Public Notice No. 8818


Tuesday November 7, 2023

The Board of County Commissioners of Goshen County, Wyoming met in regular session on the above date at 9:00 am at the Goshen County Courthouse in the Commissioners Chambers with the following members present Chairman Michael McNamee, Vice Chairman Justin Burkart, Commissioner Aaron Walsh and Mary Feagler, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Chairman McNamee announced the Planning Commission meeting concerning the Solar Regulations on November 14th at 7:00pm at the Rendezvous center. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the agenda and the minutes from the October 17th meeting, The minutes were amended from those posted in the newspaper in that the reference number was changed to 901, seconded and passed.
Clerk of District Court Brandi Correa presented her earnings report in the amount of $4,419.50. She had two jury trials in October and November costing $5,906.59 and currently there are two more scheduled for December. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the earnings report, seconded and passed.
Road and Bridge Administrator Val Hankins, County Surveyor Bob Taylor, County Planner Michael Titjen and Interim Road and Bridge Supervisor Jarrod Swartwood reported. Bob Taylor will attend a Rural Development meeting as a possibility for a source of funding. He reported Western Proppants has patched some road damage on the Sheep Creek Road recently. Val Hankins mentioned they still have a full-time operator position open. Commissioner Burkart added the County has a Full-time Grant Writer position open as well. County Planner Michael Tietjen reported on a site visit to the Lewis Feedlot and asked for the approval of the permitting software he is asking to purchase, Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Road and Bridge report.
County Clerk Mary Feagler presented her monthly report. The monthly earnings report for the County Clerk’s Office was $ 14,695.50. She also presented the warrants for payment, the payroll report and an employee bond. Commissioner Walsh moved to approve the warrants for payment, earnings report, and employee bond, seconded and passed.
Fire Warden Bill Law and Thom Bozeman, Emergency Manager/Homeland Security Coordinator, presented their monthly report. Bill Law reported the stage 1 fire restriction has been lifted.  Commissioner Burkart announced that Thom Bozeman has accepted the position as Fire Warden as Bill Law will be retiring in December. Commissioner Walsh moved to accept the Fire Warden and Emergency manager report, seconded and passed.
Jesse Bowen head of the IT Department is asking to update the Drones for the county drone program. The phone carrier and exchange server projects have been completed.
County Assessor Debbi Surratt was in a training and will be at the next meeting to present reduction orders.
The following warrants were presented for payment: Warrants 204993-205145 Employee Payroll 248,104.81; Circuit Court Laramie Co Garnish 518.78; Great West Trust Payroll Liability 1,700.00; Oklahoma Centralized Support Garnish 472.23; USAA FSB Payroll Liability 200.00; Wy NCPERS Life Insurance 32.00; County Clerk Health Ins 98,037.08; County Clerk FTD Payroll Liability 71,924.16; Wy Dept of Employment Workforce Svcs Payroll Liability 7,427.47; Wy Retirement System 55,423.79; 911 Supply Uniforms 409.14; AccuScreen Training 190.00; Airgas Grant Exp 52.23; Barnes Law Crt Appt Atty 622.00; Benchmark Retainer 150.00; Benchmark-CRF Rd Proj 9,358.50; Benchmark-GIS Contract Labor 1,011.05; Bill Law FD ST/FED Wages 3,403.96; Black Hills Energy Utility 670.84; Bloedorn Lumber Shop Tools/Supplies 414.37; Bluffs Facility Supplies 1,238.33; Bomgaars Repair/Maint 143.99; B Correa Juror Fees 79.39; Burns Ins Bond/Ins 495.00; Capital Business Sys Equip/Repair 364.07; Capital One Travel/Mileage 2,707.80; Caring & Sharing Grant Exp 5,000.00; CashWa Dietary 12,124.23; CDW Government Maint/Warr 4,868.67; Century Lumber Repair/Maint 566.83; CenturyLink Telephone 1,474.10; Charles Sylvester Gravel 2,340.00; C Wright Grant Exp 112.66; C Tompsett Travel/Mileage 15.78; Clerk of Dist Court Juror Fees 7,000.00; Communication Tech Grant Exp 960.00; Community Hospital St/Fed Medical 245.00; Copier Connection Equip/Repair 365.57; Coulson Law Crt Appt Atty 408.00; County Clerk Trust Misc 219.10; Culligan Water Supplies 276.95; David MacDonald Crt Appt Atty 1,464.00; D Surratt Travel/Mileage 235.80; Dell Equip 3,323.59; Dooley Oil Fuel 24,441.38; EWC Grant Exp 946.00; Fastenal Shop Tools/Supplies 161.21; Frank Parts Repair/Maint 896.01; Ft Laramie Fire Dist FD ST/FED Wages 5,754.13; Galls Uniforms 254.61; Geographic Innovations Mapping 4,000.00; Go Co Attorney Supplies 73.45; Go Co Clerk Grant Exp 1,712.61; Go Co Extension Svc Travel/Mileage 134.00; Go Co Sheriff Dues 120.00; Go Co Treasurer Rent 767.17; Goshen Financial Strategies Ins Consult 2,000.00; Grainger Building Maint 174.64; Great American Financial Equip/Repair 340.00; Griggs Family Dental St/Fed Medical 387.00; gWorks Tech/Software 2,257.00; Heartland Embroidery Supplies 455.86; Herbert K. Doby Pub Defender GAL 3,333.34; IAAO Dues 240.00; Ideal Linen Janitorial Supplies 886.02; James Church State Payment 2,600.00; Jay Em Fire Dist FD ST/FED Wages 1,017.18; Jim's Plumbing Building Maint 494.00; Kenneth Brown Crt Appt Atty 684.00; K Flock Repair/Maint 784.78; LaGrange Fire Dept FD ST/FED Wages 4,678.96; Lingle Fire Dist FD ST/FED Wages 2,178.57; Lujan Cleaning Janitorial Supplies 65.00; Lynette Saucedo Grant Exp 842.32; Maid It Clean Maint Svcs 2,908.00; M Strong Grant Exp 76.64; M Feagler Election Mileage 116.59; M Brittingham Travel/Mileage 17.86; M Johnson Grant Exp 23.59; Metal Shop Tools/Supplies 255.00; M McNamee Travel/Mileage 192.00; NMC Fuel 1,053.27; Norma Cantu HCS 1,631.25; North Platte Valley Cons Dist Haz Waste 1,500.00; Office Ally Med/Supplies 35.00; Olson Tire Repair/Maint 883.78; Palen Law Offices Crt Appt Atty 1,738.00; Panhandle Auto Repair/Maint 2,649.20; Panhandle Coop Dietary 11.88; Park Place Maint/Warr 12,448.56; Pfizer Med/Supplies 14,750.00; Pitney Bowes Global Med/Supplies 81.90; Platte Valley Bank Backhoe Lease 23,298.93; Pomps Tire Repair/Maint 133.75; Print Express Training 377.08; Public Defenders Office Pub Defender 300.00; Quadient Leasing Equip/Repair 871.66; RWMC Placement Svcs 2,811.90; R Boyd Grant Exp 44.00; Russell Business Services GASB Consult 131.25; R Wunibald Grant Exp 246.58; S Coxbill Travel/Mileage 74.67; Sandberg Implement Repair/Maint 670.56; Simply Clean Janitorial Supplies 335.21; St Josephs Grant Exp 945.00; Stericycle HCS 58.80; Sublette County Public Health Med/Supplies 6,955.80; Summit Fire & Security Maint/Warr 1,317.50; TDS Utility 194.00; The Practice After School Program Grant Exp 371.95; T Bozeman FD ST/FED Wages 725.54; Torr Fire Dist FD ST/FED Wages 25,118.53; Torr Office Supply Supplies 2,227.91; Torr Telegram Publishing 1,984.80; City of Torrington Utility 7,383.73; U S Postmaster Postage 126.00; Union Telephone Grant Exp 149.60; Union Telephone Equip/Repair 33.00; US Postal Svce NEOPOST Postage 1,500.00; UW Extention FY Salary Agree 6,127.75; Valley Mercantile Vehicle Repair 405.32; Valley Motor Repair/Maint 644.20; V Hankins Shop Tools/Supplies 89.44; Vandel Drug St/Fed Medical 545.54; Verizon Telephone 1,597.40; Veteran Fire Dist FD ST/FED Wages 9,300.81; Visa 02 Training 107.00; Visa 06 Supplies 420.84; Visa 11 Juror Fees 295.55; Visa IT Maint/Warr 5,082.22; Visa Sheriff Training 200.37; Vistabeam Internet 95.90; WACERS Training 150.00; West Hwy Water Sewer Dist Utility 88.00; WJR Wyoming Repair/Maint 2,637.00; Wy Dept of Health State Payment 28,631.38; Wy Machinery fuel 7,418.42; Wy Public Health Lab Med/Supplies 70.00; Wy State Auditors Office Health Ins 1,346.12; Wy State Fire Advisory Board Dues 500.00; WY State Forestry Training 135.00; Wy Behavioral Inst Placement Svcs 6,786.00; X Lazy H LLC Rent 425.00; Xerox Grant Exp 151.54; Xesi Grant Exp 122.57; Yoder Fire Dist FD ST/FED Wages 212,105.35; Yoder Fire Dist FD ST/FED Wages 507,196.17; Zell Heating & Cooling Shop Tools/Supplies 600.00; Total Warrants $1,520,865.67.
John Ellis was interviewed for a seat on the County Planning Board.
The Commission adjourned at 10:25 am. The next regular meeting will be November 21st  at the usual place and time per Wyo. Stat. §18-3-516(f), access to the county information can be obtained at or by calling the Clerk’s office (307)532-4051(approved for publication)

Attest: _____________________________                       
           Mary B. Feagler
           Goshen County Clerk
           Michael McNamee Chairman
           Goshen County Commission

Public Notice No. 8818 published in the Torrington Telegram on November 22, 2023.