Council approves setback variance

Cynthia Sheeley
Posted 1/19/23

TORRINGTON – The Torrington City Council convened for its second January meeting on Jan. 17 at the Torrington Council Chambers. Mayor Herb Doby was present with council members Richard Patterson, Dennis Kelly, Wayne Deahl and Shane Viktorin.

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Council approves setback variance


TORRINGTON – The Torrington City Council convened for its second January meeting on Jan. 17 at the Torrington Council Chambers. Mayor Herb Doby was present with council members Richard Patterson, Dennis Kelly, Wayne Deahl and Shane Viktorin.

At the meeting, Building and Grounds Superintendent Dennis Estes presented the Goshen Care Center Joint Powers Board’s request for a setback variance to build a garage to house their vans.

Estes showed a map view of the area, he said, “On this map here, you’ll see there’s the Alzheimer’s unit, care center and new kitchen addition from a few years ago. Up here are trees on the map, and the garage will be behind them. Goshen County Construction has promised to make up the parking spaces elsewhere, that will be lost.”

The council held a public hearing on this topic, however, no one came forward to speak for or against the issue.

The council unanimously approved the setback variance.

Director of Public Works Jeff Harkins presented resolution numbers 2023-3, 4 and 5. These resolutions are each for the resubmission of applications to the state loan and investment board for Local Government Project ARPA grants. 

The first application is for replacing 6,500 feet of iron water main with 8-inch PVC, 4850 feet of existing storm sewer with new RCP storm sewer, and street, curb, gutter and sidewalk. The second application is for replacing 810 feet of iron water main with 8-inch PVC, 535 feet of 6-inch PVC water main with 8-inch PVC, and street, curb, gutter and sidewalk, and to install 185 feet of sewer. The last application is for the construction of a well house, pumps, piping, RO unit, backup generator, and SCADA components to connect the newly constructed well to the city’s water distribution system.

“These are the applications applied for the grants originally with the state,” Harkins explained. “We were fortunate enough to be awarded one of the ARPA grants for the wastewater treatment facility in the amount of $3.5 million. The other three grants did not receive any funding. The state has just opened up a new application process under this local government project grant program. So, we are resubmitting the three applications that we did not receive approval for funding for.”

The council unanimously approved all three resolutions.

Harkins and the Streets and Sanitation Superintendent Ed Hawley presented the winning bid for a baler building addition. The winning bid was Goshen County Construction of Torrington for $78,100 and a reserve of $3,900 for contingency for a project total of $82,000. 

“The baler building addition consists of a 22-foot by 45-foot addition to the baler facility,” Harkins explained. “The addition is steel construction with traditional or grade-beam footings with a 6-inch stem wall. The addition will have one 36-inch steel walk-in door with a window and one 14-foot by 14-foot insulated overhead door with windows and a garage door opener. The addition will not have a finished floor or electrical but shall have an insulated roof.”

Hawley explained that they have to keep the baler heated and this addition will be better equipped to do that.

The council unanimously approved the bid to Goshen County Construction.

Harkins introduced addendum no. one referring to the agreement for professional services with M.C. Schaff & Associates (MCS). This agreement is for a “not-to-exceed” amount of $96,196 for engineering services and an estimated amount of $4,818 for material testing costs for a total cost of $101,014. 

“On Nov. 2, 2022, the city entered into a five-year agreement for professional services with MCS to provide engineering services related to the Torrington Municipal Airport,” Harkins explained. “Addendum no. one is for the design, bidding, construction oversight and closeout services for the NAVAID (Navigational Aids) replacement project at the Torrington Airport.”

Harkins also clarified the funding for this project is 96% reimbursable. In the end, the FAA will pay 90% of its cost and Wyoming DOT will pay six percent.

The council unanimously approved the agreement.

Doby presented his appointments for mayor pro-tem, board members, and committee members. Among the appointments, was Councilman Patterson as mayor pro-tem. The mayor pro-tem is the person who will step in as a temporary mayor in the event the current mayor is unavailable or unable to perform his job.

The council approved all of the mayor’s appointments. 

City Clerk and Treasurer Lynette Strecker presented resolution no. 2023-2, pertaining to representative and alternate representative appointments to the Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP) member council. 

Attorney James Eddington read the resolution stating that the city of Torrington is a member of the NMPP, Dana Youtz is the city’s representative and Doby is the alternate representative.

The council unanimously approved resolution no. 2023-2.

The council approved a catering permit for Jan Harvey with BZ Hospitality, LLC for the Eastern Wyoming College Foundation Sagebrush & Roses Event to be held on Jan. 28 from 4-6 p.m. at 3401 West C Street.

Fire Chief Lance Petsch gave a few updates on the department. He said recently, some of the local firefighters went up to the Riverton Fire School for their yearly training.

Petsch also mentioned the funeral of Past Fire Chief Bud Watson. The service will be held on Friday, Jan. 20 at 2 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church.

During the mayoral informational part of the meeting, Doby gave city updates. 

“Last Friday, on the 13th, we had a mayor and council orientation and work session here at the City Hall,” Doby began. “It was very enlightening.”

Doby thanked everyone involved for making the orientation a productive experience.

Also, Doby reminded everyone the Wyoming legislature is in session right now. If anyone would like to contact the Goshen County senator and representatives, contact information can be found at

Doby gave compliments to the city’s streets and sanitation department staff for all of their hard work clearing the streets after the recent snowstorms. He also thanked all of the other city employees who have helped clear parking lots and sidewalks.

The next meeting of the Torrington City Council will take place Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. in the Torrington City Council Chambers at 436 East 22nd Avenue.