Public Notice No. 8030


City of Torrington     )
County of Goshen     )
State of Wyoming     )
The Torrington City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, December 7, 2021 in the City Council Chambers at 436 East 22nd Ave. at 7:00 p.m. Present: Mayor Adams, Council Members Kelly, Kinney, Patterson and Steinbock. Also Present: Clerk/Treasurer Strecker, Attorney Eddington, Director of Public Works Harkins, Chief of Police Johnson and Deputy City Clerk Anaya.
Mayor Adams called the meeting to order.
Ryan Wunibald led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Councilman Patterson gave a remembrance presentation on Harold William Bandemer from Goshen County who died during the Pearl Harbor attack 80 years ago.
Councilman Kelly moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve the consent agenda which includes the minutes from the 11-16-21 Council meeting as published and all actions therein be ratified. Motion carried unanimously.
Councilwoman Steinbock moved and Councilman Patterson seconded to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Attorney Eddington read by title AN ORDINANCE ANNEXING WITHIN THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY OF TORRINGTON, WYOMING, REAL PROPERTY TO BE KNOWN AS THE AB MILLER AIRPORT ADDITION. Councilman Patterson moved and Councilman Kinney seconded to approve Ordinance No. 1253 as presented on third reading. Motion carried unanimously.
Clerk/Treasurer Strecker presented the bid results for a New Snow Removal Displacement Plow with Single Axle Chassis and Dump. She stated that a bid opening was held on 12-01-21 and indicated that the bid that was received from Floyd’s Truck Center, Inc. of Cheyenne, Wyoming was the only bid that was submitted. Clerk/Treasurer Strecker commented that the bid amount of $179,422.00 that was submitted is approximately $50,000.00 over the budget appropriation. She stated that staff recommends rejecting the bid from Floyd’s Truck Center, Inc. of Cheyenne, Wyoming in the amount of $179,422.00 due to lack of budget appropriation. Clerk/Treasurer Strecker indicated that the purchase of a new snow plow will be re-evaluated in the upcoming FY23 Budget. Councilman Kinney moved and Councilman Kelly seconded to reject the bid from Floyd’s Truck Center, Inc. of Cheyenne, Wyoming in the amount of $179,422.00 as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Clerk/Treasurer Strecker presented for approval the Performance Evaluation & Merit Increase Request. She stated that 89 evaluations were completed and indicated that the results were as follows: Extraordinary – 13 Employees (15%); Exceeds Expectations – 32 Employees (36%); Fully Meets Expectations – 30 Employees (34%); Meets Expectations – 12 Employees (13%); Not Fully Meeting Expectations – 2 Employees (2%); and Does Not Meet Expectations – No Employees. Clerk/Treasurer Strecker commented that the average performance score was 3.91, the median performance score was 4.00, the average merit increase was $0.66 per hour and the median merit increase was $0.56 per hour. She stated that the longevity stipend for 9 employees totals $19,371.00 and indicated that the FY22 Budget increase will be approximately $84,466.00. Councilman Kinney moved and Councilwoman Steinbock seconded to approve the Performance Evaluation & Merit Increase Request as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
The bills from 11-17-21 to 12-07-21 were presented for payment. Councilman Kelly moved and Councilman Patterson seconded to approve the bills for payment as presented. Motion carried unanimously.
Mayor Adams asked for public comments, questions or concerns.
Fire Chief Petsch updated the Mayor and Council on the delivery status of the new aerial structure fire truck (ladder truck) and gave a brief update on the post build inspection that was completed in Appleton, Wisconsin from 11-17-21 to 11-20-21.
Councilman Patterson moved and Councilwoman Steinbock seconded that there being no further business to come before the Mayor and Council to adjourn at 7:31 p.m. Motion carried unanimously.
The following bills were approved for payment: 72310 AFLAC payroll withholding 349.68;72311 AT&T MOBILITY cardiac monitor transmission fee 35.06;72312 CITY OF TORRINGTON payroll withholding 171.00;72313 DENT, DAVID A. Golf Pro Payable 855.61;72314 FAMILY SUPPORT REGISTRY payroll withholding 217.82;72315 GOSHEN CO DISTRICT COURT CLERK payroll withholding 100.00;72316 GREAT-WEST TRUST CO LLC payroll withholding 2675.00;72317 MEDICAL AIR SERVICES ASSOCIATION medical air transport insurance 1634.00;72318 MERITAIN HEALTH INC. premium-ins/life admin 41212.84;72319 VIAERO WIRELESS wireless unlimited hot spot plans 570.86;72320 NEW YORK LIFE payroll withholding 359.37;72321 CITY OF TORRINGTON c/o PINNACLE BANK health reserve non-insured PR employee premium/MT positions 12189.12;72322 REGIONAL CARE INC. select flex admin 102.00; 72323 STANDARD INSURANCE CO premium-long term disability 2185.24;72324 TORRINGTON EMPLOYEES INSURANCE premium,select flex contributions 92813.17;72325 CITY OF TORRINGTON c/o Platte Valley Bank E K Lid bond payment/CD 11713.81;72326 WY DEPT OF REVENUE sales tax 16194.37; 72327 SOUTH TORRINGTON WATER & SEWER DISTRICT museum-water/sewer 67.87;72328 WY RETIREMENT SYSTEMS Torr Vol EMT Pension 37.50;72329 WY RETIREMENT SYSTEMS retirement 68747.33;72330 DEPARTMENT OF WORKFORCE SERVICES workers compensation 10784.38;72331 PROFESSIONAL DISPATCH MANAGEMENT training for dispatchers 1180.00;72332 YOUTZ, DANA mileage reimb 341.04;72333 CHEEMA INVESTMENTS LLC credit refund 93.71;72334 UNION PACIFIC RR CO credit refund 57.75;72335 OLSON, BRYCE NICOLE credit refund 146.77;72336 EISENBARTH, GERALD credit refund 117.06;72337 DEVEREAUX, ROBER & DEBRA credit refund 43.18;72338 JOHNSON, JERRICA deposit refund 79.07;72339 LIPPENCOTT, LARRY reimb-proof of rabies vaccine 50.00;72340 REIMER, MIKALA credit refund 7570.17;72341 MORRIS, JACK deposit refund 38.53;72342 WILHOIT, JACOB A. deposit refund 133.72;72343 RANDOLPH, ROBERT reimb-proof of rabies vaccine 50.00;72344 HIGH PLAINS APT credit refund 44.79;72345 ARROW ELECTRIC OF TORRINGTON fuel tank breaker tripping/ truck outlets 120.00;72346 ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS pagers/repair,equip supplies 10969.32;72347 ACCUSCREEN MOBILE DRUG TESTING SERVICES rapid screen drug tests 56.00;72348 ACTION INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CO safety work boots 269.98;72349 ALTEC INDUSTRIES INC. transformer sling,nylon auger sling 304.74;72350 AVI PC Potable Ground Water-Well #16 Project 628.55;72351 BIG WOOD TREE SERVICE LLC remove pine trees 1800.00;72352 BIVENS CONSTRUCTION INC. 2021 Sewer Line Replacement,repair work-Ridge Road 193094.61;72353 BLOEDORN LUMBER CO-TORRINGTON return, bulk-misc hardware,screws,voltage tester,outlets,wall plates,cleaner,blend-fil pencil,poly stain,rope, spot/stain remover,goof-off remover,goo gone,concrete anchors,slip hook,rv antifreeze,flush lever, treated lumber,ratchet,battery,rough mill lumber 18531.38;72354 BOMGAARS SUPPLY INC. air freshener,auto cloths,wipes,sawzall blades,propane cylinder,utility pump,angle grinder,rainsuits,filters, slip hook,pto pin,lynch pins,chop saw wheels,saws,blower,trash cans,cat litter,heater,impact driver, thermo cube,heat tape,drill/driver set,carburetor spray 1219.31;72355 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC. nylon thread,caps,unit hubs,photo cells w/ brackets,connectors,returns,rv unmetered pedestals, breaker box & fuses,electrical wire,heaters,elements 6647.34;72356 BROWN CO bar & chain,chain link, bar oil,chain 109.24;72357 CNA SURETY bond 100.00;72358 BUTLER'S SALVAGE & TOWING vehicle towing 227.88;72359 CAYLOR & GENZ EARTHMOVERS INC. crush concrete 34985.28;72360 CENTURY LUMBER CENTER extension cords,pine,cleaner,insulation,utility locks,magnetic cover,razor blade scrapers,pvc grounding plug,sand/grind set,battery pack,liquid nail,paint tray liners,primer,concentrate, paint,frame,versa tray,utility knife/blades,scrub brush,scour pads,window squeegee,sheetrock,joint compound,taping knife,sanding sponge,joint tape,blackstone griddle-Christmas party,lag screws,coat/ hack hooks,rv antifreeze,caulk,nozzle,rubber hose washer,outlet adapter 542.56;72361 CITYSERVICEVALCON LLC aviation gas 31377.38;72362 CITYSERVICEVALCON LLC Phillips 66 terminal maint fee 16.00;72363 CITY OF TORRINGTON recording fees,postage 119.80;72364 CITY OF TORRINGTON trail fees for 15 golf carts 3000.00;72365 CITY OF TORRINGTON c/o FIRST STATE BANK optional sales tax 89020.88;72366 CUES INC. GraniteNet software 2150.00;72367 CULLIGAN WATER OF TORRINGTON dispenser rentals,water 117.30;72368 DALE'S TIRE & RETREADING recaps 1589.28;72369 DANA KEPNER CO INC. water meters 2460.00;72370 DECKER, STEVE oil 638.00;72371 DIVERSIFIED SERVICES INC. cleaning services 360.00;72372 NORTHERN EXPOSURE COMPUTER CENTER toner cartridges 420.00;72373 EDM INTERNATIONAL INC. Cold Springs 15kV UG Feeders Project 2370.00; 72374 ENERGY LABORATORIES INC. lab test 313.85;72375 FASTENAL CO batteries,safety vests 147.49; 72376 FERGUSON US HOLDINGS valves bx mud plugs w/ handles,valve boxes,fp ball curb valves 2932.09; 72377 FLOYD'S TRUCK CENTER INC. turn signal 132.42;72378 FRESH FOODS napkins 15.96;72379 G & L CONCRETE concrete 337.50;72380 PRO QUALITY PEST CONTROL rodent control 130.00;72381 GLOBAL EQUIPMENT CO INC. sds binder & safety stations 233.84;72382 GOSHEN CO CONSTRUCTION LLC curb & gutter 7147.00;72383 GOSHEN CO ECONOMIC ¼ cent sales tax 22253.98;72384 GOSHEN DIESEL SERVICE repairs to valve actuator 2324.00;72385 GRIEBE JR, RICHARD L. plaques finals at Fly-In Event 210.00; 72386 ENVIROSAFETY gloves 164.98;72387 HARRINGTON INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS LLC connector tubes 50.21;72388 HEARTLAND EMBROIDERY & PRINTWEAR LLC PD logo jackets 337.88;72389 HERGERT MILLING INC. Fly-In Event breakfast 790.00;72390 HONNEN EQUIPMENT dozer rental-cell 13 closure 3702.86;72391 IDEAL LINEN/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTION mats,scrapers,sam dust/energy fees,sam garment fees,sam linen,coveralls,towels,mops,cleaning supplies,cleaner,jackets,trash bags,toilet paper, paper towels,stretchable hose,extension tube,service nozzle,linens 3146.68;72392 INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTORS wd-40 spray 101.04;72393 INTERNATIONAL FIRE EQUIPMENT INC. single jacket discharge hoses 320.12;72394 JERRY'S ELECTRIC mount transformers 8665.00;72395 KATH BROADCASTING CO LLC tower rent,City Council meeting 750.00;72396 K & K COMMUNICATIONS paging service-elec meters 12.00;72397 FRANK PARTS CO broom,filters,radiator flush/hoses,ptex ultra blue fluid,concentre,oil absorbant,engine heater-free/power,vent plug,repl cord,return,battery,lubricant,hyd hose fittings,chain oil,banner,butt connectors,terminals,truck chains dual,tape,alternator,module-ignition,headlight bulb 1538.82;72398 L N CURTIS & SONS PD uniform shirts 92.81;72399 LIFEMED SAFETY INC. heartsync adult/ child electrode pads 198.00;72400 LUJAN CLEANING SERVICE LLC cleaning,window cleaning 183.75; 72401 MATTHEW BENDER & CO INC. WY Court Rules 2021 Supplement 206.10;72402 MCI A VERIZON CO long distance/911 call backs 8.99;72403 MCMASTER-CARR SUPPLY CO misc pipe fittings & valves 306.93;72404 M.C. SCHAFF & ASSOCIATES INC. Airport Runway Project 22798.49;72405 MENARDS air fryer,multi-cooker,work bench kits,covers,shelf units,rebates 889.55;72406 MERCHANT JOB TRAINING & SAFETY book 4 tuition 550.00;72407 METAL SHOP square tube 99.50;72408 MUNICIPAL ENERGY AGENCY OF NE wholesale power 387903.87;72409 NE SAFETY AND FIRE EQUIPMENT INC. range hood, fire extinguishing system inspection,fire alarm/sprinkler system inspections 1715.00;72410 O'REILLY AUTO ENTERPRISES LLC oil drain plug,wiper blades,battery,oil filter,flush kit/clean,led mini bulb 468.85; 72411 ENVIRO SERVICES INC. lab analysis 90.00;72412 THE L L JOHNSON DIST CO coolant temperature adapter assy,spring valves 174.13;72413 PEDEN'S INC. engraved acrylic trophies 156.00;72414 PINNACLE BANK gift cards 806.00;72415 PRINT EXPRESS INC. door hangers,work order books,business cards,ups 1102.81;72416 QUADIENT FINANCE USA INC. neopost postage 779.83;72417 QUADIENT LEASING USA INC. lease contract-postage machine 406.50;72418 RICHEY, MICHAEL Airport Operator Contract 1666.66;72419 RICHEY, MICHAEL Torrington fly-in aircraft competition purchase reimb 156.57;72420 RICHEY, MICHAEL air fuel 361.98;72421 ROSE BROTHERS INC. carburetor gasket 19.34;72422 SAFETYLINE CONSULTANTS INC. trenching/confine spaces training 400.00;72423 VALLEY MOTOR SUPPLY batteries,filters,diesel exhaust fluid,stt lamps,discon insulated slider-double,paint marker,brake pads/ rotors,wheel charger 1108.41;72424 SMITTY'S REPAIR SERVICE diamond watergate gasket 22.14;72425 SNOW CREST CHEMICALS LLC hot water closed loop contract 125.00;72426 STUART C IRBY CO glove testing,lineman gloves 733.42;72427 TEAM LABORATORY CHEMICAL LLC weed killer 922.00;72428 TIMBERLINE ELECTRIC & CONTROL CORP heater installation 195.00;72429 TITAN MACHINERY wheel bearings 146.43;72430 TORRINGTON ENGINE MACHINE valve repair 60.00;72431 TORRINGTON FIRE DEPT professional services 800.00;72432 TORRINGTON OFFICE SUPPLY return,mechanical pencils,pens, folders w/ dividers,toner cartridge,index dividers,3-ring binders,staple remover,envelopes,label maker tape,write-on dividers,business cards,desk pads,monthly calendar,weekly planner,highlighters,staples, receipt paper,calculator,paper 916.79;72433 TORRINGTON RURAL FIRE DIST. #3 gas utility overcharge 1459.26;72434 TRANS-WEST INC. 2021 Ford Explorer 29310.00;72435 TRANS-WEST INC. 2021 Ford Explorer 32860.00;72436 U S POSTMASTER first class presort/annual fee 265.00;72437 U S POSTMASTER annual post office box fee 130.00;72438 CENTURYLINK TVFD phone,data lines 2841.68;72439 VERIZON WIRELESS cell phones 527.40;72440 WEGLIN, EDWARD H. final mow/fall cleanup 100.00;72441 WESTCO dyed premium diesel,dyed diesel,unleaded gas 18701.81;72442 WITMER PUBLIC SAFETY GROUP INC. majestic PAC III,100% nomex-black,streamline vantage 506.67;72443 WY ASSOC OF MUNICIPALITIES WAM Winter Workshop registrations 460.00;72444 WY ASSOC RURAL WATER 2022 voting membership, member registration virtual mini conference 619.00;72445 WY DEQ - SOLID & HAZARDOUS WASTE DIV annual tank fees 800.00;72446 WY DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION WY motor fuel license renewal for airport 50.00;72447 WY ENGINEERING SOCIETY 2021 membership dues 60.00;72448 TORRINGTON TELEGRAM ad,legals 1861.00;72449 ZELL HEATING & COOLING LLC new addition plumbing to animal shelter 450.75;72450 DUNCAN, ERIC & SHELLY deposit refund 93.55;72451 NCPERS GROUP LIFE INS payroll withholding 144.00;72452 CITY OF TORRINGTON payroll withholding 603.22;72453 DENT, DAVID A. Golf Pro Payable 433.15;72454 FAMILY SUPPORT REGISTRY payroll withholding 217.82;72455 GOSHEN CO DISTRICT COURT CLERK payroll withholding 100.00;72456 GREAT-WEST TRUST CO LLC payroll withholding 2675.00;72457 NEW YORK LIFE payroll withholding 359.37;72458 WASHINGTON NATIONAL INSURANCE CO payroll withholding 32.70

Public Notice No. 8030 published in the Torrington Telegram December 17, 2021.