VFW and Aux. donate grill to Goshen County Sheriff’s Office

TORRINGTON – Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post No. 2918 and VFW Auxiliary Post No. 2918 donated a flat-top grill to the Goshen County Sheriff’s Office last week after holding their annual garage sale. Each year, the group selects a cause they feel worthy of receiving a donation and vote to designate the cause which they feel most significant.

“The sheriff’s office said they needed a new grill, it came to us second-hand,” Junior Vice President Kathy Cornett of the VFW Auxiliary said. “We picked them by unanimous vote.”

Sheriff Kory Fleenor told the Telegram, the sheriff’s office had asked the VFW to look for a grill while they were preparing for their annual garage sale, as the sheriff’s office’s grill was in disarray and bordering on unsafe to operate. 

“I had asked for them to keep an eye out for used grills, since they were having their annual garage sale,” Fleenor said. “They started looking for one and then I came to work one day and there was a new griddle there.”

Fleenor was surprised to find the griddle as he had not expected the grill would be given to them. He anticipated the VFW  and their Auxiliary would find a used grill and the department would purchase it from them, not have a brand-new grill donated to them. 

Fleenor said he intends to use the grill to build camaraderie at the office. 

“It builds camaraderie, and it lets the employees know they are appreciated,” Fleenor said. “When you cook together and eat together it makes us more like family. We have always allowed the employees to cook meals at the office. As long as they still get their work done and handle the calls that come in, we have always encouraged it. We have done fish fries, deep fried turkeys, chicken wings, grilled and even brought in meals for all to enjoy.”

Fleenor expressed he and the entirety of the Goshen County Sheriff’s Office were very appreciative of the donation. 

Each year, the VFW picks a different group to benefit from their donation.

“The VFW and Auxiliary are there to help the community,” Cornett said. “There are a lot of veterans in the area, and we are here to help veterans.”

Post No. 2918 Commander Michael Alverson said the VFW and Auxiliary have been working on “Operation Slingload,” a program developed to help veterans in need. Those in need can submit requests for assistance by visiting the VFW at 925 West 25th Avenue in Torrington on Monday or Thursday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. or by calling 307-532-4996.

Alverson said the American Legion and VFW have been working cooperatively to achieve the mission of supporting local veterans, and he hopes the relationship will continue to grow as time goes on. 

In addition to “Operation Slingload,” the VFW has acquired a 1958 mailbox from the United States Postal Service in Cheyenne and will be placing it outside the VFW for flag deposits. The flags deposited will be stored in the restored mailbox until they are ready to conduct a retirement ceremony.

See the VFW and VFW Auxiliary in the Goshen County Fair Parade coming up Aug. 4.


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