100 years of preparation

TORRINGTON – The Goshen County Library Board of Directors held its monthly meeting on Wed. Oct. 20 wherein it discussed new equipment, expressed sympathy for the Campbell County Library and made plans for the upcoming year-long celebration of the library’s 100th birthday.

The meeting began with Library Director Christine Braddy announcing plans to purchase a postage meter for the library, making it easier and simpler for library staff to send out mail. The Board tentatively approved the purchase, giving Braddy room to look into prices and models before making a final decision. The Board also approved the costs for two of the library’s staff to become notaries. After the certification, the two-library staff will be able to notarize documents, a service which will come free of charge for patrons.

The Board discussed plans for Nov. 16, beginning with the Fort Laramie StoryWalk ribbon cutting at 10 a.m., the first of 12 coming events celebrating the library’s centennial birthday at 12 p.m. and another StoryWalk unveiling in Yoder after the celebration. The StoryWalk program features pages of children’s stories set up along outdoor paths, creating an opportunity for young children to enjoy the outdoors while still getting to read their favorite stories.

Braddy also expressed her sympathy for the library director at the Campbell County Library, who has been under fire lately for books in the library covering sex and LGBTQ+ topics. 

“It’s difficult to watch how it’s happening,” Braddy said, adding a special emphasis on the neutrality she tries to maintain at her own library.

While there is a process in place for library patrons to voice their concerns about what books should or should not be in the Goshen County Library, the Board agreed to revisit the policy at its next meeting to ensure its up-to-date, easy-to-use and relevant to those using it.

With the library’s 100th anniversary fast approaching, the Board discussed how best to cater to the needs and wants of the community in order to encourage the most support at celebrations planned for the next 12 months. From a tea party to a cocktail party, movie night to mini golf inside the library, most dates are set in stone for these celebrations as the Board and library staff make the necessary preparations. There will be an admission price for the events, the price of which has yet to be decided. The cost of admission is only to cover the cost of the event, not to make money for the library or any of its staff.

The conclusion of the library’s fall book sale saw the largest sale in the library’s history. While final funds raised from the book sale are still being tallied, the Board agreed it was the largest and most successful it had ever seen.


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