Golf course proposal approved for 2022

TORRINGTON – The Torrington City Council approved the Cottonwood at Torrington Golf Course’s proposal for the 2022 season at its second meeting of October on Tuesday.

Golf Pro Dave Dent addressed the council to discuss the fee changes for the upcoming golf season. 

Dent said the golf course was not the highest or lowest in most areas in comparison to other courses in the state. Sent also said all annual fees in regard to memberships have been raised by $30. 

“The single was $470 and it’s going to be $500,” Dent said. “And then so forth and so on would be an increase of $30 each.” 

According to Dent, the daily fees also went up three dollars. In terms of trail fees, Dent said it was at $75 when he first came to the course in 2008, and now it is at $200. 

“That’s significant and it’s necessary,” Dent said. 

Mayor Randy Adams said he met with Dent several times to discuss the fees for the next season, and they initially planned to keep the fees the same from 2021. 

“Dave has done a lot of research and talked to the golf courses in the region, and we are below almost everybody,” Adams said. 

Dent also added the new one-year cart lease for one person or a couple has generated $4,000 in money found in two years, and the lockers have generated almost $20,000 in ten years. 

Councilwoman Kate Steinbock asked to strike the section of the proposal which requires college students with at least 12 credit hours to be under 26 years old to receive a discount. 

“12 credit hours is a full-time student and that’s a significant amount of money to be paying for tuition… there are plenty of students we have that are over 26,” Steinbock said. 

In other business, the council approved proclamations to make November 2021 Epilepsy Awareness month and Nov. 1 to be Extra Mile Day to recognize community members who volunteer and go above and beyond. 

The council also approved three ordinances on second readings which regarded public record request fees, weeds, and regulation of tobacco products on city property. 

Torrington City Clerk and Treasurer Lynette Strecker addressed the council about the vacation carryover policy for city employees. 

Roughly 50 out of our 80 full-time positions are over 80 hours currently… It’s important for our employees to take time off,” Strecker said. “A lot of them are afraid to take time off and worried they’re going to be sick or have to take care of someone who is sick.”

According to Strecker, five employees have accrued more than 160 hours. 

Councilman Richard Patterson said increasing the amount of carryover hours will just prolong the issue. 

“It’s not going to be easier to take vacation when know they have 120 hours to use,” Patterson said. “At some point they are going to have to take it.” 

Councilman Ted Kinney proposed a March 1 deadline to use the hours rather than the end of the year, and the council approved the proposal. 

The council also approved a new position for Building and Grounds Superintendent, which Dennis Estes will assume the role of, as well as adjusting the budget for the new position. 

After the bills were approved, Fire Chief Lance Petsch gave an update on the new ladder truck which is expected to be ready by January. Petsch said the ladder truck will be used for much more than just getting to the top of three-story buildings. 

Petsch also said there are 37 members in the fire department and the bylaws allow for a maximum of 40. 

“It’s been a nice steady increase that we had, and I think we have a good group,” Petsch said. 

The next council meeting will be Nov. 2 at 7 p.m.

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