling log


A compendium of Goshen County emergency response and service calls

Tuesday, June 4 – Wednesday, June 5 

00:46-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on state highway 156. North bound HWY 156 and power plant road male walking dressed in all black on west side of road. Disposition completed.

06:01-Medical aid-Occurred on East F Street. Fifty-year-old code blue foaming at the mouth, no pulse. Disposition report required.

09:32-Harassment-Occurred on East I Street. Neighbor left note on car because it was parked on the street in front of house. RP wants officer to talk to neighbor about quick harassing RP’s. Disposition completed.

09:49-Medical aid-Occurred on East B Street. Patient fell. Disposition completed.

10:00-Assist the public-Occurred on US Highway 26-85. Got a call from son saying microwave not working thinks electric might be out. Gave RP phone number for WYRULEC. Disposition completed.

10:42-Suspicious Circumstances-Occurred on East 22nd Avenue. Under age person in lobby with vape pen per. Disposition citation issued.

10:45-Motor vehicle accident-Occurred on Albany Ave. Two vehicles RP in a F150 other is Chevy Equinox. No injury, no hazards. RP states she hit tail end of other vehicle. Disposition report required.

10:56-Animal call-Occurred on US Highway 26-85. Horses on HWY. Disposition completed.

11:04-Assist the public-Occurred on E J Street. Disposition completed.

11:43-Followup on incident or case-Officer initiated activity at East 22nd Avenue, Torrington. Case #. Disposition completed.

11:55-Hazard-traffic, PED, etc.-Occurred on Van Tassel Road. Pick up with thistles in back of pickup and they are blowing out of the back. RP called 911 to report this headed southbound. Disposition completed.

12:32-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on East E Street. RP came to the S.O. ref male driving past her house while she was home for lunch. Disposition completed.

12:53-Any civil problem-Occurred on US Highway 26-85. Writ of restitution. Disposition completed.

12:55-Any civil problem-Occurred on East F Street. Writ of restitution. Disposition completed.

13:55-Welfare check-Occurred on state highway 92. Refusing to let in the house. Disposition completed.

14:24-Traffic complaints; speed, reckless, etc.-Occurred on US Highway 26. Oversize vehicle passing people at high rate of speed into small area/space. A black truck and black Cadillac headed westbound. Disposition completed.

15:25-Medical aid-Occurred on Loma Vista Road. Having troubles standing, dizzy, stomach hurts, lets are weak. Disposition completed.

15:43-Traffic stops-Officer initiated activity at US Highway 85, Hawk Springs. Disposition warning for any traffic or other.

16:01-Suspicious circumstances-Officer initiated activity at Road 55 F, Torrington. Disposition completed.

16:03-Animal call-Occurred on West A Street. Live chicken sitting on RP’s porch and doesn’t know where it came from. Another dead on along driveway. Disposition completed.

16:30-Any civil problem-Occurred on Bear Creek Road. Issued over property. Disposition completed.

16:33-Motor vehicle accident-Occurred on Main Street. Two vehicles. Mazda 3 and Kia Soul. Disposition report required.

16:46-Traffic stops-Officer initiated activity at US Highway 85, Hawk Springs. Disposition warning for any traffic or other.

18:12-Suspicious vehicle-Occurred on East Valley Road. White suburban in front parking lot has been there all day. Disposition completed.

18:19-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on West A Street. RP said brother stalking him, said every time he goes outside his brother does and was standing around his truck. Disposition completed.

18:24-Traffic stops-Occurred on East E Street. Driver of black Chevy Avalanche going approximately 50 mph. RP said she can identify him. Please call her back. Disposition report required.

20:01-Followup on incident or case-Officer initiated activity at East 22nd Avenue, Torrington. PX. Disposition completed.

20:34-Animal call-Occurred on N Lawton Avenue. Corgi running at large. Owner lives south of tracks. Will have the dog. 

21:00-Extra patrol-Occurred on East C Street. Prowler in area. Asks you to check all unknown vehicles in the area.

23:52-Salvation army request-Occurred on East 22nd Avenue. RP wanted room for the night per homeless. His reason for being homeless was he did not trust one of the people he was staying with. Disposition completed.

00:16-Disturbance-Occurred on Main Street parking lot. Two person arguing, one male in black shirt, black hat, Ford truck out of plates. RP refused to give info on second person. Disposition completed.

00:35-Medical aid-Occurred on Campbell Driver. Call ER for tsf. Disposition completed.

00:52-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on East 22nd Avenue. 86 Mazda. Subject called suicide hotline and planning to roll vehicle. Subject was acting erratic on the phone per caller. Disposition completed.

03:49-Community contact-Officer initiated activity at West C Street, Torrington. Disposition completed.

Wednesday, June 5 – Thursday, June 6

07:26-Suspicious vehicle-Occurred on Laramie Street. RP states has been circling the parking lot MT plate. Disposition completed.

07:48-Community contact-Officer initiated activity at East G Street, Torrington. Disposition completed.

07:50-Any civil problem-Occurred on Johnson Street. RP states ex is threatening to bring his dog to her house and she doesn’t need another dog. Wants to know what she can do. Disposition completed.

07:54-Animal Call-Occurred on East 3rd Avenue. RP advised that the animal at the above address keeps getting out and went into RP’s yard and destroyed some stuff. RP advised that they will do something to the pig if it comes in their yard again. Disposition completed.

08:22-Reddi-Occurred on US Highway 85. South of LaGrange came in and was heavily intoxicated. Disposition completed.

08:32-Parking complaints-Occurred on East A Street. Two vehicles parked in the main parking lot and she needs them removed. Disposition completed.

09:04-Assist other agency-Occurred on East B Street. RP came into the lobby with a medication bottle with marijuana. Disposition citation issued.

09:04-Hazard-traffic, PED, etc.-Officer initiated activity at West C Street, Torrington. Removing object from the road. Disposition completed.

09:06-Log information-Occurred on Campbell Drive. Rp working on the boiler and may get back smoke. Disposition completed.

10:05-Assist the public-Occurred on West 23rd Avenue. Given paraphernalia potentially in relation to a case. Disposition completed.

12:15-Animal call-Occurred on East B Street. Please give a PX Neighbors across the street have dogs that they never have on leashes and they keep coming into RP’s yard to do their business. Disposition completed.

12:44-Lost animal calls-Occurred on West D Street. RP states his dog took off. Mini Australian shepherd multicolored named Shilo. Disposition completed.

13:31-Water department callout-Occurred on Road 55 F. RP is out at () working on the system and tripped the Scada alarm. Disposition completed.

14:16-Followup on incident or case-Officer initiated activity at E 17th Avenue, Torrington. Disposition completed.

14:17-Found property report-Officer initiated activity at East F Street, Torrington. Store room shopping cart. Disposition completed.

14:46-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on West 28th Avenue. Recorded message states the owner of this phone was in a severe car crash and the location is search radius of five meters. Disposition completed.

14:55-Traffic stops-Officer initiated activity at Campbell Drive, Torrington. Disposition warning for any traffic or other.

15:12-Found property report-Occurred on Campbell Drive. RP found a red iPhone. Disposition completed.

15:12-Assist the public-Occurred at East 21st Avenue. East A Street. Knocked over a barricade. Didn’t see it there and went to turn and bumped it. RP advised no damage to her vehicle. Disposition completed.

15:23-Grass fire-Occurred on Road 32. Fire in trees nearing propane tank. Disposition completed.

16:49-Welfare check-Occurred on East J Street. RP has not heard from her sister since Sunday. Disposition completed.

17:14-Traffic complaints; speed, reckless, etc.-occurred on Road 63. Two vehicles driving recklessly almost hitting a vehicle and a tractor. Both vehicles are currently at Lake. Disposition completed.

18:52-Medical aid-Occurred on East 3rd Avenue 68. Burning in legs, sweating and dry mouth. Disposition completed.

19:38-Assist the public-Occurred at Journey Church on East F Street. Had a disturbing phone call, male said he was trying to get home if someone not going to help him he was going to kill himself. NO caller ID. Said he got out of prison today, but will not state where. RP would like Extra patrol at church.

20:04-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on Road 45 V. Man came to her door for free filter for house in truck. White four-door truck. Left about five ago, space between teeth and glasses. Disposition completed.

20:06-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on East A Street. 911 open line. Disposition completed.

21:15-Disturbance-Occurred on East G Street. Music too loud. Disposition completed.

21:58-Animal Call-Occurred at Lingle Vet Road on Lingle-Veteran Road. Three mares and one foul running loose. Disposition completed.

22:43-Medical aid-Occurred on East G Street. Eighty, female back out, needs help. Pinched nerve in back. Disposition completed.

23:18-Log information-Occurred on East 22nd Avenue. Wants RP’s son to come over to drink and RP and her son does not want him to go over. RP will try to call back with PX or address. RP would like him to stop calling and stop relaying messages. Disposition completed.

23:47-Motor vehicle accident-Occurred on Road 33. MVA report from vehicle. Disposition completed.

00:20-Water department call out-Occurred on East 22nd Avenue. Scada alarm water department building. Could not hear what building on recording and no email came in. Disposition completed.