Public Notice No. 8824


General Notice
Goshen Irrigation District (Owner) will be requesting Proposals from Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) organizations (Proposers) for the construction of the following Project, and for related pre-construction and procurement CMAR services:
Project Name: Fort Laramie Canal Tunnel 1 and 2 Rehabilitation
Owner will receive Proposals demonstrating the Proposer’s qualifications and ability to provide CMAR services and construct the Project on Quest CDN from which Request for Proposal (RFP) Documents were obtained until the date listed in the RFP. After that time, Owner will no longer accept Proposals. See Requests for Proposals (RFP) for details on preparation and submission requirements.
The CMAR Contract will include the following services and Work:
Construction of the Fort Laramie Canal Tunnel 1 and 2, including the four portals to convey a design discharge of 1,532-cfs, with freeboard, of irrigation water annually between May through September. Preconstruction services, including but not limited to value engineering constructability, risk review, cost modeling, and scheduling from a qualified CMAR. During the preconstruction process the CMAR will have the ability to bid self-performance work authorizations for work related to the following potential construction work packages. (Additional work packages may be identified during the preconstruction period.)
• Limited Site Preparation
• Portal Removal and Replacement
• Tunnel Rehabilitation of Tunnel 1 at 2,699 feet and Tunnel 2 and 2,029 feet
Owner anticipates the project construction price to be in the range of $52-84 M, according to the most recent Opinion of Probable Construction Cost Estimate. The CMAR Contract has an expected start date of January 2024 and duration for construction to completion date no later than December 31, 2026.
Obtaining the Proposal Documents
Project Information and RFP Documents for the CMAR Contract can be found at the following designated website:
The Proposal Documents may be downloaded from the designated website. All prospective Proposers are urged to register with the designated website as an interested party, even if Proposers have obtained the Proposal Documents from a source other than the designated website.
Neither Owner, Owner’s Advisor, nor Engineer will be responsible for Proposal Documents, including addenda, if any, obtained from sources other than the official designated website listed herein.

Information Conference
An Information Conference and site visit regarding the CMAR Contract and CMAR selection process will be held at Goshen Irrigation District (2912 W E St, Torrington, WY  82240) and virtually through Teams at the link below (copy and paste into your browser) at the date listed in the RFP.
Attendance at the Information Conference and the site visit is required, either in person or virtually.
A site visit will be held immediately after the informational conference. Proposers are encouraged to visit the Site and conduct a thorough visual examination of the Site and adjacent areas. Attendees must acknowledge the invitation by providing the names and number of people planning to attend the site visit from their company to the following [email protected]. This email is strictly for capturing the site visit attendance. Maps with directions to the Site can be made available. No access to the Site other than during this scheduled site visit will be available.  Proposers are required to provide their own transportation, and proper PPE.
Qualifications and Selection
Details regarding the selection criteria and the selection process are included in the Request for Proposals. Refer to the Proposal Documents for all further requirements regarding Proposals, CMAR selection, and other Proposal submittals, qualifications, and procedures.
This Advertisement is issued by:
Owner: Goshen Irrigation District (GID)/ Gering–Fort Laramie Irrigation District (GFLID)
By: Goshen Irrigation District (GID)/ Gering–Fort Laramie Irrigation District (GFLID)
Date: 11/24/2023

Public Notice No. 8824 published in the Torrington Telegram on November 24 and December 8, 2023.