Emergency services rolling log

Posted 3/1/24

A compendium of Goshen County emergency response and service calls

February 14-15

00:05-Records entry-Officer initiated activity at E 22nd Ave, Torrington. Wyo warrant. Disposition …

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Emergency services rolling log


A compendium of Goshen County emergency response and service calls

February 14-15

00:05-Records entry-Officer initiated activity at E 22nd Ave, Torrington. Wyo warrant. Disposition completed.

03:54-Medical aid-Occurred on Lupine Dr. Slid out of chair just needs help getting back up and in chair. Disposition completed.

04:44-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred at Road 66V on unknown address. Came on 911 saying please help me blurted out an address only caught part of it and then hung up unable to call number back. Gps is popping in town at 911 tower on 21st and A. Disposition completed.

07:02-Animal call-Occurred at Pioneer Estates on W D St. Gray pitbull in lot, running around and barking for the last hour or so. Disposition completed.

08:04-911 call (abandoned, open line, etc.)-Occurred on W C St. Test 911 call to test 911 feature on phone, customer said it wasn’t working, no emergency. Disposition completed.

08:28-Animal call-Occurred on us Highway 26-85. Eastbound 100. One black steer calf on railroad r.o.w. Disposition completed.

08:48-Animal call-Occurred on High St. Black poodle looking dog got loose. Unable to catch it and almost got hit by a car. Disposition completed.

09:04-Harassment-Occurred on W C St. Disposition completed.

09:06-Animal call-Occurred on W 24th Ave. Corgi running around. RP has the dog caught. Has a collar but no tags. Disposition completed.

09:16-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on E F St. RP at pd wishing to speak to an officer regarding phone being hacked RP advised that the officer RP spoke to last night old him that they would take a look at it. Advised RP that officer is not currently on duty. RP would like to speak to any officer. Disposition completed.

12:47-Warrant-Officer initiated activity at E Valley Rd, Torrington. Disposition report required.

14:03-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on Albany Ave. RP advised that RP is getting threatening text messages would like an officer to come and look at them. Disposition completed.

14:36-Harassment-Occurred on W C St. Meet at front door, student who is having some unwanted contact by someone that they have asked to stop contacting them. Would like to file a report. Disposition report required.

16:11-Welfare check-Occurred on E A. Officer called in to have someone go to the above address and see if subject was ok. Was making comments on Facebook. Disposition completed.

16:58-Records entry-Officer initiated activity at E 22nd Ave., Torrington. warrant. Disposition completed.

17:09-Hazard traffic, ped, etc.-Occurred on Gray Rocks Rd. Advising on way home and there is a semi-truck that is jackknifed on the corner and is blocking the road and driver doesn’t speak English very well. Past the fort on Gray Rocks Rd before you get to the canal. Disposition completed.

17:27-Animal call-Occurred on us Highway 26. Deputy advised calf outside of the fence on the north side of the road. Disposition completed.

17:29-Records entry-Officer initiated activity at E 22nd Ave., Torrington. Agency subpoena x7. Disposition completed.

17:49-Assist the public-Occurred on E Valley Rd. RP advises RP paid for items and has receipt showing that RP paid for them and employees are saying there is no proof and refusing to give RP said items. Disposition completed.

18:00-Extra patrol-Occurred on W C St. Disposition completed.

18:16-Followup on incident or case-Occurred on E 22nd Ave. In the lobby to speak with officer. Disposition completed.

19:08-Reddi-Occurred at Lingle-Veteran road, Road 76. Got a call from driver for winch out, RP thinks driver is possibly intoxicated, slurred speech, RP advising that the driver doesn’t know where they are at. RP not going to winch driver out until RP knows the driver is not intoxicated, RP three-wayed the call and sounds like drivers at the corner of Lingle Veteran Rd and Rd 76. Driver says they are near a feedlot. Disposition completed.

19:32-Followup on incident or case-Occurred on E 22nd Ave. Would like to speak with officers ref hit and run case. Disposition completed.

20:03-Traffic stops-Officer initiated activity at E A St, Torrington. Disposition warning for any traffic or other.

20:12-911 Call (abandoned, open line, etc.)-Occurred on E Valley Rd. 911 hang up RP in a suburban tan in color accidental dial with watch. Disposition completed.

20:13-Followup on incident or case-Officer initiated activity at E 22nd Ave, Torrington. Disposition completed.

20:40-Medical aid-Occurred on Pebble Ln. Fell needs lift assist. Disposition completed.

23:05-Assist other agency-Occurred on us Highway 26. Stolen Audi A4 red in color 2011 taken from Mitchell a few minutes ago hasn’t been entered ncic yet but they are working on it. Morrill officer thought they saw it pass through there. If we have contact they are requesting we stop and hold it. Disposition completed.

February 16-17

00:33-Assist other agency-Occurred on State Highway 151. Mutual aid cattle tk w/tl rollover with cattle and possible injury. Disposition completed.

06:32-Motor vehicle accident-Occurred on us Highway 26. Vehicle vs deer, RP said vehicle is drivable and deer is off on the road on the north side. Disposition completed.

07:51-Community contact-Officer initiated activity at W C St., Torrington. Disposition completed.

08:31-Scam calls, monetary, computer fraud-Occurred on us Highway 26. Got a call asking for social security number and Medicare number, something about medicine. Would like to make a report. Disposition completed.

09:04-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on E Valley Rd. Have people living behind the building in an RV. Would like officers to notify them that they cannot be living on the property. RP advised does not want the trespassed at this time but would like them to move from the property. Disposition completed.

10:43-Log information-Officer initiated activity at Main St., Torrington. Individual potentially walking north bound in the 2100 block of Main about 1026 hours. Continued walking north bound, spotted still north bound by officer at 2300 block of Main. Disposition completed.

11:27-Followup on incident or case-Occurred on E 22nd Ave. To pick up personal belongings. Disposition completed.

12:21-Log information-Occurred on E A St. Please call RP, RP was at the courthouse for a sentencing or something involving individual, other individual directed a comment at RP about seeing names in the paper again. RP would like to visit with an officer. Disposition completed.

13:05-Followup on incident or case-Occurred on W C St. Officer had case yesterday ref a students, there have been multiple more attempts to contact to include flowers and notes. Would like to speak to officer. Disposition completed.

13:40-Suspicious circumstances-Occurred on E lst. Showed up outside of house. Parked across the street in  black chevy Silverado. Blacked out lights and license plate cover. Would like person trespassed form the property. Disposition completed.

16:51-Motor vehicle accident-Occurred on us Highway 26. RP stated was rear-ended in nb coming into Torrington, other vehicle took off and RP lost sight. RP will be at work. Disposition completed.

18:55-Any civil problem-Occurred on Road 74. RP lives in VA, parent lives here and has the RP’s family member living with them. RP advising that family member is sponging off of parent, not contributing towards bills or anything and eating all of their food and leaving parent with nothing. RP not sure how to help parent but wanting some advice would like px back. Disposition completed.

19:07-Traffic stops-Officer initiated activity at Lift Station, E Valley. Disposition citation issued.