Blazers fall to Buffalo


BUFFALO – The Torrington High School Blazers won the second half of Saturday against the Buffalo Bison, 31-26, and Torrington came close to matching Buffalo in scoring during a gritty second quarter.

Torrington’s fight to overtake Buffalo over the course of three quarters ultimately fell short of bridging a significant 22-9 lead established by Buffalo in the first quarter and the Bison posted the win, 60-49.

“Turnover and rebounds were the biggest issues we ran into this weekend,” head coach Logan Barker said. “All things considered, we are starting to trend in the right direction. We have been about a 10-point spread with almost all opponents this year and those two categories tell a large part of the story. We are focused on one game at a time.”

Buffalo dominated the first six minutes of regulation to lead, 16-2, with two minutes remaining in the opening quarter.

Digging deep, the Blazers rallied and began to battle back. Junior Weston Dyer snagged a steal. Senior Adam Bartlett went 2-for-2 from the charity stripe. Defensive pressure by junior Ryan Moorehouse and sophomore Landre Greiman resulted in two turnovers.

Bartlett found an opening in Buffalo’s perimeter to score and Dyer netted an outside shot. Junior Ethan Robbins snatched a steal and Greiman tossed in a jumper.

Buffalo won the second quarter, though by a considerably smaller margin, 12-9, as the Blazers found their footing. Greiman commenced the quarter with a 3-pointer. Junior Brayden Hime netted four points. Dyer rustled three steals and sophomore Kaleb Booth sank a close-range shot.

Buffalo led, 34-18, at halftime.

Torrington nearly matched Buffalo in scoring in a physical third quarter, with the Blazers netting 13 points to 15 by the Bison. Junior Mac Hibben contributed two inside shots and a 3-pointer to the Blazers’ tally. Greiman, Hime and Moorehouse netted a jumper apiece.

The Blazers dominated the fourth quarter, outmaneuvering Buffalo, 18-11. Greiman went 2-for-2 at the charity stripe and scored on a fastbreak. Hibben sank an outside shot and Hime converted an and-1. Moorehouse scored from outside the perimeter while Booth and Dyer both netted close-range shots.

Greiman and Hibben led the Blazers in scoring against Buffalo with 11 points apiece. Hime tallied nine points, with five each by Dyer and Moorehouse and four from both Bartlett and Booth.