Have a little courage

As so many of us are only too aware of this, the holidays can be an extremely joyous time for some.... more


Whose lane is it anyway?

It’s that time of the year folks. The time where we all play a game of “Whose lane is it anyway?” Let’s not forget the game of, “Is this a parking spot or the road?” That’s right. It is winter driving season. I know, I know, I could hardly wait for it, too.... more


The damage of ‘Creepy’

First and foremost, the world we live in is anything but perfect. Of course when we are growing up, through our eyes we see a “perfect” world filled with endless possibilities and good.... more

Be thankful this Thanksgiving

Things are just moving right along this year aren’t they? Pretty hard to believe this is already the week of Thanksgiving. ... more

A Special look at Veteran’s Day

It would be important to remember, yes enjoy your day off. At the same time we owe anyone who has ever served in the military, as well as their families the appreciation they deserve. ... more

Thoughts on crossover voting

In Wyoming, crossover voting is currently permitted by state law.... more


Let’s talk about ethics

Publisher's Point... more


Open Letter to the Community 4/27

That is why we are inviting every community member who values what Eastern Wyoming College has to offer to attend a town hall meeting in the Fine Arts Auditorium on Thursday, April 28 at 6:30 p.m. ... more


Mask on ... Mask off

While running through the Newark International Airport in New Jersey last week to catch my flight after my first one was delayed, I thought to myself, “this sure would be easier to do without a mask.” ... more


Open Letter to the Community

I have a heavy spirit and a broken heart. I am so disgusted with the actions of the board of EWC that I had to write and stand up for the truth. ... more


Letter to the editor

Below are a few of the many benefits Medicaid expansion would have provided to Wyoming and Goshen County:... more