A Goshen County Halloween

GOSHEN COUNTY – With Halloween came candy, costumes and fun for children and families all over Goshen County.

From Lifeway Church in Torrington to the Lingle Fire Department to the LaGrange Bear Creek Library, organizations across the county held events for kids to come dressed in their costumes and celebrate all weekend long.

The Torrington Police Department handed out bags filled with goodies along with tips and tricks on how to stay safe during Halloween. Along with TPD, dozens of others lined Main Street on the evening of Friday, Oct. 29 to participate in the trunk-or-treat, where visitors decorate their vehicles and pass out candy to kids in costume who come by.

Also on Friday, All Saints Episcopal Church held a “pumpkin walk” for kids under the age of five. With games and, of course, costumes and candy, children laughed as their parents took them from station to station along the short course. Balloon expansion engineer Scott Smith, Jr. from Thin Air Creations set up his station along the walk to hand out balloon animals for the children. The kids’ smiling faces expressed their joy as they received their new balloon friends.

Kids and families are looking forward to the coming holiday season after all the fun and games from the weekend.

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