Things that leave a mark

My husband Toby and I very seldom eat out... more


The words of Kennedy

For those who have been reading my new stories, editorials and opinion columns... more


Diamonds on the Prairie

It’s here, October 1, a changing of the seasons, busy cattle work, getting my sweatshirts out ... more


More about apples

People have been noticing for some time now that I am limping and sometimes wear a therapy boot.... more


Diamonds on the Prairie

The cattle stand and gaze at the long tunnel that goes under the railroad tracks.... more


Your friend the honey bee

The welfare of our entire planet rests in the hands of pollinators.... more



Recently my husband Toby and I visited Dick Young’s Apple Orchard in Lingle... more


Life is not a linear thing

Hello Torrington.... more


Diamonds on the Prairie

Last Sunday I helped with children’s church and we talked about fear.... more


Dear editor

A letter to the editor.... more


Dear editor

A letter to the editor.... more


My Wyoming

A column by Bill Sniffin... more


Can Not Compute

Opinion Column: How popular patient screening software may be contributing to our nation’s drug problem.... more


My dad’s Bible

Many years ago I had an opportunity to speak at the church in Cheyenne ... more


On COVID-19 vaccine mandates

I recently read an article titled, “Citing religion, health and even person preference, some are challenging COVID-19 vaccine mandates at work.” ... more


3 truths to consider

Christians live with a freedom the world does not understand. ... more


Telling stories across the country

Hello, Torrington.... more


James 1:19

I topped over the hill and there he was, standing stock still in the middle of the road.... more


God’s purse

Luke 12:33, 34... more


It takes a community – Part II

Last week, I wrote about my experience at the Easter family concert held northeast of Lusk.... more


Letter to the editor

I am becoming tired/bored of insidious accusations the U.S.A. is systemically racist and especially calling people racist just because they are white. Those who advocate that belief are themselves racist. Saying police are racist and hunt down Blacks to shoot them is untrue and asinine. So, I am going to talk about facts BLM, liberals and the blame-stream media are afraid to mention.... more


Letter to the editor

After serving a new nation established as a loose coalition of states with states’ rights reigning supreme, our founders held a Constitutional Convention and created the document under which our nation has grown and prospered. In the Preamble, they clearly laid out why they did so. Let’s take a look at those reasons.... more


Don't let life pass you by

This past weekend I had a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the importance of family from an outsider’s perspective. ... more


Letter to the editor

A correct and maybe clarified perspective of my belief and suggestion to others:... more


Letter to the editor

Don’t leave us behind! Adult education needs more promotion to help resolve major social concerns. We lack knowledge of electronic devices which could and can connect us with our children and grandchildren. Intergenerational communication should be encouraged by all media forms and all family upbringings. ... more


Letter to the editor

Someone once stated that “We are in unchartered territory, with effectively a blank sheet of paper in front of us, then we have the opportunity to try to think things that might previously been unthinkable – we may well be there!” ... more


Refuse to be a victim, be a survivor

Recent events have shaken the Torrington community and brought a very dark subject into the spotlight. Domestic violence is real, it’s happening in Goshen County and it happens more often than one would want to admit. However, we all know admitting there is a problem is the first step to overcoming a problem.... more


Letter to the editor

I'm Matt Rankin, Director of the Wyoming Hemp Growers Association, and a licensed Wyoming Master Electrician. I don't do much directing of hemp growers, because Wyoming doesn't have any- a dozen dabblers is a group of hobbyists, not an industry. Hemp never was an industry in Wyoming, and it still remains possible that it never will be.... more