Wyo Help receives donation from WMCI

TORRINGTON – Wyo Help was chosen for the second year in a row to receive a donation from the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institute (WMCI) on Wednesday.

Recreation Coordinator Earl Umbenhower said the inmates raise money from food sales a few times a year and the proceeds go to local non-profit organizations. 

“Food pantry is always a needed service so we kind of look at who’s out there. We’ve done senior citizen organizations and nursing homes. It’s been a variety of organizations over the years.” 

According to Umbehower, the inmates always enjoy helping out the community. 

“They’re always willing to help out. they like the food when we do the food sales, they get very little of that it’s kind of incentive for them to do the things they need to do so they can get a pizza or burger,” he said. “It’s incentive in that direction but they also like to give back to the community.”

The agreement with the inmates to have the food sale comes with the requirement to donate the proceeds. 

Assistant to the Executive Director Carolyn McBurney said the need for donations has increased as people have received less government assistance since the pandemic. 

“We’re having to pay regular grocery price because the selections with the food truck has narrowed,” McBurney said. 

Food pantry director Brenda Hofmann said the lack of food availability has also decreased the donations from local grocery stores who have to hold their products longer than usual. Hofmann said they are appreciative of all donations especially from private donors. 

Helping the community is something Umbenhower said WMCI always enjoys doing and shows something positive coming out of the facility. 

“It’s nice to help the community and be part of the community,” Umbenhower said.


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