Suspect in Cheyenne shooting faces other charges

The man prosecutors called the main suspect in a deadly shooting last week appeared Friday in Laramie County Circuit Court on interference, burglary and property destruction charges. ... more


Governor candidates rail against ENDOW

A political forum brought together some of Wyoming’s conservatives seeking statewide office, including three running for governor, in one of the first opportunities of 2018 to see competing candidates speak at the same event.... more


UW board begins returning reserves

When the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees consolidated about 80 percent of all cash reserves held across campus into centralized accounts in June, it found itself at odds with faculty, staff and administrators alike. ... more


UW looks to set rates early

University of Wyoming leadership will begin hashing out tuition increases further in advance to make it easier for prospective students and their families to plan for college by offering a longer view of rising tuition costs, Trustee Macey Moore said during the May meeting of the Board of Trustees.... more

Selecting a comfortable wedding gown

Many brides-to-be visit bridal shops with specific goals in mind regarding the style of their wedding gowns.... more


Hey grads, do you have the gumption to survive the future?

This is my message for 2018 graduates – your future is coming at you at a terrific speed and there is very little you can do to get ready for it, except get an education and use your education. ... more


It’s time to embrace the diversity

A question is emerging across the country – What’s become of the Land of the Free?... more


Wyoming’s 2017 births were lowest in more than a decade

here were fewer than 7,000 babies born to Wyoming residents last year, the first time the birth total dropped below that level since 2005, according to the state Department of Health. ... more


In era of school killings, worst ever could have been here 32 years ago

To the people involved, it was a miracle on May 16, 1986, when a Wyoming school-bombing attempt failed, sparing 154 students and teachers from dying.... more


First-world problems: Electronic eavesdropping

Recently, I happened upon a comic poking fun at how our relationship with technology has changed during the last several decades.... more


The truth about sports scholarships

Many parents are trying to live the dream through their sons and daughters – the dream of landing a college athletic scholarship by specializing in a sport year-round.... more


The future of work and robots here in the Cowboy State

The smartest person I know was giving me his opinion about the future of jobs in Wyoming.... more


Clear the roads, the geezers are coming, the geezers are coming

“Who are all these geezers in their giant motorhomes that are clogging the roadways and causing the rest of us big problems!”... more


Are we accommodating our older population?

One wonders if our businesses in Goshen County have thought about marketing to our senior population?... more


Letter to the Editor: March 28, 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to commend the City of Torrington for some important imcrovements to our community. ... more


Grandpa teaches about fishing creeks

I spent some quality time with my young granddaughter on a Friday afternoon, some 20 years ago. ... more


A different type of golf

I recently returned from a weekend trip to Denver where I fell in love (for the second time), with one of my old hobbies – Frisbee golfing.... more


Hey Phoenix Zoo, those ferrets are from Meeteetse

Wyoming’s Black-Footed Ferret is a rock star at the Phoenix Zoo. In fact, you might think the elusive little critter was native to Arizona. Not so.... more


The first day of spring: Spider watch 2018

To “come by something honestly” means to inherit a trait – usually from one’s parents. In my case, I am terrified of spiders, just like my mother.... more


After the final whistle

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. The late-night hemming and hawing over brackets is done. The expert picks have been analyzed time and time again. The ink has dried (or the mouse clicked) on brackets across the country and it’s time to get down to business – basketball.... more


A Winter Olympics wrap-up

The winter Olympics have come and gone.... more


‘You married me for my car – my 1959 Volkswagen’

Over the course of our family history, it seems that Nancy’s and my long time together always involved car stories.... more